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    Unusual occurrence on dream plane

    by , 05-10-2019 at 12:39 PM (108 Views)
    I entered into dream onto infinite plane and in front of me was very, but very nice blonde elf.
    I wanted to touch her around shoulders to see how real it will feel, but she jerked away from me... as she jerked away from me I somehow tore her tunic apart making her naked.
    There were other inactive DCs around and they went somewhat active and started to stare. One of DC started to sputter (like robot) something like: "He didn't hurt her" which he repeated again and again while starring on her. She just stood and tried to cover herself. Unfortunately there was nothing much to use.
    So I closed distance to hand her that ravaged tunic back, but she quickly embraced me... I felt her whole body on myself... interesting feeling. I hold her in close embrace a few minutes till dream faded away.

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