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    Alien Adventure

    by , 09-12-2011 at 05:59 PM (438 Views)
    It started on what was, in my mind, Earth, but it was a bit different. It looked like Earth, but we had all sorts of strange technology. I was with my father and we were with some others, camped out stealthly behind trees in an African savannah like climate. In the distance were these weird beings, I don't think they were human. We were there to kill them. We had sniper rifles and I had one in my scope and was about to pick it off when tons of way different looking alien creatures started to come from the hill behind them. They all looked vastly different from each other. They did not look anything like a stereotypical alien, they were all crazy surreal products of my mind. It's really hard to put their form into words. They were all humanoid in shape, but some had like crazy gold and black masks giant masks, and dinosaur shaped heads. We decided we had to take them out, I fired and killed one and they all started to come for us. My dad was yelling at me that I had to get out of here. He gave me a couple different guns, one looked like a rifle version of Han Solos gun, I can't remember the other. I was shooting aliens at a distance with lasers and they were vaporizing. I hopped on this crazy hover bike thing and began to ride off. It's throttle was like a motorcycles, but it had no wheels, just the crazy hover jet things, it was shaped like Cloud's bike in Advent Children. It was black. I began riding off as the battle was commencing. A silver flying saucer flew over my head and stopped. It opened up and I asked the alien to take me with him. He took me and a girl that was by me. We blasted off into space. I begged him to take us too his home planet because I was sick of living on Earth. He took some convincing, but finally he agreed. We went back to his home planet and he brought us into his home which was a cave in the side of the mountain. The cave was part of a city, a city surrounded by mountains, with people having homes in the interior facing wall of the mountains. He told us we couldn't go outside, for humans to do so was not allowed. I didn't like that rule so at some point I decided to book it out of there. I managed to jack another hover bike and took off into the city. The alien and girl chased after me. I drove all around the city, dodging them trying to find a way out of the city. I lost my bike somehow and began looking for another one. I remember seeing a trailer full of hover boats, they looked bit like yellow bumper boats with jets on the bottom. I began searching for a hover bike. I remember doing a kicking motion and throttle crank motion trying to get one to appear under me. It didn't work, but I found a police hover bike and decided to jack that. I continued my search and found a pathway that led into the mountain. I figured the path would lead me out of the city, and it did, but outside of the city there was a giant wall I could not get passed. I remember also thinking, I want a mech, no, a Gundam. I continued searching and found something vaguely similar. It was a black mech-type machine that had long legs that just sort of hung below me, but didn't actually do anything. I was in the harness of it above the legs, but I don't think it had arms. The one thing it did have that was useful was a jet pack and I took off flying over the wall. I remember trying to buckle the harness, but it kept coming undone. I started exploring the outland and the first thing I remember seeing was a large pond. Out of it came, what looked like murlocs from WoW, except they were much larger, had fuller humanoid bodies, and were much scarier. They were all trying to get at me as I flew over, jumping into the air. Then my jetpack began to run out of fuel, I began getting lower and lower to them. I touched ground and took off again before they could get to me. I ended up landing on a tall wall that was the exterior wall of a farm-like property. He had chickens on it I remember. The murlocks on the other side were jumping trying to eat me. I then woke up. I was partially lucid at different points in the dream, but everything was so cool that I just kept going with the flow.

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