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    1. Fake Snow Pathway and Dream Characters

      by , 07-31-2023 at 06:08 AM
      Type: Lucid dream.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This was an immensely vivid WILD that happened near the end of REM. I tried to DEILD back into another dream upon waking, but it failed. I imagine this was because the REM period was over, and because I was too rested to fall back asleep afterwards. I spent the dream observing dream behaviour, rather than doing more intense activities.
      The dream began with a false awakening. I had not experienced full-blown hypnagogic scenes during the WILD transition, and I had not wanted to manipulate the subtler visuals into an initial dream scene; this may have been the reason behind the FA. I was in the same bedroom I had fallen asleep in. The room was dark, but there was some subtle blue ambient light. I knew that my eyes were initially closed in the dream, but I could see through them somehow, as if I had no eyelids at all. My blankets were pulled up around my neck and in front of my face, which filled most of my vision. I could barely see the room past them. Then I opened my eyes, and nothing about the scenery changed.

      I knew I was dreaming because of the eyelids phenomenon. However, I decided to confirm a second time by holding my hand out and expecting a random character to take it, to help me sit upright.

      "Hey, can you help me up?" I asked, expecting Chris Pine to be there.

      "Sure," someone said, and I felt them take my hand. The voice sounded fairly accurate to Chris Pine, but not perfect. I sat upright in bed and stood up, and the motions felt light, as if gravity was less powerful and I did not need to exert as much effort to get up. I saw Chris Pine in the darkness of the room, standing in front of me. Even without prior visualization, I was pleased to see how close he looked to the actor's likeness. However, his brown hair was longer and more unruly, like he had let it grow out and hadn't gotten a haircut in some time. It reminded me of Bruno from Encanto. He also looked a bit sad or worried. I did not dwell on this. I chalked it up to the random nature of dreams, where they sometimes filled in details I had not consciously accounted for.

      I left my bedroom and headed towards the hallway that connected my bedroom to the bathroom. It seemed wider than in real life, but just like real life, both walls of the hallway had sliding doors with full mirrors on them. I had not expected to see anyone in the hallway, but I saw my mother standing off to the right. I cannot remember what she was wearing, but she looked convincingly like my mother and I didn't notice anything "off" about her.

      I approached her. Wanting to see her reaction, I said, "isn't it amazing how we're in a dream right now?!"

      "Yes, honey!" she replied, enthusiastic.

      "Yeah, it's great. Well, I'll see you later! We can play Uno, or something," I finished, knowing full well that I would not see her again. I walked past the bathroom, paying little heed to the contents, and into the living room of my apartment. It was dark like the bedroom and bathroom. The size and shape of the living room, and the overall furniture setup, was similar to real life, but I didn't pay attention to the minor details. I headed straight for the opposite corner of the room, where in real life, there was an access door to a balcony. There was no door in the dream, though, just an empty doorway that led directly outside.

      Outside, it was daytime. While the apartment should have been illuminated by the light spilling in from the doorway, this wasn't the case. There was a very stark divide between indoor and outdoor lighting.

      Outside on the balcony, things were unusual. The balcony had no railings. The balcony was also much longer than in real life, reaching about 40 feet long compared to 15 or so. The floor of the balcony was incredibly smooth, and looked almost like gray linoleum rather than painted/sealed concrete. I looked out from the balcony. I saw the wall of a very tall building with very plain, glass windows. It looked like it came from a low-res video game, and the building was fairly close. Then I looked down and I saw a long, straight pathway running across the bottom of the building, below my balcony. It continued past where my balcony ended, then curved around the side of the building, to a place I couldn't see from my vantage point.

      Oddly, the pathway was not concrete or asphalt. It was made of fake snow that had been compacted or glued down. There were small hills in the pathway too, and large, snowman-sized snowballs scattered here and there, all of which were made from the same fake snow.

      My focus returned to the balcony, then I turned around and looked at the exterior wall of my apartment. The windows were well-defined and realistic, and I could even see the blackout curtains that I had installed in real life. Fascinated by the definition of everything, I looked down at my right hand. My hand seemed incredibly sharp and defined too. I counted my fingers on both hands, and saw five on each. This was unusual, as I typically saw different numbers of fingers, or small fingers branching off from the main ones. I looked up, away from my hands for a moment, then I looked back down at my right hand, imagining there would be small fingers this time. I saw one small, finger-like appendage sticking out of the middle of my palm. I touched it with my other hand, and I could feel it, like it was actually connected to my hand.

      Then I became grossed out, so I looked away.

      I turned around and noticed that the snow pathway was still present, so I stepped off the balcony and floated down onto it. The fake snow should have made noise under my feet when I landed, like crunching, but there was no sound, even when I pivoted. It was like the ground was smooth wherever my feet were. The rest of the path was still covered in fake snow. I continued walking down the path, turned the corner, and ended up at a large mall entrance. The building was massive and seemingly square-shaped. The walls were made of smaller semi-transparent, triangular glass panels, which I couldn't properly see through, but there was a large set of glass double doors that were completely transparent. I walked towards the entrance and the doors opened for me, which I found interesting.

      Inside the mall, it appeared to be a single massive room. The building should have let in a ton of outdoor sunlight, because it was made of glass, but it seemed like the glass walls were completely blocking all outdoor light once I got inside, so the lighting became warmer, as if the space was mostly lit by incandescent lights instead of natural sunlight. I saw lots of glass pathways and tracks winding all throughout the room. The path design and overall complexity reminded me of the ramps during the lightcycle battle from the movie TRON: Legacy. I saw some above-ground concrete pools that were very shallow, perhaps two or three feet. There was water in them, and in the water, I saw some random dream characters lounging in swimming attire.

      I decided to summon someone to see what my dream would choose, and said, "okay dream, pick a random person and have them appear behind me".

      Then I turned around and saw two people. One person looked like Ororo Munroe from X-Men, portrayed by Halle Berry, and one person was my third grade teacher from school. Ororo was wearing jeans and a black sweetheart top with a black cardigan, which seemed practical. My teacher was wearing a very bizarre outfit. Her top was a 2000s Lululemon hoodie, except it was cropped. and made of a very coarse pink velour fabric. She was also wearing shorts made from the same pink velour fabric. It looked funny.

      The dream ended.

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      lucid , false awakening
    2. Rat Demon

      by , 05-06-2023 at 06:05 PM
      Type: WILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This was a brief false awakening that resulted from a non-WBTB WILD.
      I was lying on my side in bed, and the bedroom was very dark. I rolled onto my back with an uncannily small amount of effort that made me feel weightless, and then, I saw a shadowed figure sitting beside me, looking down at me. It was so cloaked in shadow that I couldn't see any details including its face; all I could see was a dark, person-shaped entity. It unsettled me and I didn't want the dream to go in a nightmare direction, so I reached out to put my hand on its shoulder and casually said, "hey, how's it going?". It smiled, revealing a mouth full of teeth that were very long and ratlike. Its teeth were the only thing I could see within the darkness of its face, and while the smile didn't seem malicious, the teeth made me even more unsettled than before. Despite my discomfort, the dream still felt like it couldn't decide whether it wanted to become a nightmare or stay neutral. The dream ended.

      NOTICE: this is my first dream journal entry upon returning to Dreamviews after an 11-year hiatus. All the dream journal entries earlier than this were published in 2012 and earlier, and will have markedly different writing quality and narrative style.

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      lucid , false awakening
    3. Freak Out, Fly, Repeat

      by , 03-03-2012 at 07:35 PM
      NOTICE: this is the last dream journal entry I made before leaving Dreamviews for an 11-year hiatus. Newer dream journal entries will have a markedly different writing quality and narrative style.

      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This semi-lucid bugged the hell out of me. I was in my room upstairs, lying in bed, and then I heard my dad screaming from downstairs in a terrifying manner. I became semi-lucid, so I just decided to jump out the window and fly away, but I got stuck mid-air. Then I was suddenly in my bed again, with my dad still screaming, but this time from down the hallway outside my room! I flipped out and took a running jump out the window, in an effort to get past my dad. Once again I tried to fly, once again I got stuck, and once again I ended up in my bed, and at that point, I could feel my dad's presence right there in the bedroom. I felt something, presumably my dad, move beside me as I jumped out the window a third and final time.

      When I woke up in my bed after the third time, I was scared that I was experiencing another repeat.

      This was a total of three false awakenings, which were probably all part of the same dream because of the similar contents.

      It was early in the morning; my guess is that the time was around 7:00 AM. I was lying in my bed with my eyes closed; the unusually light and airy duvet cover was up to a little below my chin, and the bedroom was pitch-black. No light whatsoever was coming in from the single window on the wall, which was on the wall opposite of where I was facing: I was on my stomach, my head half-sunk into my pillow but turned towards the door of my room. The door was open, which led to a hallway adjacent to the entrance of my room; if you were to turn left, walk a few feet and turn right, the stairs were right there. They led downstairs to the main level of the house. There was a very, very faint yellow light coming from the hallway, most likely from downstairs, although there was no apparent light source - it was just a faded wash of a slight lighting over the entire room.

      In bed I felt very tired, like a stone. I didn't want to get up but I knew that it was time for school, so I slowly pushed the covers back; they bunched up like an accordion - I usually fold them back, but I didn't catch onto the fact that I was dreaming quite yet. It was when I actually stood up that I suddenly became aware enough to question if I was in a dream. I didn't do an RC, but I simply knew that I was asleep at a fairly low level of awareness. I looked at my night table, which was right next to my bed (and therefore beside me once I got out of bed), and noticed I didn't have an alarm clock at all there, even though there should've been one.

      I didn't say anything, though.

