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    Shared dream attempt

    by , 02-15-2016 at 09:16 AM (266 Views)
    I entered LD at my house. My wife looked like dream zombie, I couldn't wake her from that state. So I decided to explore my surrounding. I went into basement and there was a finished bicycle I'm working on (here is progress on it, my 9 years old daughter is presenting ) :
    So I took it for a little ride. The ride was nice but bicycle started to change its shape slowly, and things started to interfere with my legs movements. I came close to my friend house while bicycle became completely unusable.
    I went into her house. There were her parents... well, her mother looked similar to her real mother, but father looked differently(with yellowish spiky hair???). I spoke with them about their life, asked them things- their answers were strange, different to this reality. They wanted to repair their TV ??? I found that problem was with antenna and I fixed that problem easily.
    I sat there and waited. After some time my friend came and she starred on me. She asked what I'm doing there and went dormant(like stature) I wasn't able to communicate with her. So I left. My WILD didn't last much longer after that. I walked and explored my surroundings till the very end.

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