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    Anti-Semitism Sentiments

    by , 01-04-2016 at 07:33 AM (289 Views)
    Jan 2, 2016

    I traveled to BGC to a condo unit. I think Rob and/or Lico was there.

    Someone needed to take a cab. I wrote down a number for GrabCar or something.

    I was lining up in the MRT. There's a sale in a mall nearby. People are also lining up, but they're on tiles (like in Civilization). I moved a bag on one tile out so people can use it. Or I think someone else took out the bag.

    There was a game of some sort where everybody wins an apple. Literally one piece of apple. I thought that was ridiculous.

    I was on a rooftop of a building. Alex and Bishie were there I think. They're playing around. I can see the height from the edge of the roof of the building. Several stories high.

    A videogame. An old man and a monster. "Panga-yao."

    I was talking with a person about how Jews are gaining power and oppressing everyone else, including Muslims. There's a hint of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theory. I mentioned to the person how hypocritical that is, defending one religious group (Muslims) while demonizing another (Jews). The person tried to it dismiss it and change the topic.



    - Most of the dream was hazy but the last part where I was arguing with the person was very lucid. Too bad it ended quickly.
    - The person is familiar in real life but I forgot his/her name.

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