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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Mini City in a Warehouse, Killer Marshmallow Men,and a Nazi Scientist's Experimental Dream Facility

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:42 PM
      This dream was insane, Iíve never dreamt anything like it. It started out with my friends and I inside of a city, that was inside of a warehouse. None of the buildings inside were real, nor were they the size of actual buildings, but they were still semi-large. The tallest building was probably about 10-15 feet tall. The warehouse was huge and divided into rooms, but I didnít discover this until later. The room I was currently inÖ Itís hard to say how big it was, if I were to talk around itís perimeter it would probably take about 10 minutes or so.

      I was walking around with my friend Kyle, and my cousin Trey maybe? Iím unsure of who I was with, but Iím pretty certain Kyle was one of them, and that most of my friends were there at some point. We were just walking around the city until we came to a guy, in front of whom was a cylindrical ash tray sort of thing, similar to the ones at my school. Inside of it were bunches of electronic cigarettes that contained THC-liquid instead of nicotine. We walked up and tried them, and the guy said it was ok to take as much as we want. I took a hit and then felt really weird, not high, but very different. The guy told me I could take another and I did.

      Thatís when people ran by, and then I saw a huge shadow on the ground. The guy selling the e-cigs told us to run and we did. There was a giant walking around that looked like the marshmallow giant from ghost busters, except he wasnít super huge, his size was proportionate to the smaller scale of the city height. I wasnít necessarily afraid, but I didnít want to find out what happened if the giant caught me. Eventually he passed by and then I leaped onto a building. It wasnít very big, it was about 10 feet tall and has a 5x5 perimeter. I looked around and I could see the giants shadows, there were three now, and one looked like the pilsbury doughboy. I think this is when I realized I was dreaming, because of the height I jumped and the odd scale of the city.

      I decided to ignore and forget about the giants and I leaped down. I was walking and I saw a group of people, I donít remember who all of them were, but I remember one was this girl I knew from high school and hadnít seen in a long time. I approached her and started undressing her, her naked body was kind of weird looking and not very sexually stimulating. At this point my dream collapsed. I was sitting in the darkness. It felt like my eyes were closed inside of my dream, so I attempted to open my dream eyes, but then it felt like I was opening my real eyes so I stopped and sat in darkness. I started thinking about the person I was just looking at and then poof. Dream reinstated!

      I reentered the same dream, but I entered it at an earlier point in the dream that had already passed. I had just gotten down from the building and was already halfway to the girl I knew. I walked up to her again and she was pissed about what I had done earlier. I just ignored her and decided to explore, Brandon was coming with me.

      We started walking around and we found a door. We entered it and it took us into a house almost. To my left was a hallway shaped like a T with a door in the center, and possibly doors at the ends of the horizontal hallway. To might right was a wall with a door on it. The doors were all wooden. In front of me was a living room, and to my back left was a little kitchen. I decided to try the door on my right first. I walked through it and found myself in this weird warehouse-type room. It wasnít as large as the warehouse in which the city was in. I could have walked around this one in a minute, easily a minute if I ran.

      There was a metal ramp that led up then switched back and went up higher to a control room looking sort of thing. There was also some type of machine in the room. I walked up the ramps and approached the controls to find that there were four or five key inputs. Prior to this I had thought I was in some type of Korean facility, but upon reading some papers I found at the control center I realized I was in a German facility. Thatís when it hit me somehow. I gained this belief, Iím not sure where it came from, but I was in some type of experimental dream facility. It had been created and abandoned long ago, I hypothesized it had been created by nazi scientists who were conducting dream-related experiments. This place was a product of their experiments and existed in the dream realm maybe? - is what I thought (remember the part of your brain responsible for logic is largely inactive while you are dreaming)

      Unfortunately I couldnít read German so I began examining the machine. I concluded that I need a key for each key insert to activate the machine. I decided I wanted to activate the machine because it must have been the reason I was there. I went back into the room with the living room and kitchen and tried the door in the middle of the T next. It took me into an office. Inside was a nice leather chair and nice office furniture. There were book shelves and other decorations about. I began opening the desk drawers and searching for a key.

