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    Flying Home

    by , 01-18-2016 at 05:10 PM (286 Views)
    Morning dream:

    I was at a school. I have a duty. Shin. Game . Withdraw.

    Afternoon dream:

    Night. There were zombies. We were going to take the train. I saw the train: it's a bullet train, and the sides are open but people inside don't seem to be flying out nor do they seem worried. The mood is like that before or after heavy rain. The surrounding looks destroyed. Some buildings were leveled; none were more than 1-storey high. I can see the debris all over the place, but the train looks new and undamaged.

    We walked. We took a bus? We passed by the airport. I saw Jm on the stands, like in the sports arena. People there are waiting for their plane. He's going to take a vacation outside Manila, I thought. He didn't see me but he was looking at something in my direction. We went on. I was going to take the plane too. I was going home.



    - The Afternoon dream happened in a 1-hour 45-minute sleep.
    - I took phenelephrine before sleeping but also coffee. The medicine was stronger than the coffee.

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