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    1. Rough Nap :(

      by , 06-24-2014 at 04:20 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I went back to bed after an hour or two of being awake cause my training got canceled. 40 minute nap right here from hell:

      This dream is like...the reason why you do a reality check every time you wake up.

      I "woke up." There was a chandelier in the middle of my room. It was swaying back and forth. Ugh. That's creepy. I got my camera so I could show Kestrel later, cause that thing was moving on its own. As I recorded the video, I looked into the display. Through the camera, I could see something pushing the chandelier back and forth. It looked like a dementor.

      I decided now was a good time to leave this room.

      I "woke up." Ugh thank god, I thought. I sat up in bed. There was a chandelier in the middle of my room....swaying violently. WTF? I did a reality check...dreaming. Honestly, this is not how I wanted to spend a lucid dream. I sighed, and left the room immediately. The halls were really dark and it was hard to see. A cat ran past me. I heard a laugh.

      I "woke up." Was this over yet? I did a reality check....dreaming. I needed to go find a dream character to hang out with. Maybe that would take my mind off of the creepiness of this entire dream. I waded through the dark hallway until I found the bathroom. There were some housemates in there. Good. I started talking to them about wonderful nothingness and my mind was happily distracted. That was, until it came and found us in the bathroom. A bleeding cat walked in the bathroom.

      I "woke up." I could feel myself waking up in reality, but it was so hard to get up I felt glued. I felt myself being pushed back into the dream, or maybe I just never even left it. I did a reality check...dreaming. This was such bullshit. It's really easy to say, ohh but Zukin, just distract yourself, do something fun! No...lucid nighmares don't work like that. You can forget, but you haven't really forgotten. And when its an invisible fear like this, it's hard to fight. Anyways, I went downstairs to the living room. It was full of light. My crush was there, and that made me supper happy. I felt safe. I hugged him. I put my hand against the glass window, and willed the glass to slowly crack. Cracks originating from my hand slowly formed until the glass became too weak and I pushed my hand through. It was really beautiful and I did it a few more times. I was having fun with this, until I heard that desperate meowing.

      The cat, still covered in blood, jumped through the cracked holes in the window. The cat looked at me, and it menacingly smiled. The cat fucking smiled a bloody toothy smile.

      I "woke up." I did a reality check....dreaming. I left the room immediately, I wasn't even going to look to see if that creepy chandelier was still there. I walked through the halls until I found a fire extinguisher.

      Foam, foam everywhere. Fuck you creepy ass chandelier-bloody-cat demon. Foam > you.

      I played in the foam.
    2. Arcane

      by , 12-05-2012 at 03:36 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at the beach with my mother. We were fleeing though, someone was after us.

      Later in the dream, I was in the car with my mother. I received a text on my phone. I flipped it open to find a very mysterious text. Many more kept coming.

      The texts were threatening. They threatened revenge, told us to watch our back, and expect our lives to be in ruins by the time they were finished with us.

      They sent us pictures with people who had their faces burnt in acid.

      I wanted to call the cops, but my mother said that it was probably just some angsty teenager. We kept driving home. I was a little shaken up, but my mother said it likely wasn't anything to worry about.

      A few minutes later, my father calls my mother's cell phone and tells her that when he went outside he found his car had its windows smashed open and everything was torn up. He drove it irregardless, and then it blew up a few miles later. The car had been hijacked.

      We immediately stopped the car and turned around. We realized that they had been stalking us for some time and now could recognize our vehicles and target them out. We needed to immediately get off of the country road and somewhere safer.

      They kept sending us threatening texts. I was trying to pinpoint who these people could be and why they were after us. From their texts, I could tell that they were teenagers/young adults and were gothic.

      Awhile later, my mother and I decided to try to come back home again. We parked the car in the garage and turned off the engine.

      "Wait...listen," I whispered. I heard the creaking of the floor above us. I heard talking. We weren't alone.

      "We need to go. We need to call the cops," I desperately whispered. We tried to start up the car, but the engine stalled. The car wouldn't start. The car had made so much noise it was clear that our perpetrators knew that we were home.

