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    This is Wierd... Stop Waking Up.

    by , 11-12-2011 at 02:35 AM (292 Views)
    Type: Regular dream.
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    This dream drove me up the wall. I classified it as a fragment because I'm unsure whether it was a bunch of small dreams back-to-back, or just a single long one.

    I woke up in my bedroom, in the middle of the night in a false awakening. The room was dark, with a slight pale blue glow coming from underneath the bedroom door. I couldn't see anything but I was definitely in the right bed, with the covers almost completely over my head. I groggily put my head up a bit and looked at the red numbers of my digital clock on the lower side table (positioned to the left of my bed). They read properly, saying 1:47. I didn't think much of it and went back to sleep.

    I woke up again and groaned, thinking I would have to get up for school soon. I was in the same bed with the same light coming from the door, darkness, and I looked at my clock. This time, it said 2:47. I exclaimed, "only one hour?" and put my head down again. This same pattern continued two more times, with the next times reading 3:48 and4:48. By the end of this string, I felt very pissed off and annoyed because I was only sleeping in hour-long increments. It was a little hard to tell if this was a dream at first, but the nature of this whole situation confirmed to me that it was a dream. I never wake up like this, and usually only wake up once (or not at all) during the night.

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      Yeah, it was pretty trippy!