      Moments later, once I was out of bed, I heard my dad in the lower level of the house shouting at me in a very stern, tense voice to "get downstairs!"

      This terrified me, and I had this creeping feeling that the dream was going to become a nightmare if I just stood there. So I opened the door of my room a bit more to go through it, and I took a running leap into the hallway. The hallway was adjacent to my bedroom, with the wall opposite of the door only being a half-wall. Past that, if you were to look down, you'd be seeing the first floor. On the wall past this half-wall was a big window, and this is where I jumped into. I leaped onto the half-wall with a big jump and then glided right into the glass; however, I didn't smash it; I merely went through it like a ghost.

      It was very dark outside so I couldn't see practically anything, but I was beginning to lose lucidity anyways. I flapped my arms and kicked my legs once I got three or four feet outside the window, which didn't do much - I didn't pick up speed or even move forward that much. I was just suspended.

      I woke up in my bed.

      Or, did I?

      In actuality, I had just entered a false awakening, and it was the same scenario as before. This time, however, my dad's voice didn't come from downstairs, but in the hallway, quite a few feet away from the door of my room. I ran and jumped through the window again, still slightly conscious, but met the same predicament where I was floating, getting nowhere.

      I woke up one more time into the dream but this time, my dad's voice was coming from inside my room, which was very dark like before. It was a whisper this time, situated behind me (I was lying on my side facing my room's door again) - I didn't waste any time bolting out of bed and making a total beeline for the window. The same thing happened and at this point, I had just enough awareness left to start freaking out, wondering this time if my dad would be able to reach through the window and grab my foot, pulling me back in...

      Then I woke up for real.

      I did many reality checks after that P.O.S. dream.

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      nightmare , false awakening , lucid
    4. Fassbender and Gyllenhaal - Invisible, Mountainous Bobsledding

      by , 01-12-2012 at 12:48 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I guess this qualifies as a false awakening. And yeah, I know this is yet another dream with Michael Fassbender, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of typing up all the dreams I can remember! Hopefully the presence of Jake can make up for that.

      This dream began with me lying on my back, on a bed, with the covers thrown completely over my head. This bed was twin-sized, and there was a thin cream-colored bedsheet on me. On top of that was a brown, heavier comforter, almost like a duvet. The bed was positioned in the corner of a small room, the headboard against one wall and the right side of it up against the wall. The room was probably only 10x10 feet, smaller than a normal bedroom, and it had no other furniture. The door was on the wall opposite to where the head of the bed was up against, off more to the right. There weren't any sources of light in the room; it was almost completely dark, except for a pale glow coming from the half-open door. The light leaked into the room quite a bit, and wasn't confined just to where the opening in the door was.

      I tilted my head up a little bit and I could see the door - I didn't have to take the sheets off to be able to see through them, as they were a little transparent (but not that much). I had a good sense of surroundings, but I didn't realize that I was in a completely random room somewhere; all I knew was that I was in bed, and was supposed to wake up soon because it was morning. There was another feeling, however - I also believed that it was night time. This confused me upon awakening, but hey, it's a dream so anything goes.

      At the beginning of the dream I already knew that I'd been lying down awake for some time, so I was a little groggy and actually felt a bit heavy from tiredness. I probably only laid there for a minute or so, but the time felt like it went by much slower. Before I knew it, I had put my head back down into the rather soft pillow, still on my back, only to hear scampering footsteps, like that of an excited animal, right outside the door. The scampering was a bit slower, then got faster and faster, almost like something from a horror movie - such as a monster that was coming right up behind you. But the door slowly opened, spilling more light into the room (the hallway that the doorway led into had a blank cream wall, offset to a yellow tone from the light). A large dalmatian, probably a good four feet tall, came walking in excitedly and leaped up onto the bed in a realistic manner: it bent its hind legs, raised its butt and pushed up from the ground. I'd never observed such realistic behavior in an animal before. I could even hear quiet jingling from a collar, and felt the weight of the dog's paws on the bedsheets, which were still on top of me.

      The dalmatian was now standing on the bed, over the lump of covers with me hidden underneath, and started to lick the sheets right where my face was, rustling around on the covers. I could hear its breathing and nose sniffing around like a real dog. As for myself, I had a slight amount of lucidity, but I wasn't aware enough to achieve true lucidity - you know, that defining epiphany moment with a sudden realization of my current state of being in a dream.

      I used my elbows to prop myself up and, feeling the weight of the dog (which was a bit less than it should've been for a dog this size), I pushed it away. The dog went down onto the floor and walked out the door, and I followed.

      Long story short (just for the sake of posting because I dreamed this entry over two weeks ago), I ended up walking outside onto a road that wound along the side of a mountain. I summoned four small, flat levitating pieces of shiny metal which I laid down on and proceeded to move slowly down the mountainside. I heard two people zooming up behind me and as one of them passed, I looked and saw that he was Jake Gyllenhaal. I also heard a voice next to me that casually said "hey, how's it going?"; when I turned to my left I saw Michael Fassbender. He looked at me, smiled, and pulled back behind me so that I was now in the middle of them. I sped up and rushed down the hill without falling off this makeshift 'bobsled', and summoned bright yellow bursts of light at my feet to speed me up even more.

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    5. You'll Never be Good Enough to Use Mjolnir!

      by , 10-04-2011 at 06:54 AM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Dreams

      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This dream was totally badass. And I never use that word. The weight of the hammer, and the force generated by swinging it and flying with it, was unbelievable. The sensations were realistic, not to mention the action was some of the best I've ever had in a lucid. Guys, if you want epic flying, speed and power all in one dream, use Mjolnir!

      At the start of the dream, I was in an area that looked like an abandoned town straight out of a Western film, but it had a slightly spooky vibe to it: there were decrepit wooden buildings in two (very straight, neatly-arranged) rows going down a flat plane of rocky, gravelly land. That was often typical of Western locations in film. An interesting twist was that in this town, there were shiny barbed wire fences connecting the sides of the buildings from one to the next, and the coloration of the dream as a whole was very pale, getting dark but not quite midnight, and blue-gray. There were some pale darker browns here and there, too. I saw a few tattered smoky white-colored flags hanging on a slightly upwards angle from the very top of a couple buildings. These flags were pretty small, probably only a foot long.

      I was walking through the town closer to the buildings on the right, traveling a bit slower than normal. I wasn't creeped out and I didn't have the ominous feeling that the dream could turn into a nightmare, but I was just slightly unsure for some reason, being cautious as I walked through the town. My gaze didn't move and I just looked down towards where the town ended, which as a whole was probably only 300 feet long. At the end, spanning from the last building on the left to the last one on the right and blocking the exit, was a large pile of shiny dark grey mud that was probably taller than it was wide, at around ten feet tall. There were large chunks of dried dark grey mud in it which were also fairly shiny, and I saw a few large black garbage bags buried amongst the gunk too.

      I walked towards this pile for a minute or so, and got within forty feet of it before I saw two men walk up to me from behind the third- or fourth-last building on the right. One of them was dressed in a red RCMP uniform and had shorter black hair, along with a black handlebar mustache. He had a long, completely silver rifle slung over his back; the strap being brown leather. The other man was in a pale green military jacket and jeans; I wasn't looking at him too much so I don't remember other details. The RCMP man looked at me intently while the other guy just started veering off, running over to the left and completely out of the picture. He probably went into a building or something.

      I stared down the man for a mere few instances and, most opportunistically, became lucid.

      It took me a few moments longer than normal to realize the extent of the fact that I was in a dream. I kind of just stood there, wide-eyed, but then I smiled and said out loud while fist pumping, "fuck yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about!"

      I looked around and felt no need to do an RC, but I did rub my hands together and walk over to the right, attempting to look at one of the buildings in detail. When I wasn't lucid the buildings all appeared normal, but upon closer observation they looked kind of funny. The building was made of lighter-colored wood logs, almost like a cabin, and was composed of two stories; the second story had a balcony with two supporting columns underneath it. The columns were not smooth, almost as if two trees had been stripped of their bark and simply placed under the structure. The balcony was not three feet above my head, making the entire building relatively short as well.

      I turned away from the building after less than a minute, and looked around. The entire location had a slight halo to it, like objects get from the mist when it's raining heavily outside. This caused things to be slightly blurry, but I was confident that the dream wouldn't destabilize because it's never happened before, even in intense, high-speed or simply exciting circumstances. The area had also taken on a slightly bluer tone; now most of the pale browns were only in the ground. I didn't notice when the change occurred, but I did notice the difference.

      "Huh! That's so cool," I said to myself, sounding interested as I scanned the area.

      The buildings were also looking a bit more destroyed than before; sort of like the ones in limbo from the film Inception. They were still made of wood, but the wood was very pale blue and broken up into lots of irregular fragments, as if they could've crumbled at any moment. All the buildings were probably only an average of ten feet tall, without more than a two or three feet variation in height.

      I then realized that I should probably do something fun. Being me, I forgot about my dream goals once again (lacking memory - I had tried to remember them but then just thought, bah, never mind, nothing good will come of that). So, instead I decided to summon an object; this object of choice was a super-powerful hammer from the film Thor called "Mjolnir" (mole - neer). I first looked back to where the man in the RCMP outfit used to be; he was gone. This spooked me a little but I shrugged and started to turn around, walking slowly down in the opposite direction. I kept my gaze up, level, and didn't look down at the ground at all, paying as little attention to it as possible. I then stopped, put my weight all on one foot (it felt like there was much more 'weight' on it than there should've been), and leaned over quite a bit. I reached my right hand down towards the ground, propping it on top of the newly-summoned Mjolnir. I felt a slight upwards pressure against my hand, as if the hammer would simply blast away if I took my hand off it. I looked down at the ground on my right-hand side now, and there it was; it was a good twenty inches long, with a slightly more elongated handle than it should've had, but it looked pretty awesome!

