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    Holographic Illusion

    by , 03-11-2012 at 08:21 PM (752 Views)
    I was walking through the park. There were a lot of people with fishing rods. I assumed that they were going down to the river.

    I kept walking until I came to a narrow dirt path. I took it and walked up the hill.

    At the top of the hill, the trees ended abruptly and opened up to a small peninsula on the lake. Waves were crashing against the rocks. On the grassy peninsula was a house. It looked rather new, but there wasn't anything, or anyone, inside.

    I stood hiding in the trees looking at the house.

    I've been here before.

    "It's just a hologram," the voice of a little girl says. I look down and see a little girl looking up at me. Sitting next to her is a strange creature. It looks like a skeleton with a dark robe on. I didn't pick up on any terribly malevolent energy from it.

    "How do you know?" I return, and look back at the house.

    "There's no entities in it. In the other dimension that the house exists in, there are many," she replies.

    Before she even spoke, I knew that she was right. I remembered a dream I had before where I was on this same peninsula and looking into the windows of the house. There were many, many entities there.

    "We're in the hologram," she states.

    "How do you know?"

    "Peel away my skin to find your demons underneath," she chanted. Her skin began to peel off. The creature next to her reached for the back of my heel with its skeleton fingers.

    When it touched my heel, the skin rotted away to reveal bone.

    "And when those who pray for other reasons pray, they shouldn't be disturbed. For those who pray for evil should not notice if something around them were to change," the little girl continued to chant.

    Her sentences slowly lost cohesion to meaning and my reality slowly peeled apart.

    The last thing I heard before waking up was, "she hasn't even ate a damned near rail today," in a southern boy's thick accent.
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      That sounds intense!
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