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    Travel through darkness and light

    by , 06-20-2019 at 06:24 AM (110 Views)
    After some time of mindlessness (concentration on nothing) my consciousness started to expand... I felt buzzing sound in my head. And my consciousness slowly shifted out of body. And I walked. It was pitch black place... I felt myself to move but I had no reference points to tell that I'm really moving.
    I came into light room. A few young women were chatting on one side of the room. I thought that I will come to them to hear what they're talking, but I was unable to steer to them. I was unable to stop walking. I had not enough will to do that. I walked straight to the wall and through it.
    I was in darkness again. I heard mumbling, talking.... In that darkness... So I was trying to go toward the sound. the sound was going louder, louder, louder .. fainter. So I reoriented myself and again tried to walk toward the sound again.
    After a few tries I got to lighted room with a few non moving women and men. I was walking straight again... Into wall. And I got stuck with head inside the wall. I thought that it was interesting and that to unstuck myself I have to walk backward... So I rotated my body and reversed into wall and through it without problem.
    I was again in darkness. I wanted to meet someone interesting. Even scary ghost would be interesting. I thought that being in darkness and thinking on such topics would materialize something. Then I heard some deep rumbling. Ach something is coming, I thought. And I cleared my mind. Nothing came... I waited for some time
    Then I walked again. I got again into lighted room. It was empty. I walked to window and through it. The glass was trailing as if it was transparent membrane. It didn't allow me to come through. Then it burst into bubbles and I was outside, in the nature.
    There was nothing but meadow behind me. It was night, lighted by big Moon. A diffuse ghost like figure made of tiny light particles was walking by my side. She looked like my soulmate. Then she dispersed. Then she condensed in front of me... And again dispersed. And I was walking forward tirelessly.

    I was listening yesterday this music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q02vovRNwFQ I heard parts of it through this experience.

    Rob Dougan- Nothing at all
    I want to be still
    I want to walk into your grave
    where I can shelter in peace
    until all our cares have blown away

    let the whole world fall away
    and fall into my arms
    stay with me
    I don't know how long we've got left
    and so I'm asking you
    to forgive me

    I learn as I go
    to float far away
    into silence
    and just watch your face
    and find some kind of grace
    in that quiet bliss

    can I stay and say nothing at all, at all

    where will we go when we get old
    when the bustle and the noise
    get too frightning
    when each and every angry word
    is banished to the past
    that when I think

    we'll learn as we go
    to float far away
    into silence
    and I'll watch your face
    and read of patience and grace
    in each line there

    work each day
    all for nothing at all, at all
    and the few words I say
    they mean nothing at all at all

    will you walk into the grave with me
    will you leave this empty world
    soft and wistfull
    to sink into the dark, dark earth
    and never reappear would be blissful

    to float far away
    into eternal space
    and God's silence
    where I'll watch your face
    and find patience and grace
    in each line there

    drift away into nothing at all at all
    find the grace to be nothing at all at all
    fade away and end up nothing at all
    at all at all at all

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