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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Sexual Partner turns into a doll, epic fail.

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:31 PM
      Today I was up for about 20 minutes helping my parents with shit before I went back to sleep. I was trying to direct my dreams while falling asleep but it was unsuccessful. I started dreaming about being in some weird house and having to escape a T-Rex. I had to run through all of these rooms and then outside to my truck, and from there make my getaway. I got away and ended up waking up sometime soon after. I went back to sleep pretty quickly and told myself I was going to enter my dream.

      I did, VERY quickly. It was pretty much like, close my eyes, and several seconds later, bam I was back in dreamland. It happened so quick that I could remember my previous thoughts of knowing I was going back into a dream. I started to feel my grip on that realization start to slip, so I shouted, "No! I'm definitely dreaming!" Everything looked kind of wavy, I was in an urban community, but there were no people. My dream started to fade, and at one point went dark. I rubbed my hands together and it brought me back! I ran and leaped a superhuman distance up to a front door. I went inside to find some vagina, I started remembering that I need to look for the person I wanted to fuck. For some reason Thai was the only person that could come to my mind, so I started searching for her. In the process I blacked out a few times, and every time was able to stabilize my dream back out by rubbing my hands together.

      I looked around the house and didn't find her, then there was a knock at the door. I went and answered it and it was Ashley (a not very attractive girl) lol. She said, in these exact words, "Hurry up and fuck me." Her tits were way bigger than usual, so I said fuck it, let's go. She sat down on the couch and I took off her pants. I blacked out right after seeing her vag, so I put my face down where I thought it should be in the darkness and I found it. I began licking it, and the touching sensation, similar to rubbing my hands together, brought me back. Unfortunately the dream kept fading even after coming back, I finally ended up sticking my fingers in, it felt like a real vagina. It brought me back, but then shit went retarded. She turned into some type of blow up doll thing, she was not a blowup doll, but rather something made from weird materials that had a hole that felt like a vagina inside. I was like god damnit what the fuck, so I said fuck it and stuck my dick in it in the hopes it would feel good. It didn't and in my disappointment I woke up.

      Or so I thought. I woke up in the same house I was just in and was sitting on the couch with Chris and some other kid I had never seen before. I started telling the kid about lucid dreaming and the dream I just had. He was really interested and asking all kinds of questions about it. Then everything went black again. I realized I must have been dreaming just then, and then noticed I could feel my eyelids. You know how when you close your eyes you can feel that you have your eyes closed? It felt like that so I decided to open them. My eyes actually opened when I did that, and I was in bed, sort of pissed that I had just woken myself up.
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    2. Demonic Brothel

      by , 06-17-2011 at 07:47 PM
      I can only remember the dream from this morning I awoke at 10:30. The dream began on my way to tempe. I can't remember the details, the dream seemed to last a very long time. I remember being at a mistress bar/strip club type thing. I got a dance from a girl I knew, Kari. It was amazing. I was back in Tempe with my friends and we were about to end our vacation but we decided to go back to the bar one last time because we had coupons left. I had a coupon that was good for one of anything. I wanted a threesome with Kari and another girl. I felt a little uncomfortable about it at first because I really liked Kari and I thought she might think less of me if I was some creep buying a threesome. I decided fuck it, she's a stripper, if anything I shouldn't be even thinking of having a relationship with her. I got taken into a back room. There were a bunch of people back there, all getting stuff done to them. At first I was waiting a little bit, but finally a girl started sucking my dick. I remember asking where is my threesome? Apparently I was not getting it. The bar was ran by an older asian woman. I kept losing my balance for some reason, I was standing while getting the bj. The girl stopped and went somewhere else. There was a guy taking pictures of everyhting. He was taking close-ups of my dick. I saw Kari sitting on another guys lap. I felt jealous. I wanted a dance from her so bad. She then moved to another guy, there was something about this guy that I did not like. I got an evil vibe from him. Somehow he turned Kari into bacon. That's when everything went to shit. Apparently all of the women in this brothel were actually demons, and the spell imprisoning them as humans was broken. Women started transforming into these beasts so I dipped, unfortunatlely there was one chasing me. I was hauling ass thinking what the fuck, how can this be real, I must be dreaming. I thought ok if I am dreaming I can control this. Nothing changed. I slapped myself across the face while running to see if I could feel it. I thought I did feel it, but looking back the pain was dull. It made a slapping sound and sounded so real that it confused me. Doesn't matter anyways because immediately after a demon jumped on my back and took a bite out of my neck/shoulder. I could feel it, it fucking hurt. My vision tunneled out, and I woke up in a room with Jordan and Brandon. False awakening. They had all had the same dream, except it wasn't really a dream. We thought that maybe we were possessed now. Jordan claimed he felt smarter. I was still really confused and then I woke up.