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    1. Maple Syrup Foot Fetish

      by , 09-09-2016 at 05:36 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Maple Syrup Foot Fetish

      I'm at a highschool and Kestrel is there. It's the end of the first day of school and everyone is catching their bus or driving home. I realize that I need to take the bus but I want to make sure that I get on the right bus first. I talk to administration and they tell me that there is only one bus that serves the entire school. Not too hard, right?

      So Kestrel and I walk back outside and I see the bus leaving.


      "How strange! I have this recurring dream that I am in highschool again and I miss the bus home. What a coincidence, huh?"

      Anyways, somehow I wind up on the bus.

      We're chugging along when the bus driver suddenly yells, "CALL YOUR LOVED ONES AND TELL THEM GOOD BYE AHAHAHAHAHHA!" The bus driver then slams into a car in front of us, backs up, and does this repeatedly.

      One of the students on the bus takes action and tries to remove the keys from the ignition. He successfully does so, but the bus driver attempts to tackle him. In a last ditch effort, the student tries to toss the keys to the back of the bus.

      I'm sitting in the first few rows and I see my moment of opportunity. I sprint towards the doors and force them open. Only a few other students and I manage to get out before the bus driver reclaims the keys.

      I run into the nearest shop, which was a Chinese restaurant, screaming "CALL THE POLICE, CALL THE POLICE!!!!"

      I take the phone at the counter and start dialing 911 but no one answers.

      "Why isn't this working???" I call out.

      "The manager is afraid someone will accidentally call 911 so he blocked the number." The hostess responds calmly. Who would even do that?!

      I'm about to run out the door and to the next shop when the manager comes running after me telling me that before I leave, he needs to put maple syrup on my feet. What the serious fuck?

      I don't have time for this tomfoolery and run out the door and into a small theater. Nothing makes sense there either. I start looking around and I begin to notice that literally everyone in this town is doing things that make literally no sense. People are walking backwards, laying in the middle of the street, buildings are sideways, etc.

      And then I somehow gain the ability to fly. I decide to use this ability to save my trapped comrades in the bus. I fly over to the bus and am able to distract the bus driver long enough to save them.

      I decide I've had enough of this freaky town so we fly up in the sky with the intent to leave. I keep flying upwards above the clouds with my friends until we suddenly hit the top of an industrial ceiling. Astonished yet determined to gtfo of here, I break through the ceiling.

      And above the ceiling nothing else existed. Seriously. Above the ceiling was just pure white light.

      It's then I come to the harrowing realization that we are trapped in this strange dimension forever.
    2. Shared Dream w/ KestrelKat 8/31/15

      by , 09-02-2015 at 03:35 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Graveyard Party

      I was with my family in the middle of a field/forest. We had bought a very old house and were renovating it. I was hanging out on the front porch, but I think I was having a problem with bees. The house gave me a creepy feeling. There was also a basement and a hall in the basement led to a large wooden door and opened up to a big, old lecture hall.

      Later in the dream I was back at my family's house. I had done something very wrong, and my family decided to perform an honor killing on me. I wanted to write out some last things before I was killed. I quickly got a pen and paper and wrote out that the old house that they were renovating was very haunted. I had felt the presence of an evil black figure. The black figure was ruling over another spirit, who I felt to be a girl (who turned out to be Kestrel). I was worried about their renovations and how the spirit could hurt them.

      I told my family that I would like to be buried in the backyard next to our dog. My sister shot me in the head and I was buried. I tried to stay conscious for as long as possible. I wanted to avoid losing consciousness forever and so I tried to remain 'lucid' throughout the process of dying.

      After some time, I was able to separate my spirit from my body and I drifted back up above land. I figured some time had passed since now there was snow on the ground. I stepped on the snow and it was warm yet crunchy. It was like walking on rice krispies. Everything was uncannily crunchy. My consciousness even felt crunchy.

      I went inside and turned on the TV, still holding onto my pseudo-lucidity. I started wondering about who else I would find on the astral plane. And then I wondered if I had a formal gravestone. I put two and two together and realized it would be a great idea to visit the graveyard. Maybe I could find other spirits there too, like me?

