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    Tom Felton and the Harry Potter Cast

    by , 07-22-2011 at 01:29 AM (667 Views)
    Type: Regular dream.
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    In this dream, I was walking down a long, rather narrow room with concrete floors, glass windows and an arcing ceiling. Seen from the side, the room would look like a pentagon with rounded top corners in shape. It reminded me of that connecting passageway from Hogwarts castle that was suspended high above the ground, with old-fashioned pillars and structures. One end of this passageway ended with drywall and two thick, hinged wooden doors that opened away from each other. The other end opened up into a room of some sort, an empty room made of the same old-fashioned type of structure.

    I wasn't myself at the moment, but rather Tom Felton, the actor who played Draco in the Harry Potter films. For once, I distinctly remember what I was wearing - a longer black coat, a black and white striped winter scarf (not a real fluffy one; somewhere in between flat and fluffy), and jeans. I looked pretty handsome, if I do say so myself.

    I was just walking down the passageway, and I stopped a quarter of the way down. In this area, I saw some different actors and actresses from [I]Harry Potter[/I, and some characters - it was quite strange, because they weren't just the people dressing up as their characters - they were the actual characters. I saw Ron Weasley's mom talking to a few unidentifiable characters; as I started to keep walking forward, she turned around, smiled and said hi, then gave me a pat on the shoulder; I nodded curtly and just kept walking. I obviously had Malfoy's mannerisms.

    I saw the two Weasley brothers, Fred and George sitting on the ground up against the wall (right below a window). I knew they were just relaxing and having a good time, because they were laughing and cracking inaudible jokes. I also remember seeing Severus Snape walking around. The last person I saw was Daniel Radcliffe, not in character but simply signing autographs for a crowd of young boys and girls in Hogwarts-esque uniforms.

    At this point I was now myself; I didn't talk to anyone, but instead just leaned up against the wall and put my hands in my pockets. After a minute or so, suddenly one of my friends walked up to me and asked (rather gleefully) if I could "sign" a tattoo on her arm.

    "Really?" I asked, incredulous. "The Harry Potter cast is here, why do you want me to sign?"

    She replied, "you're the best artist!"

    I said, "not now, but maybe later".

    Despite my answer, she took my hand. Then she proceeded to bring my hand towards her upper arm and, somehow, draw something on her upper arm using that hand of mine. At some point during this, I saw that my hand was now holding a fountain pen that belonged to her. The ink on her arm was dark blue, but I don't remember what the exact design/message/etc was.

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    1. Ray23's Avatar
      That's weird, I had a dream about Harry Potter too this morning
    2. Puffin's Avatar
      Awesome. :D
      The funny thing is, I saw the last Harry Potter movie last week but I hadn't been thinking about it at all over the past few days. I'm surprised that it showed up in my dream to this extent.