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    High School Bookstore

    by , 08-23-2013 at 08:36 AM (440 Views)
    I was in some sort of a bookstore. I was reading a book. It's inside a Catholic school (DBTI?). The lady cashier (librarian) asked if I have a book like it, and clarified if it's mine. Not, it's not. I returned it, and she said it's overdue. I have to pay 21 pesos. I imagined it was already two weeks since I borrowed it, and I thought I was renewing it all this time. I gave her money, but she said, 'Only four [pesos]?' I took more money out of my pocket, and counted two 5 pesos and two 10 pesos, and decided it's a total of 21 pesos.

    I looked around for more books, and found a lot of colorful, hard-bound books, but decided not to borrow.

    I was watching a story before my eyes. An alien. I transformed into a creature. I howled.

    I was in a house. B showed up and we did something like a one-arm embrace or pat, then he went somewhere in the house. R was writing and signing something on the table. He said something about ignoring B. I wondered how can I do that if we're in his house.

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