      "Hide," I whispered. We hid in a staircase. I pulled out a gun and my mother's eyes widened. I am normally a nonviolent person, but when my loved ones are in danger I will fight. I was ready to blow their brains out. These criminals had caused us so much distress. I couldn't imagine ever losing my mother, so I was very ready to protect her.

      I tried to call 911 on the cell phone. The dial tone was so loud. I heard footsteps creeping up the stairs.

      I could feel their presence lurking, becoming closer and closer to us.

      A figure appeared before us. I aimed my gun at him only to find that it hadn't been reloaded. Fuck.

      He smirked and raised his gun, paused, and added, "you don't think I'd let you die so easily? No. Your deaths shall be slow and painful."

      He turned around and left.

      We needed to get the fuck out of this house.

      But our escapes were blocked.

      In the process of running, my mother and I got separated.

      I found myself alone in a small foyer between two stories. I heard small bombs exploding and could hear the the cracking of burning wood. The house was on fire.

      A figure emerged from the shadows and called my name.

      "...Hello?" I called back.The figure of a young adult appeared. He had scruffy black hair. A white, cotton T-shirt and ripped up jeans. He had dark circles around his eyes.

      "Zukin. I have been watching you, my love," he whispered.

      "Who are you?" I pleaded, backing into a corner.

      "My name is Arcane. You've broken my heart so many times and failed to even acknowledge my existence. All I want is to be with you, but there are so many people in the way. And so I realized; the only way I could ever have you completely to myself, the only way you could forever be mine, is if we died together that way."

      He grabbed my hand but I quickly pulled away.

      "Time is running out," he pointed out. The fire was beginning to engulf the exits and I could hear the morphing and crying of the burning, warping wood.

      "In any afterlife, or lack thereof, I would still never be yours. You're a psychopath," I exclaimed. A hurt look crossed his face.

      "I thought you were different," he whispered, "Normal people call me a psychopath. It's only the misunderstood who understand me. I thought we could have a life together. I've dreamed of it for so long. All I have ever wanted is you in my arms, I would be so good to you," he revealed.

      He had the saddest defeated look on his face, "Please. I understand now. You clearly don't want me, and I will accept that. I only wish I knew that from the beginning so that I could have stopped all of this. But there's no time left now. Please, take my hand."

      He collapsed to the ground in agony. I told him that we could change all of this if we acted now and made our escape.

      "I'm too heartbroken to carry on," his eyes dazed into the distance, longing. I tried to grab his hand to pull him up, but he refused. He really did seem physically weakened. I needed someone stronger to carry him out of the burning house.

      "Arcane, please try to get up," I pleaded one last time. The ceiling was beginning to collapse from the fire.

      "There is one final bomb that will explode soon. You need to leave before it detonates. Leave me here, go, carry on," he whispered with a voice full of despair.

      I couldn't just leave him here, but there was no way I could convince him to go with me. I opted to find someone stronger to carry him from the house.

      "Arcane - I am coming back for you. Please, don't give up yet. We can change all of this," I pleaded.

      "Promise you will come back for me?" He looked up and added.

      "I promise," I whispered back.

      I ran out of the burning building and cried for help. I told one of the firefighters that there was still someone left inside the burning house who could no longer walk and he needed to be saved.

      But as soon as those words came out of my mouth, the bomb in the house exploded, leaving only wreckage.

      I was struck with sorrow.

      After several hours, only ashes remained. I searched through the wreckage for any sign of life. I found Arcane's body, depleted of breath. His skin had remained untouched by the fire, but his spirit was long gone. He was lifeless, his body full of sadness as someone who hadn't had their promise fulfilled.
    3. Monster Inside Me

      by , 10-02-2012 at 08:37 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was watching a movie with my mother. It was an abstract, independent horror film. It was disturbing in a very unusual way and it was black and white.

      I become a part of the horror movie. I am now the main character.

      I'm in a dark room. It's so dark I can't even see the walls. All that I can see is a little girl playing with a doll. But there is something standing behind her. It has long claws and burnt, black skin.

