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    Very long dream

    by , 09-01-2015 at 01:33 PM (284 Views)
    Otherwise not very remarkable dream. It started with me working in the garden behind my parental house. I lived there in this dream. I was hoeing vegetables. Then my friend came to visit me. She brought with her piece of ceramic green body(compacted powder for firing to obtain something ceramic... e.g. cup, knife, etc.) I inspected what she brought to me and I was admiring its fine structure- there was no defect in that piece... no bubbles, no cracks. I was wondering how she managed to prepare such high quality structure by using ordinary soil only. We were talking and she helped me in the garden. When the night has fallen, I have brought her to house and we eat dinner. Then we went to sleep.(I left her to sleep in the living room and I went to my own bed.) I fell to sleep and I had a dream:
    I was working with living energy originated from my body in that dream. I placed my index fingers about 1 centimeter from each other and I saw stream of golden sparkling light between them. Then that stream started to swirl and made a small sphere between my index fingers. I moved my fingers further from each other and te sparkling golden sphere of energy grew. When it was about half a meter in diameter I shredded that sphere by fast move of my hands... Reality got broken and I was pulled elsewhere... and it woke me up.
    I woke up in my bed(in parents house). I went down to living room to look whether my friend sleeps or if she woke up. She was up and in the kitchen, making breakfast. I was telling her about the dream I had. I tried to repeat the feat of that dream, and I was able to make violet stream of light between my index fingers. She was fascinated. The rest of day we talked and I tutored her how to make similar energy flow between her fingers. It was night in that dream when I woke up into reality

    That was very long dream, I never experienced something like this... Even if I had OBEs in which I experienced eternity...
    I'm able to see the stream of light(energy) between my fingers... Of course it is invisible to observer unlike to this dream.

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