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    The pull

    by , 06-25-2015 at 10:30 AM (658 Views)
    I felt a little strange yesterday, I had a few vision like experiences or empathy into my friend. It was like she is with me... next to me, then like I was with her, and then at the night...
    When I was going to sleep I started as usual my exercises for relaxation and concentration. I had flashes of being elsewhere similar to short lucid dreams. Flash and I was laying somewhere else, different room. My body felt funny. Then flash and I was back in my bed relaxing my body and concentrating my mind as if there was not an experience. Then again flash and I was laying elsewhere again. My body felt funny. As if my chest was heavier as usual, my breathing was faster, different... Flash and I was back at home again, relaxing deeper and deeper. Flash and I was again elsewhere. That weight on chest were breasts. I felt nipples as I was breathing, that nipples were lightly rubbing against material "my" body was covered with, as I took the breaths... it was slightly disturbing as they were much larger and more sensitive then I'm used to. I wanted to touch them but "my" body was not responsive. I concentrated on movement of "my" limb, but there was flash and I was again at my home. My body was very heavy, but it was not separation time yet. So I continued with concentration and relaxation... Flash and I was again elsewhere. I was levitating above my friend. I saw her face from about 30cm distance, quiet and relaxed in her sleep. It was dark... But I saw things like they had their own albeit dim light. I felt THE PULL to her, but there was again flash and I was back home in my bed. My own body was deeply relaxed, unresponsive in dream paralysis. OK. I felt my second body fully free of my physical body- it was the time:
    I stood out of my body similarly like wampires do in older films. From horizontal position to standing position in one move without moving any of my limbs. I was standing about 10cm above ground. It was nearly black dark. Of course, it was night time. But I saw enough. I flew through the doors and downstairs. There was dark too. I flew outside through the nearest wall. I felt no resistance of wall. I contemplated about it a little and then I extended my empathy towards my surrounding. I felt nothing unusual. Street light were shining... Then I felt something, it was like compass feels magnetic field. I felt the pull to my friend. I let my body to be pulled... it was very slow process, but I was in the flow... I observed my surroundings. After maybe 15 minutes I was maybe 3/4 of kilometer from my house, in front of my parents house. To my friend it was about 4.5km left... I felt, I will not have time to fly to her with such low speeds. I contemplated about my position in that world and possibilities. I could take car or motorcycle... then I will be faster. I didn't find my parent's car. I couldn't start the motorcycle. I stood beside motorcycle and contemplated about possible problems. I felt that it is for naught to try to repair it, so I took my way back to my parent's house. I was walking through rooms. I observed. I found nothing of interest, nothing extraordinary. I heard of something like rattling and groaning from basement. So I took my way there. As I was going downstairs in the direction of noise, the darkness was descending and eating the light. Soon I was seeing only slightly glowing filament in lightbulb... And it was drowning in darkness fast. I need the light, I have the light in myself. Everything is shining. I need to learn how to see it- I remembered the VOICE from one of my earlier OBE. I concentrated inside to feel the energy flowing inside... and my chest started to shine in strong golden light. Then I saw myself from outside. Other than my chest, my head was shining also, it was weaker but still strong violet light. The rest of my body emitted moderate sky blue light. Slowly, I saw also my surrounding again... emitting weak greyish light. I felt that it was enough for my needs and I flew towards the noise again. The golden light from my chest bathed the room where sound was originated from... and I saw something like shadow bonded by chains but it was vanishing fast in my light... into nothingness. Nothing was left there for me to observe. I flew outside. I saw that snow fell on the ground in the time I was in house, whole 15 cm of it. It was cold and slippery... And shining with white light into darkness of the night. I felt the pull to my friend, urgent. No time has left. I let myself into pull, trying to fasten my flight, but it didn't function. I had very little of will left, my mind wanted to relax badly. So I let it be and I flew as fast as the pull allowed. After maybe 10 subjective minutes I lost superconsciousnes, I was losing touch with astral reality. The next thing I was aware of was that it is morning. The OBE experience lasted subjectively about 1.5 hours.
    It was probably in lower levels of astral dimension.

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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      I did some "research" with my wife, and she confirmed, that if the covering material was the way it was in LD part of this experience, she feels it... only not so disturbingly as I felt it. There comes the part: what I'm used to feel when I'm in my own body and what I could feel(as man) if I was accidentally in woman's body . Of course the additional weight on chest is for her impossible to confirm normal way. If I take additional 1-2kg of weight on my chest, then of course, it feels heavier to breathe.

      I don't know about others people but I feel restrictions in LDs and OBEs , restriction which are hard to circumvent, trying to force against them leads to destabilization of experience. More so in OBE than in LD. Therefore I use alternative ways to reach my goals. As you see in this OBE, it is not always comming with a positive outcome. At that speed as I had at end of OBE I would need of additional 1.5hours of flight. My OBEs last usually about 10-30 subjective minutes.
      Updated 06-27-2015 at 08:40 PM by Psionik