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    Walter White Wants the Whopper Car

    by , 09-14-2011 at 01:55 AM (414 Views)
    Type: Regular dream.
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    Nice piece of alliteration there in the title. Anyways...

    This whole dream took place during the day, more in the afternoon, and in a parking lot that was a good 75x75 feet, with smooth asphalt on the entire ground and a fence on all four sides. This fence consisted of four rectangular wooden stakes that were flat on top, and a black mesh connecting them on all four sides of the lot; the mesh was fairly transparent but you'd have to squint to see what's past it on the other side.

    Three adjacent sides of the lot were lined with cars, arranged very neatly in parking spaces so that their fronts were facing the fence and their bumpers were facing into the lot. You could see all the license plates, but given the situation in the dream I didn't bother looking at them. Smack-dab in the middle of the parking lot, facing the middle row of cars, was a shiny red Challenger. In it were Walter, in the driver's seat, and in the passenger seat was Skyler White of Breaking Bad. Walter was wearing a paler green shirt, while Skyler was more dressed up in a black pinstripe suit and white shirt; it looked like she had just gotten home from work or something.

    During all of this, I was watching from the middle backseat of the car. I wasn't present in the dream at all as a person, but I was simply like a camera that was observing the pair. The interior of the car was grey, with black leather seats (it's a pretty weird-looking color scheme if you were to see it...) and there was a larger-than-normal storage box in between the two front seats, although I forget what the technical name for it is.

    I knew that Walter and Skyler were looking at a car to buy their son, Walter Jr., whose birthday was coming up. They were running out of time to decide which vehicle to buy. However, they had already looked at a few different "parking lots" full of cars, so I guess this was the final decision.

    Skyler spoke first, saying, "I like the mini". There wasn't a mini in the parking lot though, just pickup trucks and midsize cars.

    Walter replied after a brief pause. "We should go to Burger King and get the Whopper."

    He was in fact referring to a car, and not the restaurant.

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    1. Kona's Avatar
      Your dream characters seem to have a flawed knowledge of cars.
    2. Puffin's Avatar
      Yeah, haha. Some think DCs are a representation of ourselves on some level, and I agree with this to some extent. But they're definitely not an accurate representation of my own knowledge of cars.
    3. Kona's Avatar
      Agreed lol.