      It was sitting on top of a small mound of gravel and rocky ground. Actually, it was halfway stuck into this chunk of earth. I didn't move my head or body, but my eyes darted to the right, as if I was hearing something behind me. With a determined and pretty damn pissed-off look on my face, I pulled up Mjolnir in a sudden motion from my right arm, powered mostly by my shoulder. I proceeded to swing it around to the left which passed it directly in front of my face, and spun the rest of my body around, flinging it into a man I expected to be about ten feet away, but I didn't visualize him beforehand (he was dressed in a large black hoodie, the hood pulled over his face, and had a loose chain around his neck. My arm ended pointing where the hammer flew, in a straight line towards him, and I was leaned over quite a bit, with my feet firmly planted in the ground. During the swing I felt the hammer's weight, which would've been a good 20 pounds in real life - the funny thing is, it felt that heavy when I hurled it, but I didn't get a sore arm and the throw itself was pretty effortless. It was a very strange sensation; usually these two sensations don't go hand-in-hand. I guess tiredness and muscle strength isn't a factor in dreams... But still.

      The hammer whizzed right into the man at breakneck speed, going at least 100 mph if I were to guess, and I didn't see the actual impact; the man just curled backwards as the hammer hit him in the stomach and pushed him through the air at the same speed I originally saw the hammer going. There was no slight slowdown in speed on impact. Mjolnir disappeared, along with him, in an instance.

      I immediately raised my head to look up into the distant sky, off to the right, just above the buildings. Then I looked behind me a bit, turning my neck minutely, then spun around again to catch the speeding hammer that I had expected to have been racing back towards me. I let my arm drop and once again felt its weight; I noticed that the handle was a bit shorter than before when I looked down at it with a contemptuous and vengeful expression - not directed to the hammer, but the group of shady individuals I wanted to summon around me - they were here to exploit Mjolnir and take it for themselves.

      "Piece of cake," I told myself. I looked up to see a big mass of dark clouds in the distance; the sky wasn't entirely dark after all, so shapes were still discernible. The clouds were rather thick and covered a lot of area over the horizon. But my immediate vicinity was to be filled with ten or twenty 'bad guys'. I turned around, facing the same big pile of mud and garbage bags as before (but further away this time as I'd been walking away from it a bit). As I turned, I pictured a mass of people with guns, wearing the same military jacket as the guy I saw when I wasn't lucid - this was a first; usually I don't remember things from before hand.

      I ended up facing about seven or eight men. They were leaning forward a bit and looked intimidating, but their clothing was off; they were wearing regular military camo outfits, and all of them were very dark grey with barely noticeable lighter patches (to make the camo pattern). A few of them were holding tasers, but they all appeared to be frozen and not moving that much.

      "Come on!" I goaded them. "You think you deserve this, but you'll never be good enough to use Mjolnir."

      When I finished my threat, I quickly brought Mjolnir over my left shoulder and, once again, flung my right arm back out towards the group. Instead of simply letting one person get hit, I was going to imagine a burst of light blue and white, semi-transparent energy to explode from it. As soon as I let go of it for the throw, I extended my arm and held my right hand out briefly - jazz hands style - and slightly curled my fingers and thumb inwards, tensing up, and then releasing the tension quickly. A pale blue, fairly transparent curtain of smooth energy burst out in a rather flat disc (not what I'd expected, but oh well...), outwards to the left and right; it reminded me of a miniature spiral galaxy. The men dissolved into thin air, but I wasn't done yet; I wanted to fly.

      "I can hear you behind me!" I called, still facing the same direction. "But you'll never fucking catch me!"

      I maneuvered Mjolnir, again held in my right hand, waving it above my head and bending my elbow so that it was now right on top of my right shoulder. I turned my head around and saw a very dark, hazy person running towards me, in a rather scary fashion - I heard quick, omniscient shuffling noises that were growing louder and louder, even though he wasn't running fast enough to make the sound level grow like that. I scowled and stomped on the ground with my right foot, which caused the hammer to suddenly begin flying upwards at about a sixty-degree angle; it went from being right above my shoulder to a few feet in front of my in a matter of moments. I was almost immediately off the ground. My grip on the handle was firm but I didn't feel all the muscles in my hand working; I just felt the surface of it Mjolnir accelerated fast and I felt the air rush around the front of the hammer, along with some very realistic air resistance, as if it was fighting against the sky a bit. It didn't slow down though; I trailed behind it, but I wasn't really following the hammer after getting off the ground anymore. Initially I did, and I had to hold on, but now it felt like my dream body was pushing more towards the hammer, and the hammer was being pushed forward by me. I expected this force to even out, and it did.

      I flew in the sky, feeling the air and wind circulate, and I could've sworn I also felt slight coldness at one point. I had flown almost straight upright for about ten seconds at first, then I pressed my hand's grip on the handle down so the hammer changed course; I met some resistance because the hammer was set in its course, but it wasn't too bad. I tilted it down and I was now curving back towards the ground. I steered like this and after about twenty seconds I summoned a storm around me: a relatively transparent tunnel of clouds encapsulated me which obstructed my vision a bit, but then I imagined myself creating a burst of invisible energy; this made the clouds in front of me dissipate.

      I woke up when my alarm went off.

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    6. A Different Kind of Flambé - Cherry on Fire

      by , 08-22-2011 at 05:27 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I was half-asleep a few nights ago and got some nonsensical imagery of flames, elephants and fruits, cherries being one of them. I then got the random idea to set a cherry on fire in an upcoming lucid. I didn't plan on doing it this soon because I had more dated goals, but in this LD, my logic wasn't completely turned on and my memory of waking life events wasn't too good. When lucid, I thought about what I wanted to do for a few moments, and only remembered to do the cherry thing. If I had the awareness I would've done something else, but...

      A final note, I had this dream after waking up in the middle of the night for two hours, feeling really sick, then going back to bed when my stomach settled down. I did a few RCs and awareness sessions during this time. As for the dream itself, I was pretty tired and fell asleep right away, so I'm surprised I remember as much of it as I do.

      I was in my "house", except this wasn't quite my actual house. It was a single square room, probably only 15x15 feet, and it was darkly-lit so I couldn't see what kind of flooring it had. I did see the walls were a lighter blue with a slight green tint, and the molding around the ceiling and along the floor was white, and relatively plain. The room was divided in two equal sections by another wall, of the same color, that ran from one side of it to the other. It had a large, clean rectangular opening so that if you were to look at the wall, you'd see the other half of the room. The opening in the dividing wall must have been three feet tall and six feet wide, and positioned more to the left side. On the right was a basic open doorway, with no door.

      I was standing on one side of this wall and looking at the other side; it consisted of a basic kitchen countertop, white in color with dark wooden cabinets. There were no chairs or tables, or a fridge, just the counters. The center of the room had a warm yellow light shining down on it, which dissipated towards the walls of the room. In the half of the room I was in, there was little lighting except a bit coming in from a window. When you looked out the window, you could see a very dark, pale blue street with snow. That seems to be a common setting for houses in my dreams.

      I leaned up against the opening of the wall and put my arms over the foot-thick structure; I became lucid as I did this. I noticed the appearance of the opening change a bit; before it was just lined by the blue-green wall, but now it was lined with polished, lighter wood (bamboo-color?). It was like the lining of a windowsill. I counted my fingers, one, two, three, four, five... But I knew better than to assume anything by just using the finger check, so I plugged my nose and I could breathe; the air felt still and it was room temperature. I also noted the location I was in, and then realized it was a combination of my old house's living room and a kitchen.

      For stabilization, I took a few steps back and looked at the wood on the rectangular wall opening; I could see a few small holes in it, probably the size of thumbtack heads, but it wasn't littered with them. I then put my right hand on the wood and moved it along, seeing how it felt. It felt like polished wood, where there was a bit of friction and it took slightly more effort to move my hand. It was realistic; the more intensely I observed the wood, the cooler it felt. I then rubbed my hands together and tried to think about what my dream goals were; after ten seconds I remembered wanting to set a cherry on fire, so I held my right hand out in front of me, forming a fist. After doing this, I moved my thumb out to the right and my last for digits downwards a bit, imagining a cherry to roll up a bit from inside my grip. A maraschino cherry appeared; it was bright red like the real thing, but the stem was half the size it should've been, and it was very slightly transparent, making its color a bit lighter than normal. I looked closely at it, then started to use pyrokinesis. I imagined warmth coming from the cherry and saw that the places where my hand was touching it ripple outward slightly, and these ripples glowed orange. The left and right of the cherry then started to show a sleek flame coming up from either side; this flame was mostly red-orange but also had some yellow blended in.

      It took about a minute to get a flame to fully encapsulate the cherry, but I did it. The flame was very realistic and seemed to come mostly from the bottom and rise up and around the cherry, but a few smaller licks of fire came from in between the fruit and where I was touching it. I'd never seen so realistic flames in a dream before, so I was mesmerized! I didn't feel a burn from the fire coming from the cherry, but just a slight 'fuzziness', as if I was rubbing my fingers against a chalkboard.

      The cherry looked the same as it did initially, not burning or anything. But as the dream started to end, I popped the cherry into my mouth. It tasted like pure white sugar. The outside was crispy as if it had been charred, though when I was holding it before, it was soft and visibly unaffected by the fire.

      I tried a DEILD, but it failed because I accidentally opened my eyes!