      Up until this point my dream had collapsed at least three additional times. Every time I just waited in the darkness for it to come back, refusing to try to open my eyes. I sat there, or rather existed there, thinking about the dream I was having until Iíd reenter it. I began to suspect I was approaching the end of my REM-cycle and concluded it was the reason my dream kept cutting out; my body was trying to wake up, but I wasnít letting it. While searching for the key however, I unfortunately woke up. I tried going back to sleep, but I did not reenter that same dream. Instead I began having these extremely short nonsensical dreams that always began in a random place and didnít go anywhere. I woke up from these short dreams repeatedly.
    2. Door Making and Sex

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:02 PM
      The dream began in Mexico. I was with my friends, Austin, Chris, and I can't remember who else. My cousin Ike was there, maybe Trey was too. Ike gave me this big ass boat, it was really nice, I was thinking about all of the places I could take it. I mentioned taking it to California out loud, and Ike was like let's do it! We could see California just across the bay, it wasn't far at all. We all got in the boat and proceeded to take off. I remember being closed in the dock by a couple boats, he squeezed us through some how. We proceeded to head towards California. We hit a huge wave and the boat almost flipped upside down, but Ike saved it. I was then worried about the boat flipping, and I somehow put my weight on it wrong and made it flip. It was stupid because it was a huge boat and that wouldn't have been physically possible. I remember the propellers were on the bottom and side. I was swimming in the water, trying to keep my belongings from floating out of my pockets. Somehow shit got fixed, and we ended up on the shore of California. I thought it was still Mexico because there was no way California was that close.

      There was a rollercoast I had seen from the water, and when we got there, all my friends got in line to get on it. I said fuck this and started looking for a soda machine. I had 50 cents, and hoped Mexico was cheap on their sodas. I saw some in a fridge thing for 47 cents. I found some vending machine like things that had drawers that pulled out with nuts and candies in them. You were suppose to pay and then take some or something. I realized I was dreaming during my search so I began wandering these hallways. Before this actually, I remember pulling pictures off the wall to make room for a door, they kept reappearing though so I then began wandering looking for a better spot. While searching for a soda machine earlier, I remembered walking into a room with a kid in it and I caught a glimpse of a naked woman. The kid said it was his mom and I left, not knowing I was dreaming at that time.

      I started searching for that room again and found a different room with a woman inside. I proceeded to undress her and myself. I climbed on top of her and put my cock in her mouth, I remember her licking it and stuff. I tried focusing on the room around me so that my dream wouldn't collapse. It started to blur, so I started touching her, trying to make contact with the dream so that it would stabalize. It came back a little, but then I lost it completely. I waited in darkness a little bit, and then my dream returned. I was in the same or a similar room, but the woman was gone. I decided to go ahead and try making my doors. I drew a few, but they were oddly shaped and not really doors at all, just weird somethings idk. So I decided to close a door and then reopen it to my desired location. I closed the door to the area where all the vending machines were. I can't remember what I wrote on it, but it was beach related I believe. It was two words, I actually remember the first word being beach I think... Before opening it I repeatedly thought about how there was going to be a beach on the other side. I opened it, and it was just a room with two beds. I was pissed. I don't remember a whole lot after this. Woke up shortly after.

