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    Droppin' Dream Acid

    by , 12-20-2011 at 05:27 AM (610 Views)
    I woke up in my dorm room. I felt as if I had woken up too late. I wanted to look over to see if my room mate was still sleeping.

    I turned my head over and tried to open my eyes but I was having a lot of difficulty. They felt glued together or something!

    I managed to look down finally for a brief moment and saw that my room mate's bed was empty.

    I looked up and suddenly she was screaming in my face!

    Startled, I jumped out of bed and did a reality check.

    Six fingers - Dreaming.

    I looked around the room and wondered what to do in this lucid dream.

    I thought about flying, but considered that I should do something else.

    I realized that I really should have came up with some more lucid goals while I was still awake. Perhaps I could visit the MDRC as I had been planning to months ago, before I got distracted by something else?

    I just wasn't really too sure. So I stood there for a moment just thinking about how I should spend this dream.

    I thought about jumping out the window and flying off, but then I also thought about how this MIGHT not be a dream, though I was pretty sure it was. I looked out the window. I was pretty high up.

    I turned back around and noticed that there were strange pajamas hanging on our door. They were silk and had bat wings on them. I didn't remember my room mate having these.

    Swimming also crossed my mind. It would be pretty cool to do that too.

    And then, I got a good idea.

    Dream drugs!

    I decided to drop dream acid.

    The room around me expanded outwards like a fun house mirror.

    I walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection. I looked really weird. I stared into one of my eyes.

    Slowly, my reflection began to twist around. Everything but the eye I was staring into began to swirl and orbit this single eye until it morphed into intricate circular patterns.

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