      I zoomed through the TV and into the graveyard. The graveyard was grassy and hilly. I saw a young couple walking and I followed them closely, but they couldn't feel that I was there. I followed a lot of people but none of them could sense me.

      I walked up a hill and found several other spirits sitting. I touched them, and it felt as if where I had touched them my fingers were extremely tingly/pins&needles. I thought this was really interesting, but the other spirits said that they didn't like to be touched for this reason. It felt too inhuman to them.

      Lastly, I went to a classroom and messed with the students in there. I probably scared the shit out of them.

      Quote Originally Posted by Kestrel
      Annnnd, the dream I had last night:

      I was in an old house, living with a bunch of other people. It was being renovated, and I was looking through the bottom storage rooms to see if there was anything I could take up to my room on the very top floor. It was like a GUFF pile (General Unrestricted Free (Food), I believe it stands for; it's a word we use at the coop I lived at with Zukin that means it's free for the taking/using), and I wondered what kinds of things people had put down there. There were lots of colorful sheets, and I would have taken one of them if I didn't already have nice sheets. I left, and when I came back again there were boxes of lots of different kinds of cookies, and three people in the room. There was an older gentleman who looked like a janitor, and a couple, the woman crying and eating cookies. I overheard the conversation; the man had cheated on her, and was breaking it off with her. I felt for her and wanted to treat her to something nice but something told me not to meddle. They both left, leaving me with the older gentleman. He seemed really friendly, a bit odd, but really well-meaning. He asked if I wanted any of the sheets; I said no, because I had a star trek patterned set upstairs.

      "Oh, you like Star Trek? I have just the thing for you!" He opened a drawer in a nearby desk and ruffled through some papers. He handed me a visibly old piece of card-stock with an image printed on one side of it and writing on the back. I don't remember exactly what the image was at first, but the older man said it was a picture of Spock. I looked again, and it still wasn't Spock but the image changed! Every time I looked at it, the image on the paper was different. It eventually did show Spock; it was a black-and-white image, pretty old looking. I was super thrilled with this piece of paper and wanted badly to find Zukin to show her this supernatural thing.

      I ran up flights of stairs to try to find her, looking down at the sheet to make sure it was still working every now and then. I noticed the images were always black-and-white, and always had that old high-contrast-y quality to them even if they were modern things. About half-way through the house I felt this evil, dark presence. I turned away from where it was, but I kept running into it and I felt like it was chasing me and I kept getting glimpses of this black, shadowy figure. When I got to the ground floor of the house (there were apparently lots of basement floors), the image stopped changing. It was also in color, now. It was an image of an old wooden door, very intricate and really quite beautiful. It was at the end of a hallway or something, like a door to a closet or stairs to the basement. I kept looking back at the paper, trying to get it to change, but it wouldn't. And then, there was a banging at the front door. I had to cross right in front of the door to reach the stairs up to the top floors, so I ran. When I got to the top of the first flight of stairs I turned and saw the black figure (I could now tell it was a woman, and she was pure evil) phasing through the door and floating up towards me. I ran the rest of the way to my room without looking back.

      Spoiler for unrelated bits:

      When I felt like I was far enough away, I stopped, closed my eyes and just sort of let myself grow. I grew taller, wider, rounder. It was such an awesome experience; I was just a simple round hunk of rock, so I sped up time (lol I forgot this was my third task, too, WOOT!) to let myself grow fully and get some lifeforms on me. I could literally feel mountains, oceans and forest growing on various parts of my body. I could feel living things start to evolve, and then people building huts and villages, migrating, and building their societies. It was like I WAS physics, geology, history... I could feel all the forces of gravity pulling things to my center, I could feel the pull of the sun and I could see the path of my orbit.

      I wanted to know what kind of life existed on myself, so I focused my consciousness on a point at my edge, extended out just a touch more and detached myself from myself. I was in a hilly place, with lots of grass. But where I detached was a crunchy gravel path. I realized I was in a sort of graveyard, and suddenly I felt Zukin's presence somewhere behind me. Like, not just Zukin's DC. This was HER presence. I looked around for her; I saw a few other people but I didn't see her, and yet I could still feel her and she was moving around. I kept searching for her but
      woke up...
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    3. le spatula

      by , 01-30-2015 at 03:44 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I had a dream last night that I was in a nightgown running down a street laughing maniacally wielding a spatula. I think I was on my way to kill someone with said spatula.

