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    Car in the Hotel

    by , 12-31-2015 at 06:44 AM (244 Views)
    I was riding a car. There was a driver. A friend, M, was beside me instead of his usual position beside the driver. We were leading the driver to go to a certain place inside a hotel. It gets tricky because some areas are very narrow. We were about to go through a narrow area, with M on the wheel this time, when the guards and hotel personnel caught our attention. They were making signs of not going through. Instead of panicking, which I sometimes do in dreams, I acknowledged them and asked for directions. There was a sudden change in the atmosphere, from frustration to assistance (or something). They helpfully led us to the correct path and even "carried" the car, which has changed to a small object, something sphere-like, being carried by four men. I tried to help but they signaled they can handle it.



    - Slept around 3-4 am
    - Woke up around 9 am
    - Read the last part of The Golden Compass before sleeping, which has a scene with a narrow path
    - I did not take

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    Tags: assistance, car, hotel