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    Zukin's Dream Journal! <3


    by , 04-15-2012 at 08:38 PM (1626 Views)
    I was at a daycare of sorts. We kept having many recesses in which we were all supposed to play outside together. I was being strange though, and kept stealing plates from the kitchen. I would take them outside and eat them.

    After chewing on pottery for a few minutes, I decided to take a nap. I laid on the grass and rested against the brick wall. Several groups of students walked past me before I managed to fall asleep.

    I awoke in a dark cellar. I was in the cellar of the daycare now. I walked back up to the front lawn where the other children were playing.

    Something seemed off, so I did a reality check. Indeed, I was dreaming. And of course, at that moment, everything seemed to heighten in clarity.

    I had no lucid goals though. I wasn't sure what to do in this dream.

    For a moment, I stood there on the street with nothing to do.

    I flew up into the air and into the clouds. They were so beautiful and defined, full of life even though they were inanimate.

    But no, I had done this before.

    I flew back to the ground and landed on the sidewalk, still wondering how I should spend this dream.

    And then it came to me. How would my dream respond if I asked for transcendence?

    "Take me higher," I whispered.

    Instantly, without my doing, I rose into the air.

    Everything morphed around me. Not into anything new, but into hyper clarity...that's not even the right word. Everything surrounding me became a kaleidoscope pattern, but yet nothing changed at all.

    "Higher" I whispered.

    This soundtrack began to play and I began to move forward:

    I can't exactly describe how I felt. It was similar to that of tripping - but more intense.

    I was moving forward without my doing. The street ahead of me was coming towards me.

    I was about to fly straight through a billboard, but I wasn't afraid. I simply passed right through.

    "Higher," I whispered.

    Everything began to move faster. I zoomed out of the city and in the process left my body behind.

    My consciousness was now flying warp speed through the Earth (que really fucking epic music).

    I was flying so fast through country roads, wilderness paths, and scenic highways that I could only perceive them as the rapid progression of pictures. A billion pictures flew past my eyes per second.

    "Take me higher," I dared.

    I surpassed the warp speed that I was already traveling and my consciousness was risen into the universe.

    In front of me was a massive black hole. It was beautiful.

    Holy shit.

    And I was flying towards it at warp speed.

    Could I go any higher than this?

    I felt my consciousness being ripped apart as I reached the singularity.

    "Higher," I whispered, at the last moment possible.

    The last thing I saw was a tear in either the fabric of the universe, or the fabric that held my mind together. Or both. It pulsated orange.

    I woke up in my bed at my parent's house. I felt heavy.

    But this still felt like a dream.

    I got up out of bed to write this in my journal. The time on the clock kept changing. I had known it all along - I was still dreaming. Yet, I was very paranoid about forgetting the last dream that had just occurred.

    I ran up the stairs. My mother was washing dishes.

    "What are you doing?" She asked.

    That was a really good question. What was I going to do now? I felt like nothing could surpass what had just happened, and I didn't want to forget it either.

    "Maybe I'm just going to sit on the porch and enjoy nature or something," I asked.

    "You have a lot you need to do, you shouldn't be wasting your time right now," she scorned.

    "It's a dream," I flat out told her.

    "One of these days you're just going to lose it," she warned.

    I rolled my eyes and ignored her and proceeded to the porch.

    There was a white rose growing against the warped siding. I sat down beside it. I could feel its warmth.

    I wanted to experience again what happened earlier, but every time I tried I got a blazing headache. I decided to just let it be
    , and woke up for real.

    I just reread through that again and I have to admit that my description of that dream does not do it any justice whatsoever...
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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      In front of me was a massive black hole. It was beautiful.

      Holy shit.

      And I was flying towards it at warp speed.
      LOL. I would be pooping in my pants too if I was going towards a big, scary, black hole.

      I just reread through that again and I have to admit that my description of that dream does not do it any justice whatsoever...
      That's what I hate when I have incredible experiences in my dreams as well, especially the non-lucid ones. No matter how long my syntax and no matter how many colorful words I use, it's not enough to full describe my emotions to others who read them.

      Imagery helps me remember, but I can never really establish true validity of my dreams to other people.

      When I saw the post you made in "Shared your dream from last night in one sentence," I thought you tripped on a sidewalk and made the universe explode or something
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    2. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Haha, with the music playing I really felt like I was experiencing your dream. Nice one - I really enjoyed that read. ^_^
      Queen Zukin likes this.
    3. Wolfwood's Avatar
      Plus, I've never heard that EPIC tune, so cheers for that. Instant favorite.
      Queen Zukin likes this.
    4. Queen Zukin's Avatar
      Thanks guys
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    5. jarjar's Avatar
      Whenever I listen to that kind of music I get REALLY pumped up for LDing. Also, that was a pretty epic dream.