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    The Dream Magic Experiment

    The Other Monster

    by , 07-01-2016 at 11:13 AM (364 Views)
    I was gathering with a group of people, training or preparing for something. I was practicing my flips or trying to practice my flips.

    It became a Team Fortress themed scene. We were preparing for invasion.

    I was trapped in an outdoor area that they (the military?) are going to close soon. I was hurrying to the exits, but it looks like it's too late. I saw the guards closing the exits while running on a plaza area. I reached the closed gate. Nearby, a guy wearing white buttoned shirt and glasses called to me to follow him, presumably to their hiding place. I followed him. It seems there are monsters that come out during this time, and the citizens have to hide. I was in their hiding place. The hiding place became mobile, like a tank. They were busy chatting about it more with excitement than fear. We passed by some areas where there are body parts and blood lying around.

    Somehow, I realized I was the monster, so I felt I have to leave and move away or everyone in that tank will die. When we were nearing the border gate, I saw a woman arguing with a guard (female?). I'm not sure if she wanted to leave or stay, but she looked fearless. Then we heard a roar or something. From the opening of the building to my right, something came rushing out. I jumped out of the tank, turned into a monster, and clashed with the other monster.

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