      Some dude on the street was like, "hey...you okay??" and started following me in concern lol.

      Well I sort of totally forgot to whose house I was going, and stood there for a moment completely confused. Not even surprised though, this is normal for me. Just to suddenly forget where I'm going and what I'm doing and what I was thinking. It's some crazy men in black shit.

      Well I still couldn't figure out where I was going, but I couldn't let this guy down now. He followed me here like I was some sort of escaped mental patient. Heh. The show must go on!

      Since I didn't know where I was going I was at a bit of a loss here, but when I turned around there were three men REALLY CONVENIENTLY tied up and laying on the curb.

      I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do with this spatula, but hey, anything is a weapon if you're crazy enough. Blood splatter!

      So yep, Zukin + spatula = blooood.
    4. pissing off the gods

      by , 12-26-2013 at 11:12 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in a minecraft sort of dream, where I moved to a new town on the coast and decided to make a house on the water out of old car parts. Well when nightfall came, Poseidon came out from the ocean and apparently he was really pissed and so he decided to knock our house down and eat my friends. Well that sucked, so I flew away. I flew across landscapes until I came to some beautiful mountains where gnomes lived. I settled down there with the gnomes, but then the Lorax came out from the forest, but it wasn't really the Lorax, it was like a zombie-human Lorax with blue flesh rotting off his face. Despite that, he was actually pretty cute. So we made love in the shower.
    5. helen it's time to die

      by , 12-07-2013 at 08:26 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      helen it's time to die

      15 years of age with long black hair
      living in a mansion, mother's dead. and her mother too.
      there's so many little doors but when I touch their handles
      dead voices scream in my ear dont be opened!
      like alice in wonderland
      alice with knives
      voices start screaming in my ear
      helen, it's time to die!
      I don't know where the voices are coming from
      maybe, the little doors will hold the answer
      I open the door and walk down the stairs
      it's flooded, I dive beneath the water
      into endless hallways of black cats
      I come to a room
      where the dead are having dinner
      my grandmother, a shriveled black skull
      the dead tell me
      helen, it's time to die!
      we are starting a revolution
      where the dead will rise
      an army

      playing cards blow around our table
      spades hearts clubs diamonds
      I see visions of their suicides
      we need a virgin
    6. running with knives

      by , 12-05-2013 at 10:33 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      running with knives

      I don't know where I am. Hiding in a bush.

      Someone tosses me two knives. Silver. Sharp. Curved, for killing.

      Execution he whispers. I peer from my bush. Everyone has knives. Knives 3 feet long, metallic swords for battle. Not for battle. For death. Knives for only one purpose.

      I look at the two knives in my hand - I see I am at a disadvantage. My knives are only the size of butcher knives. Sinisterly curved and sharp. The curvature beckons me to fight, I resist.

      He looks back down at me. You must flee before you're found, he says. I look up from my bush at their knives. They wave them around fast like ceiling fans. Spinning and chopping. Whirring and buzzing. Aerodynamic.

      I spring from my bush and run past the executioners with knives. I run through the town, the knives in my own hands zipping through the air, begging to puncture skin. I'm no longer running from the executioners, but from myself. The knives pleading.

      I run into a tattoo parlor. A man stands up, smiles, and says, "you, the girl with knives."
    7. The Underground

      by , 11-30-2013 at 08:46 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      The Underground

      I was with my sister and we were on a road trip. We were somewhere out west, but the landscape was very strange and barren. It was mountainous, yet deserted. The tall cylindrical mountains were red and orange, but a green mist hung overhead. Above the mist giant creatures made out of rock were roaming.

      We drove up to the end of the road. Two canoes were waiting for us. It was the middle of the night, but my sister said that it was safe, because the giant rock creatures wouldn't eat us. I put a leg in the water, and realized that it was an immediate drop off.

      We canoed out into the blue midnight water, with the red mountains looming above us and the green mist hanging in the air. Once we were out in the middle of the lake, we dived from our canoes into the water.

