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    The Dream Magic Experiment


    by , 02-23-2015 at 01:11 PM (319 Views)
    The word "Bathor." Probably reference to "Hathor."

    A fight with some people. Unclear.

    I was at home. Darkish but visible. I was supposed to join a marathon or some kind of running event, but I am in a rush. I was looking for stuff (socks?). My sister was there. I think she was supposed to join me. There was a nosy kid there, annoying but somehow friendly and familiar. He gave me a phone/mp3 player. I was supposed to go to the bathroom but the first bathroom was being used. The next bathroom was about to be used by the kid. I ended up in the room next to it and just told the kid to hurry up. Yellow/Reddish color. The doors are open. The rooms are connected by doors and they each have a door to the corridor/hallway. I went out the hallway, and there's a rail right in front. I was on the second floor. I teleported on the ground floor and used the bathroom there. Blueish color. Just as I was about to close the door, Rob almost walked in. He said something incoherent, I think about using the other bathrooms. I said something about the ruined lock of this bathroom. I needed to take a bath before running.

    I was climbing up the stairs inside what felt like a lighthouse. I reached the top level. It was grey outside. Rainy.

    It was night or almost night but the surroundings are still visible. I'm on the railroad tracks that are still being built. Something about a bullet train in the country. One of the guys there (I think we are 4 total) said that the width might be too small. I looked at the tracks and some just criss-cross. As I watched, a small bullet-shaped train ran along one of the tracks. I had the idea that this was the future in our country.

    I was on the road riding a jeep. I was thinking of going to... Cubao? Somehow, I ended up on the road along Quezon Ave. (or somewhere out of the way). I missed a turn. On the road, I saw a monkey-looking creature attack a lion. I felt excited. I watched as the monkey creature knocked out the lion and dragged it back somewhere on the side of the road. A house? A scuplture area. The jeep was high enough that I can see over the walls. I saw a big sundial(?) on the ground. Then I saw the monkey creature walk with a few other monkey creatures take their position near the walls and turn to stone. A thought came to mind about Lico talking about a practitioner near along this road.



    - I went to slept listening to the Dream Lotus by LaBerge.
    - When it finished, it played one of Sam Harris' meditation audio. I had to wake up and turn it off and play the latter part of the Dream Lotus.
    - Went back to focusing on the lotus light.
    - After a while, I felt aware of my body but not quite there. I didn't know what to do to jump into the dream.
    - I decided to just hold my breath (not sure if after I breathed out or after I breathed in).
    - I felt the powerful tingly sensation. I knew I was in the dream.
    - I slept at around 5:30 p.m., set alarm to 1.5 hours.

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