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    Backwards Dimensions

    by , 10-05-2011 at 02:37 AM (642 Views)
    Backwards Dimensions

    I was with a group of friends and we didn't have a place to live so we decided to stay the night in the old house where I used to live. I was creeped out just being there, but I didn't tell the others why. I kept seeing things in the corner of my eyes and kept getting weird vibes. The house was a mixture of the old house in its original form and the new house.

    Everyone had gone to bed but I was still awake. I went to the kitchen. Here I just decided to become lucid. More often than not, I already just know that I am dreaming but I don't really care enough to change the scene.

    I was standing across the kitchen counter. It was night outside. I was holding a gun, and I don't know why. I wanted one last confirmation that it was a dream, however, if I had even a doubt that it was a dream I would have never performed this action.

    I took my gun and then shot the window twice. I looked away and looked back. My suspicions were validated when I saw that the window had instantly repaired itself and went back to its normal state.

    With masochistic pleasure I shot my hand. I laughed when the bullet hit my palm and just instantly dissolved. I had landed myself in a Zukin Dream Night. When it's day time everything is pure and fine, but when night time hits and I am lucid, creepy things run about!

    I decided to be a part of the creepy lurkers and ran upstairs through the darkness and into the bathroom. I switched on the light but it didn't turn on. I realized quickly that I should have known that the light wouldn't turn on!

    I looked at myself through the mirror. In the darkness I could barely make out my eyes. My reflection seemed to mirror not my actions, but what I was thinking. With sinister eyes, my reflection beckoned me to come through the mirror.

    I climbed on the cabinet and touched my hand to the mirror. My reflection did the same as I and I pushed through the solid glass and into the next dimension. I stood there, now, with my reflection wondering if she was me or if I was her.

    This dimension that I had been enticed into did not feel any kinder than the previous. It felt backwards and sinister. Realizing this, I stepped backwards and away from my hungry reflection until it was too late to realize that I had walked backwards into an even lower dimension.

    The way to best describe this is when you have two mirrors across or adjacent to each other and these mirrors reflect off of each other and in the mirror you can see what looks like an infinite amount of mirrors continuing on forever. I kept walking backwards into the next mirror down, and I continuously did this about six or seven times until I had reached such a low point of existence that I was sort of shocked awake and lucid again.

    I had been watching my reflection being eaten by some kind of swamp monster - even the hunter had been hunted in this low dimension. I immediately jumped back forward again and started leaving in the way I came, passing through six or seven mirrors and dimensions until I returned to the dimly lit bathroom from which I came.

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