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    7. You're Not Leaving!

      by , 08-15-2011 at 02:58 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This dream started in my house. I was in the hallway of the second floor, but one side of this hallway wasn't walled-off, and instead it had a half-wall that overlooked the first floor, which went out from underneath it for another ten feet or so. The walls were beige and the half-wall was topped off with a smooth, rounded section of dark wood. The floors, as they've always been, were hardwood. The first floor must have been twenty feet tall, judging from how high up the second one was.

      I was standing up against the half-wall, with my elbows resting on with wood on top. I wanted to leave the house but I knew my dad wouldn't let me; he was in an irritable mood. The tall wall I was facing had a large, vertical rectangular window made of one solid pane of glass. If you were to look below the window, you'd see the front door of the house. It was a set of white double doors with brass doorknobs. I peered over the wall to look down at them; it was fairly dark in the house though, because the lighting was dimmed. Light was coming from a room to the right on the first floor, on the wall adjacent to the one with the door, though. My dad was in that room.

      I looked out through the big window and it was clearly nighttime; the sky was pitch-black. The only thing I could see were distant street lights. I did see a two-lane road right in front of my house going perpendicular to it, but that's because it was right near the house.

      The dream skipped and I was now downstairs, right in front of the door. Right there, I became lucid. Wanting to avoid a possible scrap with my dad (because the dream had a slightly dark air to it), I called out to him; I sort of knew he was still in the room to the right. The light was still on, too, letting a flood of yellow into the main room, the one I was in.

      "Dad," I said, "I'm leaving now! I'll be back in a bit."

      I expected him to oblige and simply say 'alright', but that didn't happen. Moments later, I prepared to open the door and summon the indoor "arrivals" terminal of an airport, and that was when I felt an invisible hand on my shoulder. I didn't summon this hand; I'd simply forgotten all about my dad, but the dream obviously had other ideas. The hand freaked me out slightly but I shoved it off, saying, "dad, this is a dream and you have no business doing that. Get lost." I kept my cool because I was aware enough that I was dreaming, and that nothing could hurt me.

      "You're not leaving!" I heard him shout from the other room; his voice sounded hollow but not echoey at all. I gathered up my visualizations again and was about to open the door, when the floor gave way. It split in two, and I could hear the hardwood snap as I plunged right-side up into blackness.

      Okay, so I was pretty much totally unnerved now, but I still managed to keep my charade going. "What did I say?" I exclaimed, rolling my eyes as I fell down through the blackness. I crossed my arms. "Put me back, NOW!"

      The lack of visual input must have been what caused the dream to end.

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    8. Stabilization Fail

      by , 08-15-2011 at 02:30 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      It was daytime; the sky was a light eggshell blue color. I was in a city square, which was basically an open area surrounded by buildings; the ground consisted of flat, irregularly-shaped light grey stones, almost like a big mosaic. The stones fanned out from the center of the clearing to the outsides of it in a radial pattern. And where the stones all met in the middle of the clearing was a stone fountain with a radius of around fifteen feet; in the middle, water was coming out, up into the sky then falling down in a skinny mushroom cap-shaped curtain. It was sparkly water and gave off a slightly rainbow color in the middle region. Although the water was bluish in color, the whole area had a greyish, paler tone to it. It reminded me of somewhere in Rome.

      After a few moments of being in the dream, I became semi-lucid and immediately started rubbing my hands together. I was a bit excited but my energy overall was pretty lethargic. Had I been more aware, I'd definitely have been more eager and excited, and thought of teleporting to an airport sometime. But I wasn't. I rubbed my hands and looked past the fountain at a few French-style buildings; as I did this, I saw one of the Dreamviews member nina's previous avatars, one with a running white dog. It was a perfectly flat, square image that just floated there for a few moments; it was probably a foot by a foot wide. I ultimately ignored it and proceeded to do more stabilization practices, including rubbing my hands along the ground.

      I did this for a minute, then remembered to try taking my clothes off as a possible stabilization method! I started to take off my shirt without caring if anyone saw me, since it was just a dream. I was thinking, 'this will definitely prolong the dream!' I didn't imagine the feeling of the fabric or anything, which was what I should've done, so it probably wasn't as effective as it could have been.

      Well, the dream ended as soon as my shirt came off.

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    9. Fragment 3/3 - Frosty Wall

      by , 08-02-2011 at 01:19 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Folks, this is what happens if you have poor recall and end up becoming lucid. Practice your recall! I had a very frustrating time trying to remember this; I probably spent twenty minutes lying in bed just thinking about it, and even then, I couldn't remember much.

      This was a longer semi-lucid that probably clocked in at around 8 minutes, although I can't remember next to anything about it. One thing I do remember is doing the nose-plug RC, but I don't know where I was at the time. A few minutes after this, I was now doing stabilization exercises. I was walking into an underground subway station; it was essentially a large room with a fairly low ceiling; the entire thing was made of darker grey concrete that was almost shiny. The lighting was dim, with a dark yellow hue to it. The concrete was stained and looked decrepit. On one side of the floor, going from one rectangular hole in the wall to the other, was a clean, normal-looking tunnel for a subway to pass through. I was walking through a tight hallway, made of the same concrete, to get to this room. The hallway was probably only 2 feet wide, and only twice my height. On the left, I was running my hand along the wall as I walked, because it was covered in transparent patches of ice, and white frost that looked very real. I remember marveling at how cold and realistic it felt.

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      lucid , dream fragment
    10. Semi-Lucid - Smelling the Flowers

      by , 07-21-2011 at 06:16 AM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Lucids

      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      I remembered two dreams last night, one of which is this entry. (I'll finish typing up the other one in the morning.) This dream was another cool lucid, if not a low-level one. I did some more stabilization, including looking closely at an incredibly detailed flower, and I teleported to an airport reminiscent of the brief shot from Fight Club where the narrator runs up to a window. I kinda lost my lucidity, and the dream, after that though. It was still worth it.

      I started out in my bedroom. There was just a slight amount of moonlight coming in through the window blinds, but other than that, it was very dark - so dark, in fact, that as I was walking around, I had my hands out in front of me. I could barely see the outlines of objects in my room! According to the preexisting plot of this dream, I had just finished a WILD attempt, and I had entered this dream moments earlier. I was 'lucid' - but not actually. I was only pretending to be lucid as part of the dream plot, when in reality I wasn't lucid at all. I remember being slightly nervous because the area was so dark, and I wanted to get out as soon as I could. I was initially standing near the foot of my bed, but then I started following an invisible ball of energy, which was floating not two feet in front of me, at around shoulder level. It gave off a distinguishable presence, even though I couldn't see it, and I knew that this ball of energy was KingYoshi. He had been waiting for me to enter the dream, and was now going to show me where to go (what...?!). It started moving towards the window, and I slowly walked after it.

      I arrived at the window and forgot all about the "KingYoshi" ball. When I walked up to the window, the lighting coming through the blinds became a bit brighter and more aqua in color, as if an alien spaceship had just come down and hovered in front of it. I grabbed the right side of the blinds, bunching a few of them up with my hand and pulling them down with a slight amount of effort. I sensed there was a dark hand above the blinds, trying to prevent me from pulling them down and onto the floor. Anyways, I was now looking out a window without the actual windowpane in place; it was just an open area now. I don't know if there was a windowpane to begin with, but did it matter?

      I looked out the window and down towards the ground (my room is on the second floor of the house) and I saw the front driveway of my house. This was a little 'off', because the window to my bedroom in real life is looking out over the backyard, not the front area of the house. But this didn't matter. In real life, the driveway of my house is a big square area that consists of many neatly-arranged, reddish stones with a connecting driveway to the street. It was the same in the dream, except instead of there being a 2-lane residential road, there was a pressed gravel road. On the other side of this road, instead of houses, there were lots of pine trees. There was also a large pine tree on the right side of the driveway, right next to some smaller shrubs and greenery.

      Back to myself, I was still in the house, overlooking this area. Like in my previous recorded dream, I made a lazy jump out the window. However, even though the distance from my second-story bedroom to the ground seemed pretty far from the window, as I jumped, the distance seamlessly became next to nothing. There was next to no impact when I landed. I only recoiled slightly, which wasn't very noticeable. The atmosphere and time of day was still nighttime, but it was more well-lit outside because of the moon (which I knew was out, even though I didn't actually see it in the sky). I started to walk down the driveway, away from the house, and I became lucid once I got about halfway there. I did the nose-plug RC, and I could breathe, so I knew I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands together and looked at them, counting five fingers on each hand. If something was weird about them, I never noticed.

      I continued walking down the driveway and, since I was only semi-lucid, I didn't think of teleporting at the moment. Instead, I involuntarily decided to turn right down the gravel road and walk in the moonlight. Right before I turned the corner, I saw a few green dandelion weeds (minus the yellow dandelion part) at the foot of the large pine tree next to the driveway. These weeds were accompanied by a few white daisies, and a small clump of lilacs. The flowers all looked normal; realistic - the daisies had white petals with a yellow center, and the lilacs were lavender in color, just like they are in real life. I knelt down and smelled the air around the flowers, and I could actually pick up the scent of lilacs! It was awesome!

      I turned my attention towards the daisies. I picked one up; it didn't put up a fight and resist being pulled up from the soil at all, as if it was just floating in air. As I brought it towards my face and looked at it closely, I realized that the white petals now had a huge amount of tiny, pint-sized holes in them; these holes were more abundant towards the outer regions of the petal, and a few of these petals looked like they were eaten a bit around the edges. I saw the slight bending of the petals as they connected to the center, which now looked like the middle of a sunflower with all the seeds, except this was a solid yellow. The amount of detail was stunning; I'd never seen details as crystal clear and sharp before, regardless of the fact that I was only semi-lucid. The flower was so sharp, in fact, one could easily have thought there was aliasing around the edges. My gaze was fixed on this flower for a good minute or so, just observing all the details.