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    3. My Future Wife?

      by , 06-17-2011 at 07:59 PM
      This one is hard for me to trace back. I remember going into a cafeteria at my old school desert mountain. I went to the cafeteria, they needed to see my ASU ID for my to eat there. I had some cash on me and was going to buy a two dollar breakfast. The guy asking for my card said he'd give me two bucks if I didn;t have it. Austin was there I believe. I had my breakfast, there was a girl working there who mentioned she could get morphine. I inquired about what else she could get, she said adderall. I told her I wanted some she said she would help me get some after work. I waited around then she started saying something about borrowing money from the cafeteria register to loan to her dealer and that he would pay it back. I thought this was a terrible idea. I ended up meeting her dealer at the school, I didn't like him. I remember grabbing his head all dexter status and yelling in his face that he was a terrible person and he manipulates people and that I would take care of him. He grabbed my head and forced me to the ground, his thumbs were suppose to be gouging my eyes, but they weren't quite doing that.

      I don't know what happened next but I remember kids in the cafeteria, camping out, sleeping on the ground, some of them were doing sexual things. I pointed to these stairs that ran to the roof, we could hear weird noises outside. Some kids went up those stairs to investigate. I don't know when I realized I was dreaming, but I remember walking up those same stairs to see where they went. While walking up I had one hand on the rail, another on the wall, I felt like I was barefoot. I could feel several different textures simultaneously. I remember just stopping for a second to feel everything because it was so amazing that I could feel so many textures at once in my dream.

      I went outside to find a bunch of 1940s soldiers fighting a war. I started running down the street, trying to get myself up to incredible speeds. I'd come to signs that I tried jumping like hurdles. I was hesitant about it, and this hesitance caused me to bounce off these signs, even though I cleared them with some really high jumps.

      I don't remember what happened next, the next thing I remember is being in a house. I remember my dream going black a couple times and then coming back so maybe this is what happened. I decided I wanted to practice flying, so I find some soft carpet to make me feel comfortable practicing over. I jump and lay my body horizontally to try to get it to hover. At first I'm actually having some success. I get a little bored and decide to explore this huge house. I shout asking if anyone is home. Eventually I came to a room and inside were two children, a little boy and a little girl. To the right of them is this oldish looking woman. She looked old in the face region, although it was changing, but she had a nice body. I remember something really creepy happening with the children, but I have no idea what it was, I feel like they did or said something demonic.

      Also while exploring the house, I noticed that in every room there was a television that was on. In the larger office like room that I practiced in, there was a computer that was on playing music. I remember trying to get on youtube on it to see if I could get it to play any song that I wanted, but I couldn't get it to access the internet. Back to the room with children though, I decided to have sex with the woman, and the kids were gone. Her face was doing weird things so I put it under the mattress or the sheet or something while we had sex. I actually acheived having sex without collapsing my dream, but to my dissappointment it felt even worse than real sex. Probably because in a dream it's even more psychological and I wasn't that into it. I could feel it somewhat, but like every feeling in a dream, it was dull.

      When I finished having sex with her, I pulled my dick out and it was bright red, I assumed it was covered in blood. I thought weird, she must be a virgin. When she took her head out from under whatever, she was now young and kind of cute. She was pissed that I had put her head under something. We went out into the kitchen and she told me that she was leaving me. She said she couldn't waste another 15 years of her life with me. I decided fuck this bitch, and was going to go back to trying to fly. I found the same room, it was weird the rooms didn't seem to change. I began practicing, but this time had no success. I tried to imagine a force pushing me up, but it was no use.

      I walked out of my room and there was an old man standing with his back to me. I pushed him because I thought my wife was cheating on me with him (jealousy is an instinctual impulse apparently, only inhibited by logic, which I didn't have) . He turned around and looked like a 60-70 year old version of my dad's friend Bernie. He wasn't there to get with my wife. He said to me, "In the year 2011, America turns down making billions by killing billions and instead loses billions." My wife was sitting on the couch and said she doesn't know if that's true, you can never trust those East Hollywood Types. I felt like my dream was giving me a glimpse of the future, I looked at my wife, she didn't seem angry anymore. She was pretty. She had dark hair, and a tattoo on her right shoulder that went down to just above her forearm. It was all black, no color. I had been thinking during my whole dream, holy shit this dream has lasted forever, and it made me worry a little bit. Right after looking at my wife though, it came to an end. There's so many things I left out because I couldn't remember, this dream was truly something else.
    4. Serial Killer Chase Turns into Radical Street Sledding Experience

