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    1. Riding in the Mouth of a Dragon Spirit

      by , 06-19-2011 at 06:48 PM
      I don't remember where this dream started, I can only remember an extremely memorable part, and a related part afterwards. I was on this dock that was coming up out of the ocean, it stood about 30 feet above the water. There was this chinese-style serpent dragon that opened its mouth and bit down on me. I recall it having a pink body with green horns. When it closed its mouth around me, it was like I was riding inside of him, I could see out of him because he was transparent.. He rocketed up into the sky off of the dock and then dove down into the ocean. I could feel my stomach dropping as we fell. He then launched back out into the air and we fell again. We did this several times. I had concluded that this was a "ride" like at a carnival or something. Later in my dream, I told my mom that I had gone on the craziest ride inside of a dragons mouth, she didn't believe me lol.
    2. Flying away from danger on a WoW mount

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:39 PM
      I had another dream last night though, but it wasn't lucid. I did however fly and jump really high to get places, and didn't think twice about what I was doing or feel scared. Maybe my mind is becoming more comfortable with the idea of falling and flying. BUT! The most notable thing I wanted to mention, which was quite humorous, I was in an empty parking lot at ASU and some guy approached me and I could tell he was intending to mug me. So I summoned my drake mount and flew off, just like I do when menacing horde approach lol. I had played WoW a lot last night, I was trying to make it to lvl 85 before bed, but only got within a couple bars, so it makes sense it appeared in my dream. Especially summoning my mount because that's probably the one part of playing WoW that occurs a lot and is always exactly the same. It was weird how I summoned it though, it was almost like I pressed "x" on the keyboard to do it, but there was no keyboard... very odd.
    3. Another Sex Attempt, Failure.

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:37 PM
      I had another lucid dream this morning. I don't remember what signaled it, I wish I would have wrote this dream down or thought about it more. But anyways, I remember realizing I was dreaming after seeing one certain thing, I shouted, "Oh shit! I'm dreaming!" Prior to realizing this, I had been sitting out in the garage with my mom, dad, and my neighbors Jackie and lee. Jackie lifted her shirt up and took her bra off, revealing her tits, then put her shirt back down. I did a tit flashing motion to her and she flashed me again.

      I'm not sure what happened next, but I think I was going to class or something. When I was trying to find my class, I realized I was dreaming. OH! shit! I just remembered what made me realize I was dreaming. I looked at the time on the computer at school and it said 8:41. I turned around and looked at the clock behind me and it said 8:49. I looked back at the computer and it said 8:43! I knew time couldn't pass that fast, and I had read about clocks never being the same when you look at them twice in dreams, so the second it happened I knew for sure. I ran outside in excitement. My dream started to fade a little, so I rubbed my hands together and it brightened. I walked around trying to think of something to do. I rubbed my feet on the street like old times and was happy to see I could still feel all the little bumps.

      I thought about fighting in a gladiator battle, because it's one of this years lucid dream challenges on the lucid dream forum. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get there, I never could find a detailed tutorial on how to teleport. I thought that maybe it would work if I thought about being in a gladiator battle while slowly spinning in a circle... unfortunately I decided that I might lose the dream by doing that and decide to play it safe and not try. So then I'm trying to think of what to do now... That's when I see my neighbor jackie again, in her braless shirt. I decide that I guess I'm gonna fuck her because she's right here and super hot. I walk up to her and we start making out. While making out my face is really close to hers, and the majority of what I can see is her face. I notice my peripherals all turn into a light brownish color. FUCK! I think, I'm losing my fucking dream anyways! I start rubbing my hands together behind her back. My surroundings slowly start to come back, but then fade off again. I can still see her though, but it's from a very up close view. I reach down and start fingering her again, thinking that maybe the feeling of her vag will stabilize my dream. It doesn't, and I wake up. Her vagina felt really real though, it's weird how I could feel something I couldn't see and it feels like what it would really feel like.
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    4. Don't open your eyes!

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:19 PM
      I had an odd series of dreams and awakenings last night. Again my dream recall is pretty shitty, so I don't remember it vividly enough to tell it in order or in the form of a story. One thing happened though that was worth mentioning. In my dream I closed my eyes while making out with this girl. With the dreamworld gone, I could still feel her lips. I tried opening my eyes again from within the dream but it felt as if they were stuck shut. I finally managed to open them a tiny bit and that's when I realized I was opening my real eyes, and decided I did not want to do that so I shut them again. I was just sitting in a darkened dream world until eventually everything came back on its own. I think the reason I wake myself up a lot is that when I enter the darkness I try opening my eyes and end up doing so. Just sitting in the darkness, however, returned me to what I think was my original dream, but it was not in the same location, but rather a location I had been in earlier in that dream before blacking out. I was in the darkness for awhile, I started trying to imagine a Colosseum, but I found it pretty difficult to do so. I was trying to imagine myself standing inside of it and what it would look like from my perspective, but I couldn't really hold a good mental picture of it.... Maybe I need to start looking at a bunch of photos from inside the Colosseum or something....