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    Dreaming in 2D - Forced Lesson on Dream Control

    by , 09-02-2010 at 11:30 PM (727 Views)
    I was lucid, and I was in a dungeon with four rooms. Each room was dark, and in 2D so everything looked very strange. There was no escape from the dungeon. In each room were some items, also in 2D.

    The point of the dungeon was apparently to force me to learn dream control. I wasn't sure how I knew that, but I did. The first task was to learn to move objects with my mind. I struggled for a bit before I managed to smash the car into the table. I was able to move things with my mind now! I tried to put the car on top of the table, but the 2D view wouldn't allow that and it looked very odd.

    The next task was to learn to use magic. That was easier. I used a yellow spell against an opponent.

    I was alone in the dungeon after that, and 3D was trying to overcome the 2D view. In front of me was a TV. It was sort of creepy looking in the dark. It was an old analog TV. I flipped through the stations. Because a lot of the dream was in 2D much of the channels were showing cartoons from my childhood. I found a news station and tried to put my hand through the screen. I was teleported inside the TV and found myself INSIDE of a Spongebob cartoon!!!

    Two characters that looked like this were jumping up and down in their living rooms cheering at the television. I was back in 2D land which was really annoying. Dreaming in a cartoon. I reached inside their television to try to get somewhere else but I think I just teleported back to the dungeon.

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