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    Zukin's Dream Journal! <3

    Q Zukin's Journal of Dreams

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal!

    My name is Zukin and this is the journal where I keep my most memorable dreams. My other journal, updated daily, can be found here. I have been a lucid dreamer since childhood, and have recently sparked interest in developing my own shared dreaming technique. I am a university student, I love to play video games, practice contortionism, and lucid dream.

    Zergoth - Vistors welcomed, but warned.

    My dream world, Zergoth, is innocent by day and is full with beautiful landscapes and stunning temples. By night, it becomes an entirely different universe. The bent, wicked trees of night creak and howl and unearthly creatures rise to feast. These creatures will rarely confront you, rather they prefer to stalk quietly and inflict their victims with mind bending psychological horror.

    See also - (Older) Cartography map of Zergoth

    Lucid Dreaming Experience

    I love to practice lucid dreaming, though university studies often get in the way. When lucid, I am generally not a fighter - though I will rise to the occasion if threatened. I am a seeker of information. I love to explore and take my consciousness to new heights. I have found and met my amazing dream guide, learned my dream name, and discovered my origins. I occasionally love to give myself a scare - few know the horrors of a lucid nightmare, a dream spun out of control.

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    Shared Dreaming Experience

    I have been involved in shared dreaming for the past three years. I have developed the ability to distinguish dream character from entity, shared dream from normal dream, and have taken the initiative to develop a new method of sharing dreams.

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    I have also been polyphasic (uberman). My blog of the torture of polyphasic can be found here.

    Character List:

    Charmy/KestrelKat: Known as Charmy in my older entries, before she joined DV. She's my best friend, we met in Germany.
    Akira: First boyfriend (4+ yrs ago), lots of "supernatural" history between us.
    Dread/Izam:: Two ex's of mine
    James: Strange character of unknown origins. We keep entering each other's dreams, usually intentionally.

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