      by , 06-17-2011 at 07:52 PM
      The first part of the dream that I remember is being in the mall. We were leaving a hurry because I sensed that this guy was a serial killer and that he was following us. He was going to kill me because I didn't believe in God. Another man from the store ended up approaching me. He claimed that the government was going to be putting a chip in my brain, they had already done it to him and I was next. I assumed he was a schizophrenic and hurried to get into my mother's car.

      We, my mother and I, were leaving and we saw these kids getting busted. This cop started searching their truck for what seemed like no reason. They strted finding all kinds of pot and the cop was giving them a hard time calling them all sorts of horrible names and stuff acting like they killed someone. I remember her saying something about them getting their weed from Jamaica. We were waiting to get out of the parking structure and my window was down so I started to talk shit. There were a bunch of people around so I was being loud. The cop looked like Becky from my lab. I said, "Way to arrest people for delivering people's medicine. A law gets passed and then our bitch governor goes and delays it so sick people can't get the medicine they need, and now here you are ruining a couple kids lives and treating them like shit for deliveing what the law said shold be allowed." Everyone was cheering for me and stuff.

      Some guy walked up all pissed off and was giving me shit, telling me I'm a pot head. I told him I don't smoke weed because I have a busy life and put it behind me for that reason. He said he use to smoke weed too and us having to quit is proof that it's bad. I told him that some people are different, some people can smoke it once in awhile without smoking it every day. People are different. Just because he can't handle it doesn't mean it's evil and that no one else should get to use it. He got really pissed, and I felt threatened so we rolled up the window and pulled forward.

      We were trying to get out of this structure, but their were two cars blocking us, the first was backing up over and over and pretending to go forward and then stopping. A guy walked up and put a gun to our window. I started looking for another gun so I could prevent him from hurting my mother. Somehow I got one and I put it up to the window, aimed at his chest, and pulled the trigger. It just clicked. He started sticking his gun through a hole in the car door. I'm not sure what happened at this point, the next thing I remember is being in a back seat next to my mom with some crazy guy up front. He was apparently the true target of the police and since I had created a scene he didn't get caught. He was a serial killer. He said some garbage and I was extremely afraid. I felt like since I had to open my big mouth, now my mother's life was in danger. It was my fault. I was so angry at myself. I started searching for a way out I thought maybe this is all just a dream and closed my eyes in an attempt to collapse it, when I opened them I found myself outside and the vehicle drove away with my mother inside. I became more angry than I've ever been. I shouted, "Fuck this! My mom couldn't have been kidnapped, this can't really be happening! This has to be a dream!" I started slapping myself, trying to figure out if I was dreaming or not, I couldn't tell.

      I decided, dream or not, it didn't matter anymore. I had lost the most important person to me in my entire life and I had to get her back. I would do anything to do it, no matter how illegal. So I got in my vehicle and floored it after the car. I was going to kill this man. I got on the freeway, and began accelerating until I hit full speed. I was weaving in and out of traffic, but I couldn't find the vehicle anywhere. I went up a hill and then down. While going down I thought to myself, "I wonder if I could skate down this somehow..." All of a sudden I was riding one of those disks that you sled on in the snow. I was skating downhill on it, and would hit the uphill part right after and launch into the air. I began skating down this freeway at extreme speeds, down and uphills, jumping them when going back up. That's when I realized I was definitely dreaming. Not only because I was skating down the freeway on a sled (it would seem that should have been the duh moment) but because of the amount of air I was getting and the lack of pain caused by the fall from it. It did feel like my ankles were getting soar though, it was really weird, and that made me start to question it again haha. Basically I just continued skating until I woke up. Skating down the freeway at mach 5 on a sled disk is intense!