      It reaches around her, she screams. The creature crushes the little girl's bones with his strength, and squeezes her until blood begins to drip out of her like a squeezed orange.

      His black claws are so long that they encompass her entire body, squeezing every last drip of life out of her.

      I am surrounded in the dark by this horrific creature. I run into the darkness.

      I witness many deaths from this creature.

      I find myself in a small castle. A symphony is playing in the middle of the room. There isn't any audience, just the symphony.

      I listen to the man who plays the cello. The sound of his cello reverberates on every wall and comes back to my ears as perfection. He seems to lead the symphony with the melody of his cello.

      I sense a change of atmosphere.

      I am standing next to the staircase, above the symphony. I had been watching the man with the cello for so long that I had forgotten about the darkness, but felt it again.

      I looked to my left and down the stone hallway. For a moment I thought I saw a presence. Things were turning black and white again, and the symphony began to slide their perfect melody into something darker.

      "Not the cello player, not the cello player!" I think to myself, longing for whatever is coming to avoid him and his enchanting music.

      I don't know where the creature is, but I can sense that it is getting closer.

      I hear footsteps to my left. But then I hear them to my right.

      I quickly glance to make sure everyone in the symphony is still alive, but when I look back up I see the darkness is beginning to return.

      "Not the cello player, not him!" I scream in my mind.

      I hear the clawing of the creature's claws against the marble. But I still can't tell where he is. I can feel him approaching. I hear his groan.

      He appears below me, having crawled up the staircase's wall.

      "It's not him I want, it's you," his raspy dark voice echoes towards me from the lowest layers of hell.

      I paralyze in fear.

      "And - It's you that is the monster, my dear."

      Truth hit me like a bullet. It was me that had killed all of those innocent people, but I blocked that memory from my mind and replaced it with something that I could reason with. Because I had committed crimes only a monster could live with.

      "And so I've clawed my way up from hell to drag you back down with me," the angel of darkness sneered.

      I immediately woke up and was frozen in heavy sleep paralysis. My room was warping around me.

      I slipped back into the darkness and continued to run, darkness chasing darkness.

      I woke back up to sleep paralysis and eventually managed to get out of it.

      Art Credit
    4. Cut Cut Slash Slash

      by , 04-22-2012 at 09:07 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      If the first sign of craziness is going crazy in dreams then I'm screwed.

      Cut Cut Slash Slash

      I was in Dread's room. Dread, Jin, and I were watching TV.

      I start hearing voices.

      They are voices of demons talking to me telling me that they are going to kill my friends.

      What the serious fuck?

      The voices of the demons tell me that they are coming. They tell me that there are three of them and there isn't any escaping my fate. They will kill my friends and then me.

      I want to leave.

      Dread and Jin ask me what's going on, but I'm too ashamed to tell them.

      I look around the room. I'm seeing faces everywhere. They don't exist but my mind is picking up on patterns and translating them into faces.

      I see the face of a burnt doll in Dread's closet.

      I want to leave now.

      The doll smiles wickedly and tells me that it is the first demon and the more powerful of the other two.

      Dread and Jin take me back to my parent's house, sensing that something wasn't right with me.

      When I come home, I find that we are celebrating someone's birthday. I look out the window of the front porch and see two little kids playing together. They are probably three or four years old.

      When my mom sees them, she invites them inside. I instantly sense that there is something malignant about these children. The little girl is playing with a lighter and the little boy is just standing there strangely.

      My mom puts the cake on the table. The little girl takes out her lighter and tries to light the candles.

      I'm freaking out. I'm convinced that the little girl is one of the demons that the voices had talked about, and that she is a pyromaniac and wants to light the house on fire so that people die.

      Everyone is telling me to calm down but I can't. I want the two little children to leave. I want everyone to leave. I want to leave.

      I feel like there's something wrong with my brain. I can't tell if I am so delusional that my reality is completely warped or if what I am experiencing is true intuition telling me to leave. Nothing makes sense anymore.