      "Wow, this is amazing!" I gasped sometime during the observation, completely astonished.

      I could make this entry a five-star one just from that moment alone.

      After I finished looking at the flower, I got up onto my feet again and dropped it to the ground. Then I continued walking down the gravel road, surrounded on both sides by large, dense pine trees. I observed that the trees on the right side of the road were a bit thinner and shorter than the ones on the left, looking back and forth a few times and chuckling because of that strange layout. After two or three minutes of just walking along, I got to a clearing. It was like one of those half-circle campsites you see along the side of the road, except at least five times the size, and there was one of these on both sides of the gravel road. The ground was all gravel now, with the exception of the grassy terrain that started on the edges of these 'campsites', where the pine trees were clustered, bordering the area. The place made a big circular clearing that must have been a good two hundred feet wide and long.

      On either sides of the circle were some pretty strange setups, though. On the right side of the clearing, there were two thicker, square glass panels that were propped up on their sides, about thirty feet from one another. They were at a good ten feet high and wide. On top of them, going from one panel to the other, was a longer glass panel of the same thickness. In between the two square glass pieces, and sheltered by the long one on top, was a big bed. It looked like something from a game; the bed was very smooth (like plastic) and basically consisted of a solid, wood-colored rectangle with another, pale red-purple rectangle with smoothed edges on top and coming over the sides like a bedsheet. I saw a low headboard made from the same wood-colored piece as the rest of the bed. There was a white rectangle, again with smoothed edges, for a pillow on top of the covers near the end.

      I was losing my lucidity; by now I was probably only at a 3/10, but I kept going in regards to dream control. I turned to the left and saw a small, beaten-up wooden house. I walked over to it and opened the door, entering into a bedroom. This bedroom was about 15x15 feet with smooth, medium-tone hardwood floors, beige wallpaper, and brown wooden paneling along the floor (I'm tired; I can't remember what it's called at the moment). There was a closet in the middle of one wall; it took up a good chunk of the wallspace and was made of two smooth, sliding wooden doors with no handles. I went over to this closet, dug my nails into the wood of the left door, and pulled it over to the right, expecting an airport terminal to be on the other side. I needed there to be a large glass window and viewing area - I'm surprised I managed to teleport like this, let alone to the proper area, with such a low level of lucidity. The door opened to practically an exact replica of the airport briefly seen in Fight Club, near the end of the film. It's that place the narrator is in when he's got himself smushed against the window, frantically looking outside. I could see down the terminal and saw a regular seating area, but the place was all empty. There were no people whatsoever.

      I'd completely lost my lucidity at that point, and the dream not ten seconds later.

    11. Lucidity! Moving the Moon, Licking the Floor, Slow Motion

      by , 07-19-2011 at 02:39 AM
      This is one of my
      Five-Star Dreams

      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      A nice, detailed lucid that has to be one of my longest ones ever! I didn't do anything too epic in this dream except for a cool slow-motion sequence and a whole lot of observations, just to get back into the swing of things (I didn't want to try teleporting in this one, and unfortunately, I totally forgot about having a shared dream with members of the IOSDP).

      I was in a room that was about fifteen by ten feet; it had tan-colored brick walls and dark, faded hardwood flooring. I'm surprised I could find a picture that depicts close to what the room looked like! It looked like the one on the right; I have adjusted the colors and saturation to how it appeared in the dream. It was darkly lit by one yellow lightbulb in the center of the varnished concrete ceiling, hanging from a short but twisted cord. The glow of pale yellow light was steady and unabated but it was still pretty dark. In the middle of one of the shorter walls was a normal, closed wooden door that was painted white. Against the opposite wall, and again right in the middle, there was a double bed. It had a metal frame with one rounded metal piece for a headboard, and reminded me of a crib. On top was a soft, plush white bedspread that was thicker than a duvet. Room in a psych hospital, perhaps?

      I was lying on this bed, on my stomach with my head turned over to the right. There was no pillow; I was just resting on top of the bedspread with my head in the covers. Then, I suddenly felt extremely relaxed and almost felt like I was going to fall right through the bed - sleep paralysis. However, in the dream, I regarded sleep paralysis as a terrifying, mental abnormality that shouldn't happen to anyone. I sensed an unknown figure made of black smoke walk over to my bedside and stick a small, very thin needle into my arm, right where I'd receive a shot at the doctor's.

      I freaked out; my breathing became erratic and fast, which was very realistic for being in a dream. The episode ended shortly after, when the needle was removed from my arm. I burst out from the bed and ran to the door; I recall the hardwood floor being extremely smooth, without any spaces between the boards or indents. I opened the door to a whole other section of building. This wasn't an insane asylum or anything, but a house that was positioned right next to my school! I had emerged from the room with the bed, into a short, wider hallway which opened up into a central area. This was the second floor. There was a set of crappy-looking, broken stairs going up to a single-room third floor, and a set at the end of the room that went down to the first floor. They looked like they disappeared into the wall, though, because there wasn't enough room for the staircase to change directions. Below is the basic layout of the floor, along with a shaded section for the third floor above it.

      The whole place was lit normally. The floor had nice, lighter hardwood and some accent rugs here and there, all rectangular in shape. Although the stairs leading up to the third floor (closed off by a metal door at the top of these stairs) were broken and cracking, and the set going to the first floor were concrete and didn't match the rest of the floor, the place had a warm atmosphere. I felt welcomed. However, I had to tell someone about what I just experienced while lying on the bed.

      There were many people in the open room here; one person was at a round table made of polished wood, like you'd see in a small kitchen. There was also a group of six or seven people clustered around two windows on the far wall. They were large and slightly rectangular (horizontally) in shape, and if you were to look outside, you'd see the parking lot for my school, and the school off to the left. The house and school were connected. Outside, it was dark. Nighttime. The door on the wall adjacent to the two windows led to a relatively large bathroom.

      Among the cluster of people, I saw a rather grizzled man with pale peach skin that had almost a grey tone to it.

      "Hey," I said, slightly desperate and afraid.

      He turned around to face me and walked over to where I was standing. I knew this man was very kind and didn't think for one time that he was weird or off-putting, although in a real life situation, I may have avoided him.

      I started to talk. "I..."

      Midway through my sentence, I suddenly became aware. "Whoa... holy crap. Am I dreaming?" I asked, stupefied and excited. I did a nose-plug reality check to confirm this, and my lucidity went up a bit more. For fun, I looked at the man, using dream control to make him answer the way I wanted him to.

      "Am I really dreaming?" I asked, and he answered, throwing his arms up. "Yes!" he said excitedly.

      "Awesome! ...Awesome!" I exclaimed and almost ran off without stabilizing or doing any thinking. I stopped myself and started to reason out what I'd do in this dream. "Maybe I should try and get to an airport." But then, I thought the better of it and decided to save that for a time when I was a bit more lucid, and maybe when I was in a brighter location. After all, it was nighttime outside, and in the past I've had difficulties teleporting to daytime areas when I was in a dark area.

      "Stabilization. See how long the dream will last if I do lots of stabilization." I thought for a moment. "The bathroom," I then said, chuckling. "There'll be lots of stuff in there!"

      I forgot all about the people, simply skipping past them and feeling how weird gravity felt. It didn't feel like I was being pulled down to the floor quite as much, but I wasn't floating at all; I simply felt a bit less heavy. The door to the bathroom was open, so I just pushed it open more and walked inside. The floor was pretty gross - it was made of colorful yellow tiles, each probably only two or three inches across, with dust in the grout between each of them. There were pale stains along the floor from water, or something. I really didn't want to know. Altogether, the room was a good 10x10 feet, with a long, single white bathtub on the right that had a long, white clear shower curtain to match. The curtain was half-open. The walls of the bathroom were beige and also had very faint stains, which I guessed were from water. In front of me, at the end of the room was a sink. The left wall, adjacent to the one that had the sink in front of it, had the toilet against it. The toilet was the cleanest thing in the bathroom, but I didn't notice an opening to the siphon or plumbing. It just looked like a big, toilet-shaped bowl (ignore the irony there).

      I walked to the sink. Above it was a mirror, which was probably double the width of the sink with a fancy gold rim around it; this rim was a bit rusty and lightly scratched in some patches. I looked into it and saw myself - I looked as normal as I could have; I thought it was maybe just a trick of the dream and when I were to wake up, I'd realize I looked totally off, but upon closer observation, nothing changed. I looked like I did in real life, with the exception of my hair. It was slightly shorter than it should've been. I took my attention away from my face and looked past it to the rest of the room; I saw the door behind me, and the toilet on the... right? What?

      I raised my eyebrow and turned around. The room had gotten smaller; now it was the side of a normal small bathroom. The toilet was now on the right of the sink instead of the left, and the room was half as long and wide as it was before. The door was mere feet away from me; I'm guessing about six or seven.


      I then expected a shelf to be on the left wall. Turning to the left, I saw a thinner, rectangular white plank of wood coming out from the wall. On it were toiletries; I remember seeing Colgate toothpaste and a toothbrush, along with a men's electric razor. I picked up the toothpaste and it felt like a rock; the white and red tube didn't seem squeezable so I just put it in my right hand and rolled it around for a few moments. I ran my left hand against the wall and felt small bumps, like tiny pieces of grit and stones had been trapped behind the wallpaper. It tickled my hand so I took it off, and then I dropped the toothpaste. I then decided to get (slightly) creative and lick the wall. I did this and it didn't taste like anything. I then knelt down and licked the floor, figuring there was no harm in doing it, no matter how nasty it may have been. The floor didn't taste like anything either. I moved my tongue around and said "bleh". Getting up, laughing as I did, I then smelled the air. I picked up a trace of sandpaper, but that was it.

