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    1. Zombie Prank

      by , 05-06-2012 at 10:42 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a mall, but somebody mentioned that the ground, or underground, floor is full of zombies, or at least people pretending to be zombies. It seems we can access it only via elevator.

      For some reason, I ended up there, and I was outside of the elevator. It's a room of sorts. I can't move. I can see the elevator. I started to hear zombie moans and shuffles. I saw the elevator still open, and one "zombie" walking close to it. Then I saw one behind me. I was kneeling or sitting on the ground, stuck. My vision showed a crosshair as I panicked. I think I "know" that they're just pretending, but it's still scary.

      I was in the elevator again. The inside looks like a wall, with rough texture. There are three buttons, arranged in a column. The top floor, the middle (regular) floor, and the underground floor. I tried pressing the middle button, but I saw that the bottom button has already been pressed.

      I was with other people in the elevator. The door to the underground floor opened, and the zombies were there. As they enter the elevator, they become "normal" humans.

      I was wondering what the top floor contains, but never got the chance to press it.

      I was in one of the "outside" areas of the underground. It looks something like a mine. There was a lady, asking for directions. Somehow, she went to the elevator area. I heard her scream, and then laugh at the zombie prank.
    2. Running From Monsters

      by , 05-05-2012 at 04:05 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was being chased by some people or some monsters. I was inside a building. Dark-yellowish tint. I was in the hallway. Behind me, there's a humanoid monster. I ran, but then found there's another one up ahead. I found a small, open "space" seemingly "carved" on the wall, with a couple of small boxes. I went there and covered my head and feet with the boxes, hoping it's too dark, and that the monsters are too stupid to realize it was me. Then, a spotlight moved about, and found me. The monsters went after me. I struggled and ran out.

      I went outside the streets, jumped down the overpass, and grabbed on to the cyclone wire as I was falling down, and ran down the street to find a car. I found an auto and jumped in. I asked the driver where he's going. He said a word or place, but I forgot what it was. He looks cute, and he wears semi-formal clothes.

      He does not seem to mind I'm there, and I think he was even humming as we drove through the traffic. I keep looking around, in case we might actually be headed where I don't want to be.

      Then we were walking down the street. I keep looking back at him in case he gets snatched by the enemy. He looks very calm.

      Fast forward, we were "racing" on the street. Running. There are people and monsters ahead of us. I raised my right hand, and a great light shone from my palms, and the enemies scattered. Then the "road" was a river, and then suddenly, the water fell below us: a waterfall. Yellow sky. I grabbed him and "redirected" our fall to a nearby wall.

      We hid there. It's a small space on cliff, surrounded by low-lying walls. Just across, we can see it's a "base" of the enemy. We just waited there. Eventually, an ally passed by. A security guard who feels familiar. He probably has been in my previous dreams. He said everything's safe. We went "down" to the house. The one across has a new owner. Looked like my high school classmate Ken. He's with his family there. For some reason, I thought he might be angry at me for "killing" something or someone of his. A pet? I think I killed his "pet" to protect mine. Our eyes met.