      After the birthday party, the little girl kills Dread and Jin. At least that's what I perceived to happen.

      I run down the stairs and tell my mother that I am leaving now. I can't take this anymore! I don't know where I am going but it at least won't be here!

      She gives me a strange look.

      I try to explain what just happened but she looks completely perplexed.

      I'm not even sure of what just happened, but I'm in a total state of disarray.

      I get in the car.

      But not before checking it twice.

      I'm completely paranoid that the little demon boy is following me. I'm still seeing faces everywhere so I can't tell what's real or not. I catch a glimpse of a face in the trunk. The little boy was trying to come along with me.

      I removed him from the trunk. He then killed my mother.

      If I wasn't experiencing a psychotic break before, I was now.

      I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't know what was real or not. Voices were screaming at me and luring me into places. Everything wanted to kill me. I wanted to kill myself before the last demon could kill me.

      I took a bottle of sleeping pills and laid down on my bed hoping it would all be over soon. I just wanted to die.

      I watch as the last demon comes up to me. She has grown from her original doll size to the size of a large child. Her face still looks burnt and contorted.

      I can't tell if I am hallucinating or not.

      With a small burst of energy, I shove the remaining sleeping pills down her throat.

      Fuck this. I don't feel like dying tonight.

      I don't have any weapons except safety scissors. That'll do.

      With all of my force, I stab the safety scissors into her skin. I can barely rip her skin. The safety scissors aren't sharp enough.

      She laughs wickedly.

      I shove her to the ground and start stabbing her with the scissors. I want to cut her heart out. I don't want this to be the way I die.

      She just keeps laughing maniacally.

      She tells me that even if I manage to kill her she will just come back for me again. And again. And again. And again.

      She has been partially disfigured by the safety scissors but it's not enough. I'm feeling the effects of the pills. Shit. The pain began to build up and I was going in and out of consciousness while she continued to laugh.

      Fuck you.

      With the only energy I had remaining, I shoved the scissors through her heart. She was silenced.

      And so was I.
    5. Zukin Slaughter + Spirit Warriors

      by , 12-04-2010 at 02:10 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Ok. What did I eat last night lol.

      Zukin Slaughter

      I was in a video game and it sort of looked like WoW. I was with 2 guys and a girl. One of the guys was saying something to the other boy, but I couldn't hear them properly to make out the words. The man summons a rope and captures the girl and I. We are brought to a dungeon like place.

      The man tells us that he is going to go fight a Boss Monster, and that we should remain in the dungeon until he is done fighting. It's not like we had much of a choice though as we were tied up. The other girl sits where the red X is, and I sat on the other side of the half-wall. The door at the top is where he left to fight the monster, and the door at the bottom is where we came in at. The dungeon looked like something out of a cyberspace movie. The floors had streaks of neon green and the walls were a black with plaid blue design.

      I sat patiently waiting for him to return. Looking over the half-wall, I saw a vine like thing growing from the floor. It was green, perhaps it looked more like a tentacle but it was branching off on the sides. It was attacking the other girl, sucking out her life. It turned its focus towards me, and I moved away from the first half of the room. I freed myself from the ropes, and went to the far corner away from the green ghosty thing. Before I could make it to the other side, the green spirit shot an arrow at me.

      The arrow went through my chest and blood dripped and splattered on the floor. Determined to save my soul from being eaten, I continued to take my last few steps toward the safer corner until I collapsed on the floor. The pain began to encompass my entire body, and I dug my finger nails into the ground. They scraped against it and burrowed into the surface. By doing this, the top layer of the flooring several feet around me disappeared, uncovering a set of stairs. I took cover from the creature by hiding in the dips in the floor from the staircase. The tentacles of the spirit creature couldn't reach me here.

      I was pretty pissed off now. I had been dragged here against my will, terrified, and nearly killed. When that man came back, he was going to get it. I waited patiently for him, wondering about what happened to the other girl in the dark room. She was being awfully quiet, so I assumed that she was dead.