      We kept swimming downwards until we saw a city. The city was forged out of the red mountain rock and the people looked very strange. The city was based inside of a circular trench, and in the middle stood a platform were people were gathered. The people were wearing skull masks and looked like reapers and orcs.

      It became immediately apparent that the city was in a war. The halls of the city flooded with battle cries. My sister and I were ignored by the passer-by fighters as if we didn't exist. During that time, I was able to get a glimpse of the human inhabitants. They had blue holes in their skin, like in the Matrix, as if they could be 'plugged in' to something.

      I was separated from my sister when it was discovered that we were in the city. I was climbing around in the vents, when I met a homeless man. He was very strange, and offered me some even stranger advice about the city.
    8. Meeting the Guardians

      by , 08-31-2012 at 08:12 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was a young girl, around 10 or 11 years old. I slept in the same room with my sister and every night really strange things would occur. She would sleep walk and talk, but the things she said were really disturbing. It was as if she became someone else at night.

      So, every night I would have to resist her attacking me.

      One night, she whispered to me, "Stop resisting. The plot needs to move forward."

      I thought about this for a moment. What a strange thing to say.

      But what if she was right? Every night it felt like we were going in circles, the same thing all the time. It really did feel like our "plot" was getting stuck because I kept resisting her.

      "Fine," I whispered back.

      She smiled and took her knife and put it against my neck. She slid it across the skin while pushing down, I felt my adrenaline rushing and my skin breaking.

      A few minutes later, I was dead.

      ~ ~ ~ ~

      "Where's Lizzy?" The store manager asked.

      "I 'unno," I replied back. I was now a young boy, around 12 to 14. Apparently Lizzy was my sister, and all of us worked in a family business alongside the road in the middle of nowhere.

      "She was supposed to be here an hour ago," my father vented.

      A man came busting through the door with a wild look on his face and stammered, "Lizzy...she's dead!" He didn't look related to us. He kind of looked like Chuck Norris.

      Everyone was in a frenzy.

      Later in the night I was standing outside on the road. It was pitch black outside.

      I was the only one standing here. There wasn't anything here for miles but crops upon crops.

      I feel like I've been here before.

      An eerie light was coming from the horizon. It was getting closer and closer and closer.

      In the light I saw a silhouette of an angel walking towards me. He was rather tall and his wings were spread out.

      As he got closer I could see him more clearly in the ominous light.

      He had long silver hair and silver wings.

      "I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am not a good angel," he said in his deep voice, "however I think it fair to alert you as to what is happening on our plane."

      I feel like I've been here before...

      "Your sister fell victim to a dark angel, but not in vein. It had to happen - to let the plot progress. You see, on our plane there is a war between the good guardians and the bad guardians. I am on neither side, simply a messenger."

      His voice had a strange scowl to it.

      "And since you're family will be torn in the middle of the war, you should meet some of the guardians that are on your side."

      I had a strong sense of deja vu. I have definitely been here before. I feel like I've dreamed this dream several times over.

      "Meet the first Guardian - Change."

      The Guardian was a small tree. The tree was luscious and green, but as I continued to look at it the branches slowly withered away, the leaves became dry and crisp, and the tree died. I felt an overwhelming sadness.

      "Meet the second Guardian."

      This Guardian was simply a square, metallic portal. I wondered what it represented.

      "And the third Guardians - Love and Care."

      Love and Care were and old couple holding hands. They radiated with pink energy. They put there hand out to shake and when our hands met I felt elated with unconditional love.

      "And lastly - a close friend of mine."

      He appeared behind me. He had wings like the messenger angel, but he looked dark and full of strife.

      He reminded me of Vincent Valentine.

      Woke up right after that. I really feel like I have had this dream a few times before, but I just didn't remember it.
    9. Orbiting Sirius

      by , 06-29-2011 at 05:45 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was living in a cross between Mumbai and Diagon Alley. There was a lot of poverty and there were winding staircases that lead to building upon building stacked upon themselves. The buildings were built poorly, and sometimes they were just mere tents.

      The world leaders had decided to destroy the sun. They determined that it was useless for the world since we "could sustain ourselves without it". They did this despite hundreds of thousands of protests that everything would freeze.

      When they destroyed the sun we watched as the world was engulfed in darkness. It was a creeping darkness. The scene zoomed out and we saw how it slowly took the world.

