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    by , 12-03-2017 at 02:41 PM (592 Views)
    It was late when I went to sleep, therefore I was quite tired. After a while I saw static image before my mind eyes... An big bush, looking like willow... but it had nice red roses. I started to fly toward it... slowly... and then I lost anchor and picture disappeared. And after a while I saw a house... and it again disappeared... Then I felt something similar to what I feel when I do OBE. And I arose from my body- it wasn't astral I found myself in. The feel was different. It was lucid dream. I went on exploration. Firstly my house- I couldn't open door to go out, only inner doors were operable. At the end I went into darkness of basement. I thought that I hear something there... but I didn't find anything. I went to room where garage doors are. It was not dark there, a small light was emanating from fluorescent lamps above. And there in front of the garage doors my brother was standing.
    I asked him: What are you doing here?
    I can't go out, it is impossible to open the garage doors.
    I tried to open the doors myself, but it wasn't possible to move them. So I told my brother that the only way to go out is going through the doors, and I did so. I expected my brother to do so to, but he didn't come through. After short waiting I put my head through the doors and saw my brother on the other side, in the house- he was standing there as statue. Come through, we will walk together! I told him.
    He repeated: I can't, it is impossible to open the doors.
    So I left him there and went to explore the dream village, walking alone. I didn't met anyone else during long walk through houses, streets and fields. Nor there was anything interesting.

    Even though it wasn't astral travel this LD had some characteristics of astral.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Ok I thought you were going to get stuck glad you got out and about
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    2. Psionik's Avatar
      It would be strange to get stuck in garage doors with head on one side and body on other one
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    3. Nebulus's Avatar
      I meant stuck inside the house...I have had dreams before where I cant get out of a dreamscape
    4. Psionik's Avatar
      Well, that hadn't happened to me as long as I remember. Not in the house. I was stuck in a cave a few times, but I found way out- lucidity has its positives. You can wake up when you want, or you can go through walls... It is even possible to change surroundings, but that usually wakes me up.
      Updated 12-06-2017 at 12:07 PM by Psionik
    5. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol Maybe he would have gone through if you busted the door open or unlocked it with an “open sesame”.
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    6. Psionik's Avatar
      Or he would be standing there repeating- "doors are closed, I can't go through" even if there are no doors there He was behaving like dream zombie.
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    7. DawnEye11's Avatar
      True. XD When dcs are like dream zombies I find it annoying so I guess it was a good idea for you to leave him after all
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