      I heard a slamming of the door, and peaked up above my secret ledge in the floor. There he was. He was wearing a suit of armor and had a beautiful sword in his hand. If he hadn't been so cruel I would have assumed that he was a hero. I secretly watched him as he scanned the room, looking for life. He didn't look shocked when he saw the other girl dead.

      I creeped out of my ledge and hid behind one of the half-walls, waiting like a snake. When he came close enough, I instantly attacked him with all of my pissed-off-force. I acquired his weapon when he dropped it from surprise and began slashing into his stomach. Streams of blood came out of his mouth and he fell to the floor, but he wasn't dead.

      I didn't want to kill him. So I left him there. I slowly walked to the other door leading outwards, not taking my eyes off of him. When my hands touched the knob, he looked at me and smiled creepily.

      "Good luck escaping," He sneered. I wasn't sure what he meant by that until I closed the door behind me and locked it shut. When I turned around I was encompassed by blackness. I could barely make out a eternal series of staircases surrounding me. I knew that it wouldn't take him long to find another way out of that room, and thus I had little chance of fleeing without a re-encounter.

      I felt around for a railing and then sped down the stairs blindly. I heard moaning in the distance. It was the moaning of the near dead. He was near. I saw a shadow of a creature against the wall.

      [missing time]

      I was now in the bedroom, and we were having our last fight to the death. He was now a girl in black. I was continuously stabbing him with the sword, but it was only doing minimal damage. My arms were covered in blood from the massacre and he was equally fighting back. I was beginning to grow weaker when I realized that simply maiming him would not solve the problem. He must be killed.

      I climbed on top of him and held him down. I took my long blade and held it against his neck. With a swift motion, I slit his throat. I left him on the floor and exited the room. I locked the door behind me. The door had a window on it, so I looked in. He was laying on the floor, seemingly dead. He slowly sat upright and looked me into the eye. The pupil in his blue eyes grew larger and larger until the entirety of his eyes were black. Upon seeing this, I ran out of the house.

      Spirit Warriors

      I was trying to leave school really fast before the traffic blocked my exit. I put the car in reverse and accidentally drove over the grass. Oh well. The road twisted and turned abnormally. I accidentally drove onto the roof of the school. Don't even ask how that happened (I'm not sure). I couldn't drive my car off of the roof because there was no longer a ramp, so I was stuck there.

      I went inside the school, in the room underneath where I parked my car. It was apparently the drama room. They looked like they were doing construction in the room. There were loose boards everywhere.

      "Sorry I parked my car on your roof." They looked at me for a second and then laughed. They told me that it happens pretty often, and that I needed to visit the janitor in the school garage.

      So, I went out to the garage. It was made like a large, square, wooden hut. The walls were not furnished or anything and it smelled like cedar. The garage had 2 floors and was very cluttered with odds and ends. I climbed up the stairs to the second floor. There was a wind chime hanging from an open window. Outside of the window there was a wooden roof. I crawled out of the window and stood on the roof. Sitting on the roof there was a guy looking out to the horizon. Next to him there was a sword that looked similar to the Godric Gryffindor Sword, except it had spikes lining the edges.

      I asked him who he was, and he told me that he used the sword to fight off evil spirits that continuously attacked him. He gave me a battle axe and told me that if I was going to hang around him that I would need this for my protection.

      We went to his house and he introduced me to his brother (looked like Joe's brother). His brother wasn't mentally stable and was often more perceptive of the spiritual attacks.

      We were in the hallway when his brother fell to the ground and went into fetal position.

      "They're coming" he whispered, while rocking back and fourth. His eyes were turning red and tears were forming and running down his cheeks.

      "Who's coming?" I asked.

      "Ssh, wait a minute." The guy said. His body stiffened up and he held his sword ready for an attack. I held my battle axe as well, not sure what I was about to attack. A large "mass" came over us. It looked like a giant shadow. His sword lit up and we began to attack the mass.
    6. Efficacy (1/16/2010)

      by , 11-21-2010 at 04:30 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I like to post some of my favorite dreams here, so I decided why not post this one! This is one of my old all-time favorites. :-)

      "So this is where you live, little traveler?" Said the man I was with. I was a little embarrassed, but I answered yes. We stood in an empty parking lot. In the middle was a trailer fit for 15+ people.

