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    Book Chaser

    by , 10-16-2016 at 07:17 AM (429 Views)
    I was in a story. I was looking for a book or a series of books. It slowly slips away as I type. But I was on some sort of small island, but it's developed. There were buildings, houses, towers. Even a mansion I think. But there were still a lot of trees. I was traveling from one area to another looking for something. Or avoiding something. The mood was mysterious but not scary.

    Inside a house/building, I talked to a woman and a man (a butler?). I forgot our conversation but it's about the "mission." I think of gathering books.

    I remember mentioning I was in the part "The Tower."

    I roused myself from the story and "woke up." I was walking and a dog was jumping about nipping me by the hem of my shorts or by the legs. It wasn't painful except for the feeling of anticipation that it's supposed to feel at least painful.

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