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    Staked (James 3)

    by , 06-22-2014 at 09:39 PM (1130 Views)
    This is actually going to be slightly abridged, because I have to write another essay today, and I don't feel like writing an essay before I even write an essay.

    Staked (James 3)

    This dream was extremely long, and apparently it was in three parts, so I am having trouble remembering the beginning, but I was lucid.

    I was following James down a dark cave. He was telling me important things, most of which I can't remember anymore. But we discussed three main things: I was to go on a mission. This mission was long, it was dangerous, and it could get scary at times. The gist of the mission was to locate a specific person in their dream and attack them.

    "Cool," I thought. I'd already had a few lucid nightmares under my belt.

    He continued to lead me down this dark cave until we entered a room with a dark, long winding staircase.

    When we got to the bottom, we stood on the ledge of an underground lake full of green misty water.

    "Charon!" James called out to the ferryman. This was weird, oh this was weird as hell (I'm so punny).

    "Got a penny for the ferryman?" Charon asked. James scoffed and summoned two gold coins.

    "Take her to the other side, she won't need a ride back," he then turned to me, "your team will be waiting for you."

    I found myself in the middle of a bustling mall. I quickly found my team mates.

    Our weapons of choice: glowing sky blue arrows and stakes. Interesting. We took a moment to look around the mall, trying to gather out who we were supposed to attack vs who was just a normal dream character. But it was seriously crowded here.

    There were so many f'ing people. Nevertheless, we knew who we needed to attack. It was the people with the blue/black energy signatures. They seemed to be in the middle of everything, as if protected by the swarms of people.

    One of my team mates shot an arrow at a random DC. The arrow hit, the DC fell to the ground, and then dematerialized. He raised an eyebrow, "and none of the DC's even notice?"

    I tried the same. I pointed an arrow at a nearby DC and shot. The arrow impaled him. He looked up at me, as if annoyed. And then dematerialized.

    No panic. No mass chaos. Creepy.

    "Well...I guess we should get a move on, then?" I suggested to my team mates, who were all (not surprisingly) a little confused.

    We converged: "So, I think that the DCs are guarding the people that we need to attack. I'm not sure if eliminating them will help, though it wouldn't hurt to find out."

    We stalked the mall until we entered a small retail store with fewer people. One of our targets was there.

    "We'll take the surrounding dream characters - you take the man," a team mate suggested to me.

    Glowing blue arrows began to fly everywhere, illuminating the dark, mahogany room. I aimed my bow carefully and shot. My target turned around, a little stunned, and then laughed, pulling the arrow out of him.

    "Not dead! NOT DEAD NOT DEAD!!" I yelled out. Mass confusion among my team mates. The target smiled wickedly. He raised his arms into the air, summoning something. Summoning his dream characters.

    Suddenly, we were being ambushed by mobsters. Our team broke and flew in many different directions, but the mobsters flew too. FUCK.

    I couldn't figure out why my shot hadn't killed him...but wait...THE STAKES. I reached into my bag and pulled out a white stake. Flying quickly, I located a target and fiercely swooped down in front of her, jamming the white stake into her heart. Blood gushed out from all directions and she collapsed. Nice.

    "WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" One of my team mates called from above me, pointing to the door. He had already rounded up everyone else. We raced out of the doors of the malls, still being chased by the flying mobsters. We flew through mazes of city trying to lose them - and eventually we did.

    Me, being a very fast flyer, was up ahead with a different team mate. We decided to stop to let everyone else catch up.

    "Hey, what are you laughing at?" He asked me with a smile, noticing that I was trying to hold back a laugh. We were waiting below some building and out of the window we heard music, but it was coming out all jumbled up and ridiculous. I was laughing at the dream.

    "Pssshhh I bet you can't even dance to this," he laughed.

    "Well! I probably can't!" I admitted. The song was so messed up, it was a mixture of Gangnam Style and Wiggle. He started trying to dance to it.

    "I'm like, about 98.3% certain that's not how you do the Gangnam style!"

    "Yeah, whatever, I was just being creative!" He laughed. Our team mates finally caught up to us and we regrouped.

    "Okay - so, we have a few options. There is a layout to this dream I've noticed. It may seem endless, but its contained into sections. There is one part we haven't touched yet," he pointed to a map/directory.

    "That looks pretty terrifying," I added, based on the picture. It was black with white scribbly writing.

    "Yeah, but it's one of our last options."

    We located the area in the dream and entered. It was a dark parking garage. Of course. I
    woke up.

    abridged part: don't accept anything from DC, keeping the item with you keeps them alive (chocolate shop), more stakings, mass chaos erupts. moving sidewalk. everything definitely underground.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Oh wow, you met with James again!
      I've only read the title of this (I'll have to go read James 2 first) but I was excited to see that you've been reunited!
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Yay! Part 3~ XD -gasp- What a awesome/interesting turn of events.
      ^ w ^
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    3. KestrelKat's Avatar
      I'm still singing this mashup of Gangnam and Wiggle. Or at least, what I think it might sound like.

      I bet we could come up with a way to dance to it. Might not be pretty, but I bet we could do it.
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    4. Higat's Avatar
      These dream characters !
    5. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Woah, what an epic tale! I wonder what adventures the next chapter holds?