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    I decided to go to the light

    by , 01-30-2015 at 04:55 AM (273 Views)
    I took a jeep to the mall. Or did I miss the jeep? It's lunchtime so I'm hoping the library/bookstore is empty of people. I went inside. I saw that Jollibee is closed. I was next to the escalator.

    I was on the second floor or something. It was a school building and everything is dark. There are zombies. There are also sadistic humans who capture others to torture or feed to zombies. I watched the masked human attack a zombie and a captured human. I slipped away silently. I went to the ground floor. I saw a room with the lights on. It was night. I had a voice in my head that asked what choice should I take, like in a video game.

    I decided to go to the light.

    I went inside and saw a boy and a girl, either teenagers or young adults. They're siblings. They seem nonchalant, as if they're not worried of zombies or sadistic humans roaming around. I somehow knew they had another person out in the grounds. I kinda showed them I'm no threat and they seem to accept me, but the other guy who went in is not so sure about me. He looks rugged, and he has a shotgun. He asked me if I have useful information. I told them some stuff (can't remember) and he said they're too generic. He told me to go out and find some useful information.

    I was out in the night on the field. Some light. I saw one zombie and stayed out of its way. Then I saw the boy... fighting? Or is he leading the zombie away? Then I turned back and saw that there's a zombie slowly approaching me. I jumped over the fence.

    It's morning, or at least daytime. I was looking at a beat-up van. The setting looks... suburban-western. The trio are going to the big city or something. I asked where exactly we can find gas. I had a car but it ran out of gas. Somehow, I ended up joining them in their van. I saw a scene of me taking the bus and mom saying bye, as if I'm just going to the city for a visit and there's no zombie apocalypse.

    I was watching a 2-D scene of "us" running from left to right of my vision, cartoonish. We jumped on a bus that's on a boat. Then we jumped over to the pier. The other person needed help being pulled up. I thought of arm training for pushing up the wall and saw Ivan F stretching his arms.

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