      "I need to run in and grab a shirt," I said. I walked in the small trailer. Scattered around were other T-shirts of my comrades, some passed some still alive. I found mine in one of the many shower stalls (the trailer was really just a large bathroom). I decided to take a quick shower while he waited.

      I was bonding with this stranger fast.

      The next day I was visiting the city with the man. The city was crowded and seemed like it was from eastern Europe. My phone rang, and I was quickly called into war. With reluctance I said good bye to my new friend as I ran to the shores of the city.

      We were to fight this on the beach. The beach had deep blond sand, and beautiful ocean water lapped its shores. We were to take our places before the enemy came. I sat behind a large rock.

      We didn't know if the enemy would be coming from the east or from the west. I scanned each horizon carefully. On a large mountain I saw dust rising up, and the sounds of thousands of heavy footsteps echoed in my ears.

      I called out their position, and my troop readied itself. I was still safe behind my large rock. My friend crawled up to me and started talking. I told her she needed to take cover with me or else she would be killed. I shuddered when I imagined her dead body.

      The fighting started and weapons whizzed through the air, exploding on contact.

      During the war, a girl I don't know crawled up to me and started singing a lyrical remix of a song like 'I will Survive' but added to it things about peace and anti-war. She looked drugged.

      "Damn woman has lost her mind!" Someone said from behind the crazy lady. She had brown straight hair, and shot her gun at the crazy lady. I was a little disappointed in this, I kind of like crazy people.

      The war was nearing the end and I took a look on the battle field. Dead bodies were strewn across the innocent beach staining the sand to shades of red.

      As if the war wasn't enough, I heard screams coming from the city. I ran to the city to see people running in every direction. What were they running from?

      I quickly found out. There were policemen blocking off certain streets or escape ways, and they were not the 'good' policemen.

      I ran with the people for a few minutes when I realized that I did not know where my new acquaintance was! Was he dead or alive?

      I ascended a flight of black metal stairs with a group of other people. The mesh stairs led to a dark tunnel where we were momentarily trapped.

      In the tunnel was a railroad track. A small single car train was passing through. As it came to the end of the tunnel it slowed to a halt. There was somebody in the train car bending the metal slowly...Suddenly, gun fire filled the scene as the man broke free of the restraints of the train. He was the Anti-Christ.

      I was pretty pissed off now, hadn't I put him in his place last time? I followed the little bastard to a school. It wasn't hard; he reeked with negative energy. He immediately broke out into fight with the teachers, killing and acting with violence towards anyone who got in his way.

      I had some back up. He looked a little older than me and had short pale blond hair with a gray hoodie on. I attacked the Anti but he retaliated and pushed me onto the floor.

      He did NOT just push me into the floor! I ran into the classroom and hid behind the door. Inside the classroom was a lone teacher hiding under the desk. I picked up one of the metal desks and waited behind the door.

      My partner in crime opened the door, and I almost hit him with the desk! He got the clue, and went back into the hallway where the massacre was taking place. The Anti was next to open the door to the classroom, and I wasted no time in bashing the desk into his brains. He fell to the ground, but I wasn't going to believe him to be dead yet.

      I hit him one more time with the desk, and took out a knife. I pushed the knife into his stomach until blood gushed out. I separated ribs from each other and slit the throat while continuing to dismember the body. With a final blow, I shoved the knife into his heart.

      I began picking up the body parts, and putting the chunks into a small jar.

      My phone rang. At first I feared that it would be the Anti about to threaten me, but when I answered the phone I discovered that a friend that I barely knew was calling me. I knew him from online, and we rarely ever talked.

      "You ok?" He said.

      "No? Do you THINK I'm ok?" I said through tears and frustration. He said something else, then hung up on me. I raced home with the remains.

      I frantically plugged in the hot glue gun. I kept seeing bright, completely blinding, flashes of light. With each flash of light came a moment of total confusion until I could regain the sense of where I was. I had little time to finish this up.

