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    1. A Few Dream Fragments 1

      by , 10-11-2013 at 11:48 AM
      May not be in chronological order. In New York city, Lady Liberty is in Manhattan for some strange reason. I ask people why this is, they say it was always this way in this game (Me thinking it is Spider Man 2, PS2, played that game alot when i was younger). I think this can't be right (Not fully sure on this next Part), i think back at how it 's on Liberty island not Manhattan (Didn't become lucid, ). That's all i remember from this part. Next part is also strange, i am in Times Square (Still in New York) and i am in a bed here Paperdoll So Seeker and everybody-ts.jpg. I am changing clothes for some reason here in the bed and i feel very self conscious (As you would if you were half naked in front of many people), i am with people from my days in school and my brother. My brother leaves to buy something (We must be on a school trip), and people don't seem to mind a half naked guy trying to change clothes whilst trying to block his private parts desperately with the new change of clothes. To be honest there aren't much people around it seemed. I ask one of my classmate's where i can buy something good, the rest is vague and i then wake up. Now, this dream is weird because when i was in school i kept myself to myself and had a very little amount of friends and there was many people there i didn't like, but in this dream no one seems to mind me and i got by fine. This dream must've been made from the reason i am kind of self-conscious and when i had to change clothes when i did sports at school, but even then no one bothered me that much there.

      Note: Forgot to mention a guy was having s*x with someone behind me. Not to get too detailed but in that position where the guy is standing and holding the girl's legs while he lifts her up and down on his P***s, lol.

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    2. The gas station maniac

      by , 10-10-2013 at 10:41 PM
      9/29/13: I tried WILDing today and started ADA yesterday, well today during a nap that turned into a failed WILD attempt turned into a DILD. I believe this happened because of the ADA i just started doing (But, i did reality check before i started ADA). I think i'm a natural at lucid dreaming techniques because i tried teleporting on my first try (One of my older lucids) and it was 100% successful. Well, here it is anyway.
      I think i was in a car coming into a gas station when this happened. I got out of the car and boom i thought to myself "This seems odd" and did a reality check, i questioned reality. This guy got out of the front seat of the car and walked away (To give you a good idea in which direction he was going here's a crude fast paint sketch Colorado: Becoming More Famous by the Minute-dream-image-1.jpg
      he walked straight ahead and i walked forward and noticed him, he looked like my father, atleast i think he did at the time. I started trying to talk to him but he ignored me (I was like "DREAM CHARACTER, HEY, OVER HERE, TALK TO ME!") and many variations of that. Now the next part is odd, i don't remember how this happened but i am still lucid as i am feeling myself and reality checking every so often. Ok, it seems now i am trying to have s*x with any woman i can find (DON'T JUDGE ME! ). This isn't the first time this has happened, to me this signifies that i am struggling to come up with ideas for the dream. Ok, now i think i have done the deed but now i am thinking to myself "Come on, is this all you want to do? Think of something!", and i teleport to the lucid dreaming crossroads (Look it up)
      i think it ends here, i can't remember anything else. Sorry if my grammar or spelling is bad, i am still tired and have to write this down fast.

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    3. Fail at becoming lucid during a WBTB attempt.

      by , 10-10-2013 at 10:15 AM
      Had a dream, told myself and others around me that i was dreaming, didn't become lucid (not 100% sure on that, maybe became mildly lucid). The dream was at the back of my house, tried to write "you are dreaming" on the wall with a chisel (Didn't get to fully write it down, took alot of effort, like it would in real life and i must have got bored), that's all i remember. I'm not totally sure how it happened, could have been a DC that convinced me that it was reality. To be honest i recreated the back of my house in my mind too well it seems, too realistic. Then again when i was telling DCs about how it was a dream i maybe became mildly lucid.

      Note: I may have said "I am dreaming" instead of "Am i dreaming?" before falling asleep, therefore forgetting to question my reality in the dream .

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    4. Hands, your hands.

      by , 10-08-2013 at 08:37 PM
      Today i had a vague lucid dream. I became lucid, don't really remember how, didn't reality check which is odd, i think maybe a DC told me i was dreaming or i was like "This doesn't look right" from my conscious. Looked at my hands alot even checked to see if i could breathe with my nose being held (I could breathe, or what felt as breathing). I did this to stay in the dream, asked DC things like "What should i do next?", They felt surprisingly nice and talked now and again (I think). I was stuck on what things to do, i was afraid if i did something wrong i'd wake up. I believe i might have had s*x again in this one with one of the DC's (Seems to happen all the time now). Even the feeling of having such control seems to be enough for me.
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