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    You, Again

    by , 08-08-2011 at 10:49 PM (617 Views)
    I was running from the government. They were men in suits watching, waiting, and chasing.

    I could defy the laws of physics, and that is how I was able to escape - but barely. I could run at unquestionable speeds and leap over any obstacle.

    They had guns and knifes. It didn't particularly bother me, it just occasionally captured my attention.

    I know I couldn't completely defeat them for now, but I could escape for the time being.

    I sprinted until time bended warped around me. Until I had run into another place and era.

    I saw people standing on a green lawn. The sky was blue and it was a perfect summer day. I had ran straight into a completely different dream. I went from a dreary cityscape to a perfect summer day in the country. I could smell the fresh cut grass and the excitement in the air.

    I also felt the presence of someone I used to know.

    I looked over and saw an old friend of mine. I had known him a couple years ago. He was the German exchange student who I became good friends with. I had missed him so much.

    I leaped into a hug and felt his wonderful warm energy. I knew that this could be a dream, but he wasn't. No dream character has energy that shines so brightly.

    "I have missed you too much," I told him. We recalled our days of when we knew each other, and perhaps future days of meeting up again.

    We were interrupted by the damn government again.

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