      I had met a girl named Idani. We took shelter somewhere warm, knowing that it wouldn't last for long.

      After about a half hour Idani and I came back out of the tent, puzzled as to why the Earth had not drastically cooled. We looked to the sky and saw a sun! It was bigger than our sun, and it was getting bigger as we watched too.

      A man was walking past us and seemed to read the confusion on our faces.

      "We lost orbit with the sun when we destroyed it. Our planet fell in line with Sirius now," He commented, "but we are getting way too close to this star."

      Idani and I looked up again. The Earth had gotten so close to Sirius that we could actually see the sun flares arising from it.

      As our planet loomed closer to the star the air was getting hotter and hotter. I heard screaming, and realized that someone had just caught on fire. They ran past us as a screaming ball of fire. The engines in cars were no longer safe because it was getting way to hot. People were getting desperate, if they were lucky enough not to spontaneously combust.

      Idani and I went back into the main allies and I looked around for where my parents used to have a small house. I believed that there was also water in the cool basement. We could take cover there.

      I told Idani to stay with a man I had met earlier. He was old and looked like wandering ascetic.

      I ran back to the allies but couldn't find anything that resembled an entrance to a house. Small ally-side shops had taken over. I went inside one of the shops and looked around. They sold hijabs and other headgear. I pushed my way through all of the fabric to the back of the store where I found a small hallway. There was a creaky doorknob. I opened the door and went down the stairs.

      To my surprise, there didn't seem to be anybody living there. I was fairly sure that this was our basement, but even if it wasn't we could still reside there. It was dark, but cooler than the blazing outside temperatures.

      I noticed that on the other side of the basement there was another door. I feared that if I opened the door I would find a hostile family on the other side. I opened the door anyways and found that it lead to another empty basement.

      I determined that this was a safe place to reside and went back for Idani. I found her and took the wandering ascetic with us. Temperatures had risen so greatly now that not only were people spontaneously combusting, but they were also now becoming ZOMBIES!

      While we were running to the hidden basement, Idani told me that she had 30 coins that she could use for water. She had them in a little brown sack. We ran through a dark tunnel and came face to face with a zombie. Idani tripped and ripped the bag, coins spilt everywhere.

      The zombie looked extremely deformed. It had giant teeth sticking out of its gums and its skin was burned crisp. I was about to fight it when I was woken up for breakfast.
    10. Purifying

      by , 06-23-2011 at 07:55 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was driving around at night. I wasn't really sure where I was going, I was following the directions from a GPS.

      On doing a left hand turn, I accidentally hit the curb. A cop came out of nowhere and gave me a $500 ticket for "driving on the sidewalk".

      I was pretty pissed so I kept on driving. Everything was really dark. I don't think my headlights were even working. I came to a small subdivision. There was a house with so many flowers. The road and pavement was covered by these blossoming flowers that were growing all over the place.

      The owners of the house saw me in their yard and invited me inside. I had to fix my car, which had now turned into an automatic wagon.

      I left a few hours later, thanking the owners for a place to rest.

      I was now with someone else and still following my GPS. The directions given to me by the GPS weren't making any sense.

      It was daytime and we were in a big city. The GPS told me to walk around the corner of the building where I would come to a pond built behind it.

      My friend and I followed the directions of the GPS and found the small pond. There was a staircase leading over it that lead to a door going into the back of the building. The door was locked.

      "Hey, this might help!" My partner called out. There was a blue key in the small pond. It was resting under a leaf. I picked it up and unlocked the door.

      Inside the small room there were three women. One of the women was blue, and the other caucasian with long, red hair. They were tall. The third women was of average height. She wore glasses and seemed to be the apprentice of sorts to the women.

      The two outstanding women told us that they were the goddesses of water and healing, and that we had came to their realm with a purpose.

      The woman with the red hair began to heal my partner while I focused on the blue woman. She pointed to a spot near my carotid artery and one of my chakras and told me that this was the source of suffering for me. She informed me that she was going to begin a healing ritual. IT FELT SO WEIRD. And awesome. It felt as if I was a transparent ghost, and a waterfall was rushing through my being. It was purifying.