      After sticking my nose out to smell the air, I rubbed my hands together and looked at them. I counted six fingers on my left hand, but it looked like it only had five, so I counted them again. It was a bit of a mind-bleep. My right hand was very weird; it had five fingers but my thumb was missing the middle segment; it just had the base part and the end where the fingernail was! Yuck! I was able to move it like normal after I stopped looking at it, though, as if it was back to the way it should've been. Finally, I stopped to hear any sounds I could pick up on. I heard very quiet, muffled windchimes, but although the sound was distant, it felt like it was coming from all around me. The sound was quiet enough not to bother me though, and it seemed to stop once I started heading back to the open door of the bathroom. I was now in the main room again, and the lighting had changed - all the lights were off, and the only source of light was from the moon outside, coming in through the windows. It was rather pretty, but...

      "Wow..." I said, a bit frustrated. "There is no way I'm going to change this to daytime." I walked to one of the two windows; more specifically the one on the right, closest to the wooden table, and looked through the glass. It was surprisingly clear. I saw the parking lot, but it was two stories down. I also noticed there were no longer any people around in the room.

      I shrugged and rested my hand on the glass, gradually pushing harder on it until the whole piece of glass just fell down onto the ground. I then stepped up onto the windowpane, first with my right foot and then my left, and pushed off, jumping into the air. I didn't float at all for once, and simply fell back down really quickly like what would happen in real life, then landed on the asphalt with a low-pitched thud that almost sounded like breaking glass. I then looked to the left; in the moonlit darkness I saw the large front entrance to my school, so I began walking towards it.

      Halfway there, I stopped to look up at the sky and I saw the moon, which was in a relatively normal location. Looking up even further, almost so that I didn't see anything on the ground anymore, I saw some tiny stars that were almost faded away completely. There were a few turquoise-colored streaks of clouds, which were also hard to spot. Most of them were near where the moon was. I didn't see a lot of details on the face of the moon itself; it was really just a white circle with some very light gray blots on it. I put my finger in front of the moon and dragged it downwards, towards the earth. I expected the sun to come up in turn, and for the entire sky to get brighter. However, even though the moon moved with my finger, the sun didn't come up and only a patch of sky above the school got brighter. Then again, I'd never been very good at changing the sky.

      "Brighten the sky," I shouted commandingly. Nothing happened.

      "Whatever, be that way," I said in the tone a parent would say to an unruly child, and waved my hand off towards the sky. I walked to the school and when I got there, I opened the furthest left of four wide doors that each consisted of only a metal frame and a big pane of glass. The door wasn't locked, but it would've been in waking life. I walked into the atrium, which was the main area of the school that spanned upwards for three stories, and led to, essentially, all the different classrooms.

      The main section of the school, right when you walk in, consists of a large, long atrium with a triangular glass roof, which allows for much light to enter the school, making it fairly airy and bright. Classrooms are on the left and right of this atrium, and near the entrance there's a large set of stairs on the right, just before the classrooms begin. The main tones in the building include light beige, light eggshell blue tiles, and accents of paler turquoise, such as on the window frames and stair handles.

      The place was actually lit very well; I looked up through the glass roof and saw the dark night sky, but didn't care, so long as I could see inside the building, which was bright. I passively traveled down the atrium and saw many different people walking around, but I didn't recognize anyone in particular. However, since I knew that I couldn't get to an airport and create an amazing chase scenario from here, immediately I decided that I just wanted to raise hell in this dream, by any means necessary. At this point, I'm not even sure if I cared whether I woke up or not. This dream was already longer than the majority of my other lucids, and I knew this.

      I crossed my arms and stood in the middle of the area for a couple moments. I wanted to fight and bring a whole mass of bad guys down on me.

      My gaze then flicked to the side as I imagined (without actually hearing anything) a twig snapping outside the school entrance. I breathed out quickly, acting like I'd been surprised, and then widened my eyes as I heard a group of men entering the atrium behind me, through the glass doors I'd just gone through. I spun around and, without visualization at all, saw that they were wearing dark gray and black S.W.A.T. outfits.

      "Man, I'm sick of these S.W.A.T. teams," I said, out of character for a moment and just complaining about the dream.

      "Oh well," I then said in a lighter tone. Back in character again, I saw a man in the middle hold a gun up to eye level and shuffle a few steps towards me. The gun he was holding looked like it was made entirely of lightweight metal, almost exactly like the one on the left. He was aiming for me and before I could do anything dream control-wise, he shot at me. I jumped up and curved backwards, just in time as the slower-than-normal bullet whizzed right underneath me. My jumping movement was fast, but as I arced backwards it became slow motion, which was an amazing sensation. I wasn't paying attention to the man who shot me anymore, and was simply taking note of how when I tried to move my arms, it would be like moving through a viscous liquid. I didn't try to move my legs, which felt like they were numb and floating. The slow-motion sequence ended in about ten seconds and instead of continuing to curl backwards and end with a backflip, I kicked my legs from in front of me to underneath me, and I landed upright.

      I looked at the men and raised my chin, daring them to shoot again,
      but the dream faded.

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    12. Most Terrifying Dream - Visitor and Knife-Based Pain

      by , 07-12-2011 at 08:22 PM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      Two hours after waking up today, I took a nap, because I was hoping to enter SP and have a WILD. Instead, I fell asleep normally and then entered multiple false awakenings. What happened next was one of the longest and most effed-up dreams I've had. When I woke up, I did a record amount of reality checks. Where in the world did this come from, why is my subconscious so demented, and why did it have to happen when I was attempting a WILD?

      It was afternoon. I was outside, and the sky overhead looked normal for the time of day. I was walking along the right side of my house, sandwiched between the house and a long, straight wooden fence that extended down it. This fence was ashen in colour and seasoned-looking, with uneven, ragged boards that were slightly pointed on top. There was green grass everywhere, and the exterior of the house itself was made of ruddy red bricks with light-coloured cement in between. I was headed to the backyard, where I "knew" the house's garage would be. When I rounded the back corner of the house and reached the yard, it was an extremely strange setup.

      There was the same, tall wooden fence as the one along the side of the house, but this one was much taller, probably twenty feet tall. It fenced in the entire yard on three sides, then connected to the fence I'd just walked along. Because of the yard fence's height, it blocked out the view of everything outside the yard, although I could see tall, normal-looking trees going at least ten feet past the height of the fence. The presence of the ridiculously tall fence and trees caused it to become darker in the yard, since there wasn't as much room for light to get in.

      I looked to the left, at the yard. There was just straight brick on the house; there were no doorways or anything to get in and out. There was just more slightly-overgrown grass, and the garage. This garage was painted white and looked rustic; a few patches of paint here and there were flaking off. The garage door was open, but I didn't see any cars.

      Then, someone from my school's graduating class walked out. I recognized her immediately, and she looked normal - she had long dark brown hair, freckles, and blue eyes. I had invited her over, and now it was time for her to leave. I smiled and waved as she walked past me, leaving through where I'd just come from.

      Then, I saw my dad walk up beside me.

      "Hey [Puffin], can you help me for a sec?" His voice sounded a bit muffled. I didn't think this was odd.

      He led me down the right side of the house, where I had entered the yard from. Once we got past it, the area wasn't the front yard or driveway of a house like you'd expect; instead, it was another backyard. The setup for this part is very hard to explain because of how complex it was. The side of the house we'd just walked down opened up into a square-shaped lot (probably 60x60 feet), completely closed-in by the same tall fence, and on the other side of the fence you could see more trees. A few of these trees even arced over the fence and above the yard a little; their branches and trunks were thick and gnarled. However, they didn't cast any discernible shadows of their own; the whole yard was just in one solid pale shadow, darker than the back yard. The terrain of this yard slanted up five or six feet towards the back of the lot, especially on the left side.

      In the middle of this yard, leaving three or four feet on each side for walkspace, was a big hole. The edges of this hole were smoothed out, and covered in grass, but then it steeply dropped off into blackness; it was very, very deep. Sometime when I was walking along the house, my dad had gone past me and ended up on the other side of the hole, in the far left corner of the yard where the ground was the most raised. Apparently he wanted to return to my side, but now the yard was littered with big, wide boards of slightly-destroyed wood. Most of them were irregularly-shaped, like the random pieces of paper a kid cuts out with scissors. My dad couldn't just walk around this field of wood, because they were filling the yard all the way up to the fence. But in the hole, there was a possible way to cross it. There were two very, very tall grey rocks with flat tops floating in the hole. Connecting the two rocks was a large, flat piece of dry grey wood. There were two other wood planks, and this created a bridge across the whole.

      On the middle plank, there was also a big, triangular-shaped rock that must have been four feet tall. It looked like it weighed a ton. My dad slowly made his way onto the planks (which wobbled a lot, and he held out his arms for balance, but he didn't look concerned). Once he reached the middle plank, he pushed the rock down into the big hole without any effort, and it disappeared. There was no way he'd be able to push it in real life.

      I decided to check in for the day and sleep. I walked away a few steps and looked at the brick wall of the house. Unlike before, when I saw no doors, now there was a basic white door with a gold doorknob. I opened it and walked into blackness. As I walked forward a few steps, I felt slightly numb, losing feeling in my body as I sometimes do when I'm lucid and the dream ends. And I did become slightly lucid at this point! However, the dream scene changed.

