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    Back At Home

    by , 01-21-2016 at 04:53 PM (289 Views)

    I was in a Warframe game. There is a massive Grineer offensive.



    I was looking at a computer. I was chatting with someone. Mom? Mom was asking me to go home and help. I told her I am. The screen theme is black with some scattered windows.

    I woke up in the living room. I heard someone. I went out the yard and saw mom in the backyard getting a pipe off a dog house. I went to her. I told her I didn't hear her come in or that she's coming. She said dad told her I'm her (or that dad opened the gate). I told her "But dad is dead." Then I realized it's all a dream, and I immediately became lucid, the dream improved in quality but I felt I was also quickly losing the dream. I hugged mom and music was playing in the background (lyrics, something like "Sana naman"). It sounded happy but for some reason, I felt very sad.

    A photo popped out or slipped off from somewhere and it covered my entire view. The background is inside a church and the focus is on a woman sitting on the pews, facing towards the right where the altar would have been but it's not the picture. She was reading something, and a white book is covering her face so it's unclear. I felt it was supposed to be mom but she looks more like our aunt (who we call "mommy").



    - I've been thinking of going home for a while now.
    - Dad died a little over a year ago.
    - Our 10-year-old dog died this month.

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