      When the goddesses had finished they began to engage in a sword fight with each other. They fought great and magical.

      We were left in the room with the apprentice. She was sorting vials.

      I started to think and wonder where I was and how this just happened.

      "You're in a dreamscape," The apprentice answered.

      Wait...Did I just say that outloud?!... I thought

      "Nope," She announced.

      ...Telepathic? I wondered.

      "Yep." She admitted.

    11. THEY EAT WoRMS.

      by , 06-14-2011 at 03:33 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in my bedroom, there were worms everywhere. Maggots, earthworms, larvae. They were infesting my bedroom. There were worms hanging from strings like spiders, worms in the bedsheets, worms in the clothes. I couldn't take it anymore! I ran out of my bedroom and out of the house, and "woke up".

      I was a tribal child and our group was getting together to share our dreams from last night. People went around in a circle and the elders predicted what they thought the dreams meant. When I shared mine, the elders possessed little concern, and told me that I had some conflicts which I had to resolve.

      I went to sleep the next night, and had a horrible, much worse dream. I dreamed that there were people who would abduct individuals in the night, take them to their "farm", crucify or hang them, and then wait for the bodies to rot. The people would then eat the worms and maggots from the bodies.

      When I told the tribal elders of this dream, they expressed much more concern. They had several tribal members patrol the area at night to guard the camp. All the while, I was obsessed with spelling out 'THEY EAT WORMS' out of magazine letters.

      I did this over and over again, trying to find the perfect letters for each, trying to put my message in the perfect spot, and spending hours on this task. I became a monster myself, obsessively making that sentence over and over again.

      And, my dream had been correct. During the night, a man on patrol had been abducted and taken away. The tribal people didn't want to say what had happened to the man, but we all already knew.

      The next night everyone was on patrol. The goal was to catch the killer. I was armed with a rifle and stationed near the beginning of the tribal perimeters.

      The killer returned, this time with a strategy that fooled all of us. He snatched up a young little boy and I, and took us away. He took us over a bridge, so far away that by the time we got there it was daytime again. He took us into a trailer, and told us that he was going to show us his farm.

      He opened the backdoor of his trailer, and right outside the door were bodies of people. Each body had its own post that it was tied to. The bodies were bloody, and many of their intestines had been removed, strewn across the yard. They were bleeding from the eyes, if they were fortunate to still have eyes. The worst part, was that some of these dead corpses still had fragments of life in them. They were just barely hanging on as worms and maggots ate their insides.

      He told us that at first it was nauseating to see, but after working here for sometime it became a 'healing process' to him.

      I think I've had this dream before, because even though I woke up, I knew that the chain of events would lead to us being his next victims.
    12. Vortex of Dreaming + Return of the Creepy Man (pete)

      by , 12-19-2010 at 06:17 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      why does this man keep showing up

      Vortex of Dreaming

      I was feeding penguins at the zoo. They were hungry, and one of the penguins told me that she was secretly a woman. She told me to back away, and then her and two other penguins dived into the water and became humans. They sang and I wondered how they could breathe underwater.

      [missing time]

      I'm sitting in class now and chaos is abound. We're watching a movie.

      I get sucked into the movie screen and into a green vortex.

      A man is singing a song about the paradox of dreaming. I wish I remembered the lyrics.

      I eventually pass through the singularity and the green vortex settles into what looks like a digital land. I am in a black void, however, soft hills made of silent, thin green and red pixels surround me. I feel like I am in the cyber afterlife.

      The dream glitches for a moment, and I am suddenly in somebody else's dream. They are in a haunted school and trying to hide in their lockers. The vortex pulls me out of their dream and I wake up.

      Return of the Creepy Man

      I am moving into my university dorm. Our dorm is very small and we have to share living space with 4 other people. One of my room mates is a junior in college.

      Her and I decide to go for a walk into town. On the way back, she tells me it will be shorter if we just cut across a section of fields and crops.

      The crops turn into long corn stalks (ffs), and we come into a clearing. It was almost like the daylight version of yesterday night's dream. In the clearing there are dead animals hanging upside down so that their blood can be drained. There must have been at least a hundred dead, hanging animals.