      I woke up in bed. But not really; it was a false awakening. I couldn't see anything around me because my eyes were still closed, but I knew the room was spacious and had a high ceiling that was painted beige, as were the walls. I knew the bed was an antique, with polished wood with fine details and rich colouration. I knew the bed had white bedsheets and a thicker white quilt on top of that. I was on top of the covers, lying on my left side.

      Immediately, I "knew" I was awake and resolved to DEILD. I breathed normally and stayed still. Although the third breath was a bit quicker and deeper than the others, which usually stops my DEILD attempts, I managed to get small vibrations rolling up and down my body. In the center of my vision, I saw a light blue square that was blurring in an outwards direction (almost like a tunnel). It expanded, and a blurry, pale scene formed in front of me. There were very abstract, blurry, dark grey shapes of people's heads and some desks. The only colors in this scene were darker, pale blue and greys. The scene then started to fade slowly as I started to fail the DEILD.

      As the scene faded, taking about ten seconds, I saw a very clear image in my mind's eye - it was a shoulders-and-up shot of a beautiful woman holding a baby up against her shoulder, one hand resting on the back of its head. I heard a woman's voice narrating something along the lines of, "most mothers prefer to hold their baby with two hands if they are pregnant." It was nonsensical but I didn't realize it.

      Once that image faded, I was back in bed with my eyes closed. I thought, 'let's try this one more time'.

      I managed to get the blurry square again, but it was darker than before and disappeared quickly, leaving me lying in bed again. I laid there on my left side for a few moments and breathed out normally. But I didn't get any results.

      Then I opened my eyes, giving up. I blinked once and looked up at the ceiling. Then, I suddenly heard an incredibly high-pitched, desperate scream, like something straight of a nightmare. It said, "don't look up!", and the "up" drew itself out into a long scream of its own. In the next instant, I was still looking at the ceiling, the yellow colors and window briefly flashed white like a camera had gone off, and I heard one of those sounds like in a horror film - it's like the sound wind makes when a big truck drives past you on the highway, minus all the mechanical wheel and actual truck noises. When everything was white, I saw the bright green outline of a tall church steeple, leaning over towards the right. This was in the corner of my vision. The 'outline' was most like someone had taken a simple photo and inverted the colors, so the blacks were white and the other stuff was green.

      The flash only lasted a moment, and then as the whiteness and church faded, I felt a momentary 'shift' or acceleration downwards, although I didn't actually move from the bed at all. It was like an invisible force had come into effect and was spiritually trying to pull me down. Then, I felt a hand strongly press me down into the bed, and roll me over onto my stomach, with the left side of my face pressed right against the bed. I couldn't see anything. At some point my vision had stopped working and everything had gone a dark, dark brown. My back was suddenly exposed and uncovered as I laid there, and then I felt a sharp blade slowly going into my back, dragging slowly along my rib. It started about four inches below my right shoulder blade, tracing along that rib. The knife was excruciatingly painful as it slowly cut its way through my skin, which seemed to give too much resistance to be realistic, but that only made it worse. I had never felt this much pain in a dream before. The cut went down along the skin and stopped when it got to the very side of my body. All the while, I was paralyzed, and I screamed like crazy.

      For a second, I became almost semi-lucid, and I broke free of the paralysis, but when I moved it, was like my bones were stiff and gelled together or something. I turned around, a bit more onto my back and looked at what was doing this. It was a hooded figure, with a black robe like the grim reaper, and surrounded in something like grey smoke. There was a thin, lighter brown woven cord loosely coiled three or four times around his neck; this cord was made of long brown hair! I wasted no time and growled at this creature and attempted to kick him away, but I couldn't move my legs anymore. I tried to punch him, but I was totally paralyzed again.

      He turned me over and proceeded to cut another line into me, slightly further down my body along the next rib. It was really painful. This cut lasted about seven seconds, slightly less than the first, but then I felt another one, a bit further down still. The whole time, I screamed, and as the last cut ended, I saw a flash of another brief image: my vision turned a solid yellow, and I saw three abstract curves that were larger on one end and smaller on the other. The three lines gradated from red to dark brown, almost black, and only took up about a tenth of the total area of my vision; they appeared off near the left side.

      For a brief moment during the cuts, I was aware of my sister lying on the bed beside me, and she said something like, "I told you so", but I can't remember the exact words. The words she said were laced with pain as if she was getting cut, too.

      The dream finally ended, and when I woke up, I could feel residual stinging in my back. I didn't get up immediately, nervous that I'd entered another FA. It took a lot of RCs and a few minutes of lying stock-still in bed before I could get up and shake things out.

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    13. Harmonica and Minor MDP Activities

      by , 07-06-2011 at 08:23 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This dream was extremely clear, and I completed the basic July ToTM very early, which is awesome. I didn't get to do much regarding the MDP, because I wasn't thinking clearly about how to change the scenery for it.

      It was early in the morning. I was outside, and observed that the sky was slightly darker blue, and I could see yellow and orange tones scattered throughout it, not uniformly gradating from the horizon like the colors would do in real life. For the most part, it wasn't too realistic and looked more like a digital painting. Myself, I was standing on a rather unimportant, low-rise hill (about three feet above ground level); it was exactly like one you'd find along the side of a highway. This hill went along the side of, and curved down toward a fairly small parking lot that was only twenty or so spaces wide, and three or four rows deep. Past this long and rather skinny parking lot was the entrance to an amusement park.

      This entrance had a tan-colored stucco exterior, and was very simple in appearance: merely a large, light gray rectangular slab that was sat upon four square pillars, which were made of tan stucco. Between each pillar was a turnstile. Extending from either side of the entrance was a brick wall, probably only six or seven feet tall, with big, neat square holes filled with clear glass, almost like windows. On the other side, you could see rides. I can't remember what kinds I saw when I walked over to the entrance. I walked in between the second and third pillar, not stopping at the kiosk to my right to purchase a ticket. Instead, I kept walking until I was only four or five feet from the brick wall.

      I looked down at the ground to see a small square hole. The hole went right down into the ground, arcing slightly forward, until it opened up to the ground on the other side. It was strange, because if you were to look down the hole (which was only twelve or thirteen feet, by one foot, by one foot - very tight to get through!) and looked at the gravelly ground, it was lit rather brightly, as if the other side of the fence dropped off to a small cliff, and the ground I was standing on was actually hanging above another area underneath. The hole was lined by thin metal sheets that somewhat smoothed out the insides of it; it almost looked like the inside of an air duct.

      This was the entrance to the park. I knelt down and put my two legs in it; I then used my arms to try and push myself downwards, in a pretty poor attempt to get through. I got a few feet into it, but then stopped at my hips because the thing was just too tight to get my butt through. "This is so freaking stupid," I muttered, and pulled myself out with a bit of effort.

      As I turned around, [B]I became lucid and did a nose-plug RC to confirm the dream state. I could breathe; this time, I noticed the air was relatively cool instead of neutral like it usually is. But it wasn't cold outside at all; I couldn't even feel the temperature! Immediately after finishing the reality check, I remembered to do the July Task of the Month. As I walked through the parking lot and back towards the hill, I resolved to summon a harmonica. I used basic dream control tactics and "knew" that I was wearing a hoodie (taking objects out of pant pockets often don't seem to work for me), and I also imagined the feeling of pushing my hand into the right pocket, and the reluctant stretch of the fabric. I expected a harmonica to be there.

      I could feel the texture of the shirt pocket as I took out a very plain, all-metal harmonica. It was a fairly flat, rectangular piece of steel with slightly rounded corners and a good number of holes on the side, something like 12 or 14 circular ones. The surface was pretty scratched-up, like how the steel back of an older ipod has those light, shallow scratches. I put it up to my mouth and breathed lightly into it, listening to the sound I generated. The tune was simply four notes blended together nicely. Low tone, medium tone, low, low, and then high. It didn't quite have the harsh sound of a harmonica, but the sound was softer and almost echoed.

      "Yeah!" I said excitedly, trying to keep myself from getting too excited. Then, I stopped at the foot of the hill and decided to try and continue the MDP, but then thought better of it. I was nowhere near the location I needed, and my dream-self didn't remember that I could just open a door or fly to the location I needed to be in. I decided to leave that for another dream.

      I 'woke up' into a false awakening.

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    14. Nightmare - Murder on a Train

      by , 07-01-2011 at 06:46 AM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

      This relatively short dream disturbed me a bit. The situation was so unrealistic that this was one of the first times a dream scenario alone left me lucid.

      I was in a train. It wasn't like a train I'd been on before; the layout was slightly different. It had a slimmer aisle in the middle, going down the length of the car, with a curtain-enclosed seating section on either side of this aisle. Both of these sections were probably ten feet long, and there were a few of them going down both sides; the sections were raised fifteen inches or so off of the aisle's level. The whole interior of the train was a burgundy colour scheme with orange and gold accents, which made it seem more upscale. As for the lighting, it was dim. Not eerily dim, but dim enough that one could assume at least half the lights in the aisle weren't working.

      I walked into a section on the left hand side of the train, which contained two chairs facing a wall, and a single sliding-pane window edged with flat silver metal. Light poured in from the outside of this window, but I didn't see exactly what was on the other side of it.

      I could tell some other people were walking down the aisle, and a man was sitting in the section on the opposite side of the hall, reading a paper. The majority of the people occupying the train were shadowy and dark, which was a first considering I could always see DC's faces and stuff. I couldn't even make out what they were wearing.

      My vision was both in first-person and third-person at the same time. It wasn't like a split screen situation, and it wasn't like the two perspectives were superimposed on top of each other, either. It's as if I really was in two places at once. It's very difficult to explain.

