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    Zukin's Dream Journal! <3

    Parasitic Worm Invasion, Puzzle Pieces, and SHAPESHIFTING

    by , 07-24-2011 at 08:00 PM (862 Views)
    Scalpel's Sword

    My friend and I were climbing a mountain. It was supposed to be like Mt LeConte, but it was a lot steeper and treacherous. There were more places to lose footing and fall off the side of the mountain and more things to have to navigate.

    We made it to a section of the mountain designated as the top for those who could not continue. It was the true top of the mountain, but it wasn't the highest point. To get to the highest point, one would have to climb on man made structures, like an obstacle course.

    Having reached the true top, we looked up and saw what looked to be a net above us. A little bit passed us were rocks that were attached to the net. It looked dangerous to walk under.

    My friend was really paranoid about the rocks falling, so I went first to show her that it would be OK.

    Once we made it pass that, there was a wooden staircase that went both up and down. I remembered from another dream, maybe a year ago, that if you went down then you would come into a room with a screaming lady who was trapped and clawed things into the wall.

    I'm trying to search for this dream in my DJ...but my DJ is becoming too big to easily search for things anymore. That is really annoying. >.> Anyways, I wish I could prove it, but I find it really cool now how some dreams are just coming together like a puzzle.

    I continued to climb up the stairs. I came into a room I had to climb up awkwardly placed stairs, three feet apart, to press a button and open a box that had a hint for me.

    Once I had done so, I read the hint. It read: Go into the bar. Tell the woman that you would like a Scalpel's Sword. Be ready to fight.

    I found the bar. I looked at the woman, and whispered Scalpel's Sword. She knew exactly what I meant, and leaped up from the counter and we began fighting, I woke up though.


    I WISH I remembered ALL of this dream.

    I had VERY high lucidity in this dream, and VERY high clarity.

    I was thinking about what I should do with this lucid dream, when I realized that I didn't have any lucid goals!

    I didn't know what the Nightstalker Task was, I didn't know what the Task of the Month was, I didn't feel like going to the MDRC , so I had to decide something.

    I decided on practicing shapeshifting.

    I was standing in the grass, looking at my shadow.

    I watched as my shadow became the shape of a lion or a tiger, and felt the transformation. It was wicked.

    There was someone else there with me, but I forget who.

    I remember running around as a lion/tiger, feeling how strange this felt.

    Parasitic Invasion

    I was in the store with my mother. I kept finding interesting pins on the ground, one said "It's all about the PLUR!" I liked the pin, and stuck it to my shirt.

    I was heading back...When everything went silent. Background noise - GONE. Everyone around me - FROZEN.

    It was like something out of The Happening.

    I stood there for a moment, completely confused. I did a reality check but everything came back normal.

    The lights flickered.

    I slowly continued to walk until I found mom. She was not frozen like the other people.

    I tried talking to her, and then the power went out. Everything was black.

    When the lights came back on she was gone, and standing in front of me was a woman with worms coming out of her. She looked like Medusa, but all over.

    I decided to GTFO at that point.

    The dream skips, and now I am living in a hotel with a friend of mine. The parasitic worm invasion has spread and we are trying to keep it out. It's dark outside, and dark inside. The power has gone out, making visibility dim.

    We hear creaking, warping noises coming from outside the room. We know that they are near us.

    In the darkness I barely see the worm infested humans creeping towards us.

    We decide it is time to go and set this HOTEL ON FIRE.

    We quickly grab our things in the darkness and try to run past the masses of worms. We almost make it out, when I realize that I have to go back in to get my car keys.

    I'm having trouble running quick enough. We put a bomb in the hotel so that it would explode at any minute. I'm worrying about my friend outside the hotel, hoping she is safe.

    I grab my keys and dart out the door. I look back at the hotel...and instantly wish I hadn't.

    The hotel...the entire freaking thing...was covered in GIANT worms. Worms that were boring through the walls and coming back out to get us.

    I unlock my car door...But my friend has been seized by one of the worms!

    I grab a (convenient) blowtorch and blast the worms away. We pile in the car, and the hotel EXPLODES and leaves behind a giant mushroom cloud.

    We drive into the city, where nearly half of the population is infested. We decide to gather some healthy individuals so we can band together and fight them off.

    We kill masses of parasitic worm people, until I lock eyes with a girl sitting on a small set of stairs with a few other people. She has curly red hair, and looks to be in her 20s.

    She instantly gets up and rushes over to us. She attacks skillfully and we realize that she is the creator of the parasitic worm invasion. If we can kill her, this madness can end.

    Once we finish her off, her skill shrivels and we find a key in her heart. It looks as if someone stabbed it into her. We wonder what the key unlocks.

    Zukin or Zukin?

    I'm at Joann Fabrics. I'm deciding whether I should cosplay Queen Zukin or Evil Zukin. Evil Zukin is cuter by miles, but I really like the story behind Queen Zukin. I have trouble deciding.

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