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    Fragments - Navigating a "Mall School", Free Rat Cage

    by , 05-17-2023 at 12:21 AM (148 Views)
    Type: Regular dream.
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    I had poor recall last night. I can only remember two dreams, and limited details for both of them. This is unfortunate because I know they were much longer, especially the first dream. There are so few details that I'm combining the two dreams into a single entry.
    Fragment 1: Navigating a "Mall School"

    This dream took place in my old high school. The school had an interesting layout consisting of a massive long atrium, with classrooms lining either side of that atrium. Above this main floor was a second and third floor, and each had the same layout as the main floor, with classrooms lining the walls on either side. However, there was no floor in the middle of the atrium for either of these higher floors, which created a big open space in the middle of the school for people to congregate. If you were in the middle of the atrium on the main floor and you looked up, you could see the glass ceiling and sky. From this vantage point, you could also see the edges of the other two floors, and all the railings above them, which prevented students from falling down to the main floor. You could also see a few staircases, also with railings, that connected all three floors.

    I was walking up a staircase, heading from the main floor to the second floor. There were no railings on the staircase. I felt a bit confused and concerned, because I knew people could easily fall, and I tried to stay closer to the wall so I didn't fall myself. (I often dream about this school in my dreams, and it's very common for the railings to be missing.) There were many nondescript people walking up and down the stairs, passing me.

    I remember how, while the location was obviously modelled after my high school from real life, the vibes were different. Everything felt unfamiliar to me, and it didn't even completely feel like a school. Instead, it felt like a cross between a school and a mall/transit hub. There were a lot of small business signs, even some neon signs. There were some potted plants, too. The lighting ranged from normal indoor lighting, to dimmed lighting where things were only lit by a handful of small pot lights.

    Once I reached the second floor, I got lost. I vaguely remember wandering around for some time, going down hallways and entering rooms, and my travels seemed to extend well beyond the logical size of the building itself, like there was some kind of Tardis "it's bigger on the inside" phenomenon happening. Eventually I arrived at a futuristic bus stop, still within the school, and took some kind of bus. The lighting in the building had become very dark. I can't remember anything past that.

    Fragment 2: Free Rat Cage

    I was in a small room that could have been a den. Inside this room, there was a plush, taupe-coloured sofa (L-shape), and behind it, there were a few different stacks of cardboard moving boxes. In the dream, I knew I was extremely busy and I had tons of work to do. I knew the work involved my mother and these boxes somehow. Even though they were cardboard moving boxes, however, there was no implicit understanding that I was indeed moving. I knew I needed to start removing the boxes from the room, so I started dragging out each of the stacks from behind the sofa. It didn't take much effort to drag them, because the boxes were weightless, and even though I made bigger movements while pulling them, the stacks didn't feel precarious or wobbly. It was like gravity wasn't affecting them, or like each stack was a single solid object.

    Once I pulled out enough of the boxes, I discovered a cage for small animals that had been hidden there. It looked like a Critter Nation cage, with metal bars that were painted black. At the bottom, it had a blue tub that was around six inches deep, presumably for bedding. But the cage wasn't as wide as a real Critter Nation cage. Instead, it was tall and narrow. It must have been 2x2x5 feet tall.

    Somehow, I knew this cage was free to take if I wanted it. I looked at it thoughtfully, and I asked myself if it was big enough to accommodate two rats. In the dream, I had apparently been contemplating getting rats for some time, and even though I was still undecided, I almost wanted to take the cage home. My rationale was if I took it home and I did choose to get rats, I wouldn't need to spend money on a new cage. However, I ultimately decided against taking it, because I couldn't confirm if it was suitable, and I didn't have time to stand there and deliberate. I reassured myself by thinking something like, 'no big deal, I'll find another free cage down the road'.
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