      Before I knew it, the lighting had dimmed even more. A man had suddenly appeared in the room I was in, right in front of me, and pinned me down right where the "x" in the drawing above is. I was now seeing exclusively in third-person, from the bottom of the curtain enclosing the room on the opposite side of the aisle. So, I was looking up at myself slightly, if you understand where I was looking from. I saw myself lying on my back, on the ground, my head coming out from the room and out over the aisle. The man was wearing dark gray and a ski mask, but for some reason I knew he had messy, slightly longer brown hair. He took out an axe; the handle was polished, cylindrical wood with probably only a 2-inch radius (very thin). The blade was very long, going outwards from the end quite a ways, and then became larger at the end. It was very sharp.

      My viewpoint was still in third person, but as he took out the axe, it suddenly changed so that I was looking right up at him, looking past my own head from only a few inches back. The scene became a bit hazy. The man said, in a relatively normal-sounding but deeper voice, "when I kill you, you won't be able to tell them that I'm going to kill everyone else on this train".

      I struggled, still watching myself from the same viewpoint as just described, and it was like fighting rubber and concrete combined. In the dream, I envisioned the axe coming down before it even happened, and just struggled harder. Within a few moments, the axe came down for good. I'd become lucid at that point - not super lucid - but it was enough to help me not freak out. Immediately the viewpoint changed, moving a few inches upwards, so I was finally looking through my own eyes, sitting there with no feeling whatsoever, except possibly numbness. I didn't feel the axe at all in my neck.

      I laid there with the axe sitting in me, and it took a few instances to actually wake up.

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    15. MDP #2 - Finding the Whereabouts and Fighting War Machine

      by , 06-24-2011 at 10:15 PM
      Type: DILD.
      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      MDP Rating: ★★★★★

      This continuous lucid dream story will revolve around the aftermath of the films Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk, which will not culminate in the Avengers team but something different. Many of the lines are rehearsed in daydreams so the actual dreams should play out relatively well. I don't know much about the Marvel universe (I've only seen the movies) and dreams are often unpredictable, so the story will probably have errors and mishaps, but I'll do my best. This is "part 2" of hopefully more dreams.

      My Notes:
      A bit less vivid than the last dream, and I lost my lucidity only a few minutes too early.

      I started up on the top of a building. Who knows how that happened for me to end up there - but somehow, I had this very recent memory of being inside the building, which was like a library: I was in a small, off-limits section, which had warm lighting, smooth, concrete or laminate-type flooring of a more saturated tan color, and beige walls. There were also lots of bookshelves. I was in this room because I was looking for someone's phone number.

      At this time, I was seeing from a third-person viewpoint for a few moments. I ventured toward a certain bookshelf that I somehow knew was important, and then I knelt down and pulled out a pale yellow book, only about 200 pages, that read "Phones" in bold, dark yellow, arial typefont on the side. I had pulled the book open to about a third of the way through, and I remember reading "Barry Vaven" and "Jurn (insert last name here because I can't remember it)". The text inside was incredibly small, probably six-point arial font, and the paper was almost translucent.

      Back to the top of the building - the outside atmosphere reminded me of the scene when Cobb was leaving the helicopter in Inception , except it was day time, and the colors of the entire scenery were a bit warmer in nature. The building was probably thirty stories up - very tall, and there were other buildings, many other tall ones but some shorter, scattered around in a relatively realistic way. There was a basic black, straight railing lining three edges of the top of the building I was on. I walked to the edge with no railing and looked down, seeing all the tiny cars move on the very-detailed streets. I did not see any street lights at intersections, though. I then looked back and saw stairs; there was no small building on top with a door, just a neat, square hole in the building with concrete steps going down it.

      I didn't take them though, because I became lucid. I looked around and did a nose-plug RC, which didn't allow me to breathe - if I was less aware, it probably would've stopped my lucidity there, but it didn't!

      I was very unsure of what to do now, being in a place that I had no idea how to teleport from, and I knew that I probably didn't have time to walk inside, go down the stairs, and find a door. Thank goodness I knew the people involved in this part of the plot, though.

      I looked out towards the city, still near the edge of the building but confident that no DCs would appear and push me over and have me fall. I stayed like this for a few moments, then I expected Betty Ross (Liv Tyler's biochemist character from The Incredible Hulk) to come up the stairs. I imagined there had been a meeting in the lower part of the building, a conference involving leading scientists, and it was over. Anyways, I heard her voice and turned around, only to find Natalie Portman's character from Thor, Jane Foster, instead. Her brown hair was down to a few inches past her shoulders. She was wearing jeans and a tan leather jacket; her shirt was white and had lace around the neck. I sighed and my head dropped disappointingly when I saw her, because I was trying to create a scenario and this wasn't what I had in mind.

      "Hello, did you ask for me?" She sounded exactly like Jane Foster.

      "No," I replied. "Sorry for the confusion. Is Elizabeth Ross around?"

      Then I saw Elizabeth come up the stairs - it looked almost as if she wasn't walking, but more floating up the stairs. The last two or three steps did look normal, though. Portrayed in Liv Tyler's image, she too was wearing a brown leather jacket, although it was a chocolate brown, compared to Jane's lighter, almost tan jacket.

      "Can we speak alone?" I asked Jane.

      "Yeah," she said lightly. As I was facing her briefly, Elizabeth has appeared right beside me; when I turned to see her, I jumped a bit because of how much closer she was - it startled me.

      Jane was gone now. That was weird.

      The words I wanted to use came out perfectly, thanks to a high level of lucidity. "I couldn't risk saying this inside," I began. "I know a lot about you, probably... more than I should, but regardless. I know about Bruce."

      She looked at me. I noticed that besides from the clothes, she almost resembled Arwen from Lord of the Rings - younger, in a sense, with longer hair, but I didn't want to be too picky about appearances. "I don't know who this Bruce is."

      "Now's not the time to bullshit about this," I said, a bit fearful that I was losing both my dream control abilities and her actual character. A DC had behaved in an uninformed way once before, even though they were the exact character I'd wanted to show up.

      "Do you know where he went? Where he is?" I pressed. I also asked this question again with a different wording, but I can't remember what exactly I'd said.

      "No. I don't know where he is. But I'm thinking he's in B.C." She was a bit more open than I thought she'd be; I was hoping she'd think I was working as a military agent at first. Then she said, "who are you?"

      "That's fine, thanks," I said, not wanting to struggle with any more dream control stuff.

      Then I envisioned a squadron of military personnel coming up the stairs. Still looking out over the buildings in the city, I spun around when I heard a loud, metallic "thunk" on the ground behind me. I didn't expect that, but I did expect a confrontation - four or five men, in dark grey S.W.A.T. outfits and all holding metal, rifle-like guns, were crouched over them slightly and advancing towards me. Elizabeth spun around and started to panic. She said something inaudible.

      "They're not here for you," I said, "they're here for me. I got information from them, and they didn't like that."

      "What?" She sounded dazed, but incredulous.

      "See you later," I told her the, starting to back up while keeping an eye on the people walking towards me.

      And, I didn't mean to trip and fall off the side of the building (more like spin around and have an epic jump off the edge), but I did trip. Somehow, the edge of the building got way closer than I envisioned it before. My heel landed on the edge of the building and slid off, sending me backwards. I felt the air, and felt the dream start to blur vertically around me; on the way down, I was just saying angrily, "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." I was certain I would lose the dream.

      I didn't have more than three seconds before hitting the ground below, not feeling much of an impact at all; rather just the feeling of slowing down very fast, as if I'd landed and had sunk down a bit - but no, my feet were not in the cement; I'd landed normally. I looked up and noticed the building was much shorter than it was before; it was only three or four stories high now. I saw Elizabeth look over the edge, now wearing a white coat, but I didn't see the other people anymore. I did look around me, at street level, and observed a white strip of crosswalk rectangles; I was on the sidewalk, and there were no cars whatsoever. I looked around for S.H.I.E.L.D members. I didn't see anyone, but then I saw Whiplash's full-armor suit from the end of Iron Man 2 land in front of me, right on top of the crosswalk I'd seen earlier.

      I was annoyed. I was expecting War Machine, but I hadn't visualized enough. "Wrong guy," I told him sternly, in the way I'd tell a character in a play to do something. "Go back, when I turn around, War Machine had better be there." I turned around and looked back; War Machine was now there - his suit looked thicker and slightly larger, especially around the shoulders and feet, but that was fine.

      "You", I said in fake surprise. "You're still working with these fools?"

      "Sorry man, I don't want to do this."

      "Too bad, you're here now. Come on. Fight me. Set an example for everyone else up there."

      War Machine held his arm out and fired a small, long bullet at me (it was just positioned loosely on top, without any attachments to the armor); it almost looked like that "ex-wife" thing that totally failed in the movie. This one, however, exploded when it hit me. I used my invulnerability, a very simple power, which let the fire slide right around and past me. The fire spread out and impeded my ability to see for an instance, but then it floated around me, as if there was a current in the air.

      The air was filled with disbelief; I actually tried to make sure of this because I knew I was starting to lose my lucidity, and I wanted to keep the fight going with the same style and using the same plot. "Stay lucid, I'm dreaming, for crying out loud!" I said to myself.

      As I become less and less lucid, the fight became less realistic. I got to hand-to-hand combat with War Machine, in which the blows only landed softly. When I was hit by a punch or another attack, I'd feel a bit of an impact, but then it'd slide off me like I was made of jello. When I punched his armor, I'd feel my hand flinch slightly, which I definitely didn't want to happen (not unless I was an ordinary character with no special abilities). At least I didn't lose in the end. He flew away a good two or three minutes afterwards; after he landed the last blow, in which I wiped my hand across my mouth and smirked confidently.

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