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    Owl School and Gale's House

    by , 08-13-2011 at 08:35 AM (356 Views)
    Type: Regular dream.
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    Another dream with Gale Boetticher in it... Must have been because I missed the new episode of Breaking Bad on Sunday...

    In this dream, it was sometime between afternoon and evening - the sky was still light, but it was beginning to adopt a pale orange tint. I was in a relatively sparse forest with very tall and skinny trees. They looked like the kind of trees that had been burned and killed by a forest fire; the ends of their branches were flimsy and almost crispy-looking, and the bark of the trees themselves was fairly dark, but not quite bordering on black. The trees had a few leaves here and there but not many. There was probably one tree for every fifteen feet of groundspace.

    I was a young gray owl, and I was one of five or six other owls (of different species) who were in school taking flying lessons from a grumpy old teacher owl. I can't remember details about any specific birds except the teacher; he had slightly scraggly brown feathers, and longer ear 'tufts' on his head. The group was flying in place, in a circle all facing each other, at the side of one tree in the forest, which must have been at an altitude of about 70 feet above the pine-and-wood covered dirt ground. Myself, I was in the hollow of a tree that was right near theirs; the hole was only five feet higher than the group. Because of this, I was looking down on them. When the dream started, my dream-self knew that I was ditching class because the teacher wasn't friendly; he wasn't letting the owls eat until class was over, which I didn't like. So, I wanted to stir things up.

    I saw the group, positioned about ten feet away from me. I looked at them and suddenly saw a perfectly round owl pellet whizz towards the hole and past my head; they were using it to practice catching things with their feet while flying at the same time. The sudden appearance of the pellet didn't surprise me, although I definitely would've jumped in real life. Without taking my gaze away from the class, I grabbed the ball with my foot (although I cant remember if it was an owl's foot) and as soon as I did this, the teacher somehow realized where I was.

    "Puffin, get down here now!" he roared in a grumpy but non-intimidating fashion, but I just laughed to myself and put the pellet down. I then kicked my foot hard into the inside of the hole, which sent three moths, each having a different color - pale orange, mint green, and light blue - flying towards the class. The moths' wings looked normal at first glance, but then upon closer inspection, the wings were upside-down! As usual, I didn't notice this anomaly. I was just thinking about how sending food out to the class, moths, would surely piss the teacher off!

    I looked away from the class as soon as the moths got further away from the tree; I didn't see or hear a reaction at all. A few moments later, I decided to land on the ground.

    I walked up to the edge of the hole and let gravity pull me over the edge; I dropped out of the hole, flapping my grey wings (which were still rather small because I wasn't very old) a few times to slow the fall a bit, and started to coast forward. I landed at least forty feet away from my tree, as a result of the coasting. I had completely forgotten about the class of owls now; it's as if they weren't even there. Sometime during the flight, the forest had seamlessly changed from a sparse one to a slightly denser and lively forest, with pine and sycamore trees that actually looked normal, leaves and all. I'm not sure if I was seeing from an owl's small perspective while in the tree, but I was definitely seeing through it now; the trees were very big compared to me. Anyways, the pieces of wood chips, pine needles and dirt on the ground looked large, which was pretty realistic for my size. I walked a few small steps forward and my feet sunk down into the materials a bit, because the sheet of them covering the forest floor was not one solid thing, but many pieces.

    As soon as I stopped walking, I heard a woman's voice say, "what are you doing? Theres dangerous owls here, like this one!" As the last sentence started, an owl's face suddenly flashed in front of my vision, filling it up for a few instances. It was in the animation style of the owls from the film Legend of the Guardians, but with slightly less less feather detail. The owl was dark grey, with feathers that became lighter around its eyes and beak, and it had intimidating-looking red eyes that gradated to black in the center of each one. When the vision faded, it was almost juxtapositioned by a friendly-looking grey owl, who was probably a bit less than twice my own height. He was standing bot ten feet away from me; the forest around us remained unchanged. I knew that this owl was my friend; I enjoyed doing things with him and trusted him completely. He looked like the owl from the vision with grey feathers that got lighter around his face, but his eyes were normal-looking. There was no connection between him and the other owl I'd just seen; no premonition or a dangerous air to him; it was just strange and random dream behavior.

    He said something friendly to me, although I cannot remember what wit was. We exchanged words a few times in a conversation I don't recall at all, and then I looked to my immediate left.

    I was right next to a rectangular house (probably 50x20 feet) that had white siding, slightly stained in places with tree sap and other yucky things. The whole thing was raised five or six feet by a wooden lattice foundation; this foundation had black mesh behind it so I couldn't see behind it and under the house. The house also had a deck-like ramp made of pine wood going up the front of it, starting on the ground at the left and ending at the right. On the right, where the ramp ended about five feet above the ground (where the bottom of the house met the foundation), was a single white door with a square screen in the upper half. There was a small white-paned window a few inches to the left of the door, and it was divided into four equal sections by a thinner white windowpane; finally, it was screened with black mesh, just like the door. I couldnt see through it. I was in front of the house from where I was standing, the other owl a few feet down and slightly past the house. We both turned towards the house and started to walk up the ramp. During this, my height seamlessly changed to my normal human height of approximately 5.4", and the owl I just spoke with just vanished when I looked away from him and at the house. For the rest of the dream, he was nowhere to be found.

    As I got to the top of the ramp, which was actually much steeper than it appeared to be when I was just looking at the house, I saw Gale Boetticher from the (awesome) television series Breaking Bad standing right outside the door. He was wearing a casual, button-down yellow shirt that had pineapple-colored criss-crossing lines, making a regular pattern of small squares. He was also wearing olive khakis and brown sandals; the outfit as a whole looked very normal.

    Gale then looked at me and said, "excuse the mess." His voice was very similar to the actual character. He then smiled a bit as if to welcome me to his house, and pushed lightly on the white door. It swung open slowly and without making a noise, even though he pushed very lightly on it. I knew I was going to be discussing business plans with him, although what type of business I don't know; the dream gave no hints. The dream ended once the door fully opened, and before I went in.

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    1. Darkmatters's Avatar
      Oh man I'm so jealous!! Wish I could dream about Breaking Bad!!
    2. Puffin's Avatar
      Haha, I had another dream about him too, but he was a bit... Lifeless. I think my dream-self, or my mom, killed him.

      Two back-to-back dreams about Gale is cool; I'm wondering when I'll have one about Jesse or Walt.