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    Hunt for Pokeballs

    by , 01-26-2015 at 02:49 PM (298 Views)
    I was in a room. It was dark. I watched a guy hunt for pokeballs. I went next. I went under the table and chairs, but it was too dark I couldn't see. Then I wondered, why am I hunting for pokeballs in the dark? I remembered I went to sleep because of the blackout. I became partially awake, but not completely. I was just aware I had my eyes open but can't see anything. I can vaguely see the window and curtains but it was hazy. Maybe it was just my imagination and I was still in a dream. I was a bit scared because I might have vision problem. I closed my eyes, hoping I'll be aware in my next dream.

    In my dream, I was in a mall. I was looking for something or someone. I can't remember the rest clearly, but I wasn't aware.

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