      I glued together the seals of the jar. I would not let what happened last time happen again. I wrote in heavy ink, "DO NOT OPEN."

      I left the jar in a lonely place undiscovered.

      So, in short, i was fighting a bad man and got so mad that i hit him over the head with a desk then stabbed him about 37 times, dismembered his body and then put the chunks of him in a jar and super glued it shut. I'm totally sane.

    7. Clowns, Cults, and China

      by , 08-27-2010 at 06:10 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was standing on the edge of a sidewalk that was next to a railroad in the city. I was with my boyfriend. We were both Chinese. We were cuddling and talking, until he becomes quiet.

      "Did you see that?" He asks.

      "What? Where?"

      "That man...I've never seen anything like it." He points across from us into an old, dark shed. I can just barely make out the image of a man putting on white costume makeup. He was very pale.


      He leaves, and I go home. Everything red around me starts to resemble a clown, like the one from It. I start running home, and dart upstairs to my room. I turn on the computer, some dolls still resembling that messed up clown. I try to keep my eyes from looking in the reflection of the computer screen because I'm afraid I might see something I don't want to.

      I try to log into IRC but the computer freezes slightly and no seems to be responding in the channel. I google my condition and it seems that I am not alone. Other people have been attacked by this clown and then they are slowly killed off.

      I'm teleported somewhere else now...Maybe these people can help me? I look around. I'm in a giant church...But this looks nothing like any of the modern religions. The ceilings are high and gray and the lights are dimmed. People are chanting in tongues and a man, who resembles Dumbledore, is leading them.

      I take a seat on the western side of the 'church' near the front. In front of me are tall, metal torches that are unlit. A caretaker in rags slithers up next to them. It is explained to the procession that if the caretaker does not truly believe in their cult religion, that he who lit the flames would catch fire.

      I watched as the man lit the torches. A different colored flame sprouted in each one. When the man was finished lighting the torches he turned back to the head speaker. The flame started at the bottoms of his robe and worked their way up until they engulfed him. The head speaker made a halt sign with his hands and the flames stopped. The head speaker explained that because of the caretaker's doubt in their religion, that he would be sentenced to a life without a left eye.

      I was back now in my house. Who were those freaky people?? I decided to go wash up in the bathroom. I couldn't let a man with a little make up freak me out, I'm tougher than that!

      I heard a banging on the door, and jumped a little.

      "I just wanted to say good night to you," My mother in the dream said. She was also Chinese.

      "Thanks mom."

      "What is this on your back?" She turns me around so that my back is facing the mirror. In the reflection I can see that I have a vividly shaped scar of a dragon going down my back! On either side are scars of traditional Chinese houses. WTF

      Mom tells me that I'll be sleeping in my aunt's room tonight. How could I ever get to sleep?
      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. The Masked Man

      by , 08-25-2010 at 05:17 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was floating in the waves, and washed up on the shore. I pulled myself from the water and looked up. Around me it looked like a post-apocalyptic zombie town. Buildings were caved in and I didn't see anyone.

      I walked along the shoreline a little more until I heard a man's voice coming from one of the buildings. I followed the sound and peeked into the room where the wall was destroyed. An older teenage boy was sitting across from a teenage girl who looked like Megan Fox. He saw me and beckoned me to come inside.

      "What's your name?" He asked. I did not know. He moved a large piece of fallen wall over to reveal a hidden passage. He said that we would be safe here. We met his family. They told us that in their town there was a man with a mask. He liked to sneak into people's houses and murder them. They also told us that we would never know when he would sneak in.

      I decided to check out the house. Looking around, I found an extra bedroom. My phone was there, and I had a text from Mike. I responded to the text, but when I turned around I felt a creepy presence...

      Everyone in the house was getting ready for bed, and I was the only one left still up and not in the main bedroom. I left the extra bedroom and walked down the long hallway. Turning around once to look behind me, I saw a dark shadow standing at the end of the hallway!!! The shadow had the silhouette of a man, but I couldn't see if he was masked or not.

