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    Very long WILD

    by , 05-05-2020 at 01:28 PM (220 Views)
    I had very long WILD today. I went to bed at 0:45AM and entered LD directly via flashes of the images. I remember only a little from this LD... It lasted for very long. It was basicaly travelling and exploring everything I saw.
    It started on meadow lit by the Sun. I was there with my second brother. I told him that we are dreaming together. He was looking skeptic, but he was still conscious enough to not look like dream zombie. Firstly we walked for tens of minutes through wood, then we came out to some old settlement. The houses were in bad shape. Old and decaying. I went from one house to other, exploring what was inside. My brother didn't want to do that, but he followed me nevertheless. Insides of houses was predominantly made of old wood. Everything was covered with thick layer of dust. Spider nets were everywhere. I tried to find someone, anyone there- I found nobody. After what felt like hours, I looked on my brother- he had vacant look in his face. His eyes were dark without white around pupils. He just stood there. Like dream zombie could. I asked him what was happening with him.
    He just told me: You don't belong here.
    I tried to wake him out... to no avail. So I said: I'm going to find my soulmate, there is nothing of interest here.
    On that he reacted: Again? Stop doing that. She deserves what she has got.
    Nobody deserves the suffering, even if it is reaction on something. She needs help. And I need her help. I retorted while I started to levitate. I flew to entrance and outside- my brother didn't follow, he just stood where he was.
    I flew for long time, searching. I didn't manage to find her.
    I have exited the LD at about 3:32am. Reentering the LD wasn't successful.

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