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    Zukin's Dream Journal! <3

    5 Minute Dream

    by , 08-11-2014 at 05:59 PM (1161 Views)
    This happened between my last 5 minute snooze on my alarm clock (9:55am to 10am)

    I was in my bedroom, and I wanted to get some air flowing inside the room since it was really stuffy. I cracked my window open, but snow from outside started rushing in. This was a problem. If I left the windows closed, it was going to get hot in here. But if I left them open, my carpet was going to get wet. I settled on an illogical intermediate of cracking the window open no more than a couple millimeters.

    I went downstairs and started talking to my mother. She said that there was supposed to be some really bad storms today. I drank something, and went back upstairs. This time, I was in my bedroom at school. I sat down on the bed, and noticed that it was getting really dark outside. It was only morning, but it was almost as dark as night time outside. I decided it was time to turn on the light.

    I walked over to the light switch to flip it on, but nothing happened. I wondered if the storm had caused us to lose power. Yet, lights never work when I am dreaming, so I did a reality check - dreaming. I had some things that I had been wanted to do, but right now I was drawing a total blank. I remembered the Task of the Month - gauge your eyeballs out. I did one last reality check to absolutely confirm that I was dreaming before I did this. I stuck my fingers into my eye sockets and felt around. First of all - yuck. Second, OUCH. IT HURT. Like, really fucking bad. Despite the pain, I kept going but I couldn't see shit. Well, I saw the color red. Maybe that was supposed to be blood. So in the process of gauging out my eyeballs, I blinded myself. Great.

    I stuck my eyeballs back in and thought about what I wanted to do next. I thought about doing another task of the month, but I couldn't remember any of the other ones. I remembered the elevator one from last month, but then remembered that I had promised my wolf pack that I would shapeshift and help find a good place for us.

    I jumped out the window and was instantly in the middle of an absolutely beautiful field. There were yellow flowers growing in the field and an old farm house at the very end. To the left was a flowing stream and there were lambs nearby, too. I shapeshifted into a wolf and started running across the field. I've never shapeshifted into a wolf before, so this was a new experience for me. I could feel that my back legs were significantly more powerful than my front legs. It took a minute, but then I realized how to coordinate them to run powerfully like a wolf. This was really a beautiful place! But the lambs were very distracting. And tasty looking.

    I decided that it was time for the hunt.

    I began to stalk my prey, slowly inching closer. When I was at a reasonable distance, I leaped forward and sunk my teeth into the lamb...at which point my alarm clock went off.
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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Wow, Queen Zukin: I am envious of your shape-shifting abilities! How, if I might ask, did you teach yourself to do that? Sorry there was so much pain from the TotM--were you expecting pain, or did it just sort of happen? Overall, a very cool dream for only five minutes!
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    2. Queen Zukin's Avatar
      Hey ThreeCat! I didn't teach myself to shapeshift, I just let it happen. It is kind of like flying. In order to fly, you have to "teach" yourself to just let it happen. And for the TotM, I think I just had a strong subconscious expectation that it would hurt haha.
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