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    There is no other way to take

    by , 10-24-2015 at 11:27 AM (318 Views)
    I was at home when I got visit from friend whom I know from elementary school. We had spoken about something. I was glad he was visiting me, it is quite long we have seen each other. Then he asked me to visit him at his home and I felt that I should go. So we went there. The surrounding, the nature was very nice, clean... with clean fancy colours. I was able to see cleanly every branch, every leaf on trees... every leaf of grass. Very sharply.
    The road got worse and worse. Its edges were crumbling... I traveled in the center of the road, going around patches of holes in it with skill. The road started to be excavated on the edges and the holes started to be deeper. The excavated edges were meters deep. I saw every stone there... every grain of sand, everything clean and sparkling. And the drivable road got narrower and narrower. I saw as the edges were crumbling and falling off when I drove too close to them but there was no possibility to make it different. There was no more possibility to take another road. There was no possibility to go back- the road was crumbling down slowly behind me.
    I managed to get to the house of my friend. He was waiting there for me. I went up the slope following him to his house. I saw other close friend of mine. She was standing there on the path side and me when she saw me, she turned her back to me as if she didn't see me... to ignore me. I smiled sadly... And went around her and away wordlessly. She was looking at my back as I was going further away... It looked like she couldn't go away from that place. She was forced somehow to go after us. She looked at us, while I was speaking with other friend... and I was using words with two meanings, whole double meaning sentences... she understood what I was trying to say to her even if she tried to ignore me.
    We were alone at the end, she and I. She didn't try to ignore me anymore. I didn't speak anymore. There was no need. There was understanding between us, flow of thoughts, feelings and memories. Two distinct us with shared awareness.

    - it was very vivid dream. Everything was pictured very sharply in it.
    - roads were crumbling, only tight way remained before me- I wonder...
    - that mind sharing was very spiritual, it is long time here since I felt something like this.

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    Tags: vivid dream
    non-lucid , memorable