      "Get inside the bedroom!" I heard the family yell. I ran to their bedroom and bolted the door shut behind me. WTF was that?!

      I slept peacefully that night. The next day we went to eat with the other townspeople. They had a large room that resembled a cafeteria. Our family sat down and ate our meals while I thought over what I had seen last night.

      The cafeteria got quiet. I looked up and saw the masked man standing in the doorway. He looked like the man from Friday the 13th.

      He stood there for a moment before silently pointing to me. He walked over and grabbed me and pulled me away into the kitchen. He said that we were going to play a little 'ice fishing' game.

      Point of view changes and I am now the head of the household. I am running around trying to find where the masked man took the girl. Our family runs into the kitchen. The sink has iced over. We pull a string out from the drain and we see that the girl has frozen in a solid ice cube. We set her down to let her thaw. We also find another string in the other sink and pull out the frozen version of the masked man. We decide to kill him while he is unable to move. We grab a large pole and shove it through his neck. We think he is dead for now but I think he wakes up again, can't remember the rest.
    9. Bree's Party

      by , 08-09-2010 at 03:36 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in the kitchen, and I got a phone call from an old friend named Bree. She told me that she was having a party tonight and that I was welcome to come. I said that I would, but remembered that finals were tomorrow (in the dream, not rl) so I told her that I wouldn't stay too late.

      I arrived at the party and there were tons of cars parked on the grass and around the house. That's the last thing I remember for awhile.

      I wake up again, screaming. There are two 'men' on me, but one is actually a giant red octopus. I'm being violently raped by these two men, and still screaming at the top of my lungs. There is blood all over the sheets and I can't see my attackers well because it's dark in the room. I tried to escape but passed out again.

      I woke up alone in the same room, which I recognized to be my old bedroom. Blood had stained the sheets and next to me in the bed are hundreds of dead ladybugs. Across the room is the electric piano, which has split itself down the middle (when I was a child I used to have recurring nightmares about being attacked by an electric piano). I scooted the chair back into place and put the two halves of the piano together again.

      I left the house and stumbled down the driveway. There was a girl throwing up chocolate cake near the edge of the driveway. Cars were still parked outside the house even though it was pretty dark and empty now. In my head I heard a whispering "Wake up, wake up, wake up!". I woke up IRL, it was 9am which was the time that I had aimed to wake up at...

      that dream was so disturbing
    10. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

      by , 06-18-2010 at 10:16 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in a run down apartment building. There were metal scraps on the ground, debris everywhere, and it smelled like chemicals. This was one of my first dreams of the night so it was really sketchy...But I remember being in a room with red wallpaper. To the left of me was a mirror. It was broken and fragmented all over, and in each piece of the broken mirror was a soul that the mirror had captured. I was trying to free the trapped souls in the mirror before the mirror ate my soul. The mirror wasn't really chasing me, but it was appearing behind me all of the time where ever I went. In the end I set the building on fire and watched it burn.
    11. Psychological Bind

      by , 06-11-2010 at 11:06 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was sitting down on the carpet in the freshmen center of our school. There were combination locks on the ground. I was trying to solve them because on each one of them the middle number was missing and it was my job to figure out the missing combos. However, each combination lock also had a sound clip embedded in the back of it.

      As I was sitting in front of one of my old teacher's doors, I listening to a sound clip.

      Thump, Thump, Thump...

      It was the sound of a beating heart. I continued to listen carefully and the heart beat grew irregular. I heard the sounds of a teacher yelling, telling them to let the student die. He was killing her.

      I looked up at the teacher in the classroom. He was sitting at his desk. He was the same teacher from the same sound clip. He looked up and stared into my eyes as my facial expression turned to fear and disgust. He quickly realized what I knew and bolted from his chair and began to chase me. I attempted to make a run for it out the door but I was instantly put into a psychological bind. I collapsed to the floor as I shook with regret and fear. I dug my fingernails into the floor, trying to escape the bind. My friend Joe saw me, and tried to shake me out of the spell but I only screamed louder...