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    Vivid dream- premonition?

    by , 09-24-2015 at 11:27 AM (287 Views)
    The dream I had was so vivid and so normal that it could be interchangeable with reality... I was going through the hallway to my office at my workplace. It was morning and it was dark. I unlocked the door and got to my desk. I connected my computer to a grid and started the OS W10. Then I went through e-mails. Nothing out of ordinary, some spam for immediate deletion and some other mails for reading and to deal with...
    Then I opened my other e-mail client(Gmail) and there was one mail for me from someone who is very unlikely to write me. I opened it and there was something like apologizing poem. I didn't know what to think of it. I didn't know what to write as reaction... My mind was blank. I closed the client and went to laboratory thinking about possible answers... contemplating about possible outcomes.

    I think, this could be something like premonition... It is not sure when this could happen if it will happen, but it could be at the days when there is a dark morning... november, december, january...
    It doesn't need to be premonition, of course. But I will have a record of it, if it is the one
    I know what I would write now... To deny forgiveness means to leave myself in the denial and to shift to the wrong side of the conflict.

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