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    The Valley

    by , 12-25-2015 at 02:35 PM (248 Views)
    I was walking through big city. Concrete everywhere... High buildings. I felt lost. I felt gloomy, without connection. There was one young man going after me. He was quiet. I told him some of my thoughts, from time to time, but he was quiet.
    Then I found big parkland. I told to young man:Look nowhere anything green, no tree and here, here is big old park. It was like small dense wood growing in concrete jungle. I felt connection to that piece of land. I walked into park... in between the trees. And I saw end of that park. It may be some 200 m afar. And I saw that park was in fact valley. Valley ended with wall of soil, with growing trees on it. And I walked there. I told to young man: This is wonderful do you feel it? Do you hear it? It is as if there is no city close by. Walls of valley were growing higher as I went deeper into valley. I almost wasn't able to see buildings. After a few minutes of slow walking I came to the end of valley. The wall was maybe 30 m high with about 70 degrees slope. It was overgrown by old trees. I didn't hear city anymore. I didn't see city through trees. It was calm. It was quiet. Sun was shining in between trees. And I sat down on roots of big old tree facing the Sun. The starting end of valley we came from had the same slope overgrown by old trees... I felt great. It was joy of balance. I took quietness inside of me. Meditation. No thoughts. Feeling of belonging. The slopes of valley had grown to maybe 100 m high.
    Young man, which was following me, was in panic mode. He was thinking that he is trapped there. He ran around in panic.
    And I saw myself sitting on air maybe 1 m above roots of tree I was sitting before. There was pale blue aura around my body going into deep violet further away. My eyes were closed. I had strange clothes... like sheets of textile.

    It started nonlucid. I achieved lucidity when I saw the Valley.

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