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    Pre: Stolen Fan

    by , 10-26-2015 at 05:37 AM (197 Views)
    I was in a bus with mom. I bought an electric fan. It's connected to a power outlet in the bus. I thought it was stolen in the last bus stop. The bus moved ahead to the next nearby stop. I went down and waited for the guy I thought stole the fan. Turned out he was carrying a birdcage. Went back inside the bus. The conductor moved the fan.

    In my room at home. I was sleeping, or at least lying down. Mom was outside the windows and said something to the effect of me just sleeping when we have no more money. She went into my room to turn off the fan. I got annoyed because I was still resting.



    - Earlier today, I got a message from sis hinting that she wants me to send mom money because she "forgot."
    - Fell asleep last night thinking about how nothing really matters.

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