      "I think we should leave..." I silently whisper. This place is creepy, and who ever lives here is probably the aggressive type.

      "Don't worry, it's fine. I come this way all the time," She says and brushes it off. I see movement behind a few of the dead animals and recognize the man immediately. He is the exact same guy from yesterday night's dream. He was the man who would hide in the cornstalks and stalk your every move. He stood probably around 6 feet tall, had a chunky stature, and had short blond hair. He acted as if he perhaps had a mental disorder.

      I will nickname this man Pete for now. Pete slowly walked towards us, intention on his face. Forgot what happened here (sorry!) but later when we were back at our dorms he was still following us. He was in another wing, stalking.
    13. Astral Sword

      by , 10-22-2010 at 10:53 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in the backseat of the car, and we were traveling to the grandparent's house in Arkansas. For once we got there in daytime, and their house looked really strange. It was pastel colors but the length of the house kept continually changing.

      I went inside the house, and decided that I would put my bags in the empty room down the hall. There wasn't anything in the room except a dim light and an old dresser. The walls were painted red. I stood in the room for a moment, and felt as if something malevolent was in the room with me. Looking at the red wall, I suddenly saw a shadow that wasn't mine. I turned around, but no one was there.

      I decided to teach my little cousin how to drive (He is only 11 IRL, but he was older in the dream). He was doing naturally well, and so we drove to Walgreen's. It was night time now. I got out of the car and suddenly couldn't control my consciousness. My POV/consciousness flew out of my body and I was suspended about 30 feet into the air, watching myself from above. While I was out of body, something took ahold of my body.

      The entity began to attack my little cousin, and I finally made it back into my body. I rushed my dieing cousin back home and carried his body into the red painted room.

      Somehow I knew that there was an astral sword going through his abdomen. I grabbed the invisible sword, able to feel it, and slowly lifted it out of him while I breathed my energy into his body. Breathing my energy into him felt like inhaling cold air, but yet exhaling. I whispered to him that I wouldn't let him die, not now not ever. The shadow beings were watching in the dim light as I removed the sword from him. They seemed to be feeding off of the scene.
    14. Kapeli

      by , 09-26-2010 at 02:08 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I'm not going to be able to write how scary this dream was, just trust me - it was scary. I don't remember the first half, but I know that the first half of the dream contained me being chased by a demon girl.

      I remember the second half better. There was a little boy, and a Demon Boy. They had been friends in their earlier childhood, but something had come between them. They were both about 12 now. The Demon Boy was showing his old friend how he could summon objects into his house. He made a pool with his mind, and urged the boy to swim with him. The Demon Boy asked the boy if there was anything he wanted, but the boy seemed uninterested. He seemed bored of the Demon Boy. When the boy turned around, it revealed that he had a long series of scrapes and scars on his back. Apparently, the Demon Boy had attacked the boy when he was younger, and that's why they were no longer friends.

      The Demon Boy was becoming frustrated in his attempts to allure the child, and began to sneak up behind him to try to eat him once again.

      My friends and I come bursting through the door to save the boy. We pick him up, and make a mad dash back to the car. I jump into the drivers seat but the car is stuck in park! What the heck!

      I looked down to the gear shift. On it, the words "Kapeli" were engraved as if it were scratched in there. I telepathically knew that the word Kapeli meant, "Don't [go]" in the demon's language. We looked behind us, and like one of those cliche horror movie scenes, the perpetrator was standing right behind our car in a cloud of mist/fog in the dark. The girl next to me screamed. He was using telekinesis to prevent our car from moving.
    15. Acupuncture FAIL

      by , 08-12-2010 at 03:08 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      So I had to get acupuncture done for some reason, and I had to use the bathroom in the middle of it. They had only gotten my face done at that point. I went to the bathroom and heard a bunch of girls storm in. I overheard that they figured out how to shake the bathroom like an earthquake by flushing one of the broken toilets. They flushed the toilet, and people were slammed to one wall or another. I fell onto a wall in the stall, and the needles on my face went IN. OMG. The stupid girls finally left and I walked out of the stall and saw another girl where the same thing had happened to her. The acupuncture officials rushed in to help us, but I didn't want any help pulling the needles out of my skull. It felt really weird pulling the needles out...
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