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    Land of the Dead

    by , 02-17-2015 at 04:14 AM (332 Views)
    I was a spirit. Dead? I'm on the "other side." I was looking for someone. I saw accidents but they look more like a picture: still and unmoving.

    I found a woman. I went back to the world of the living with her. We had to go through a "portal." It's not a whirling "hole" on the air though. It's like... a field, where everything is hazy, where the land of the living and the dead overlap. I saw the place where the woman will end up, in a camp in the middle of the woods. I thought of how it will be difficult for her to go back to her life since she's already about to be buried. While thinking this, I saw another woman, older than her, inside a tent. The older woman is stopping her from going back. I had to fight her. I used a spear. Eventually, she got torn apart, with her face on a paper/poster on the door (to our garage). I tore it a bit more before opening the door and going outside.

    I was outside a mall. I looked for people I know. They're in the cinema. I went in. There was a talk. I saw Arfel and I talked to him. He looked sheepish for some reason. I went outside. I was in SM Megamall, right in front of EDSA. It's night.

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