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    The Dream Magic Experiment


    by , 02-02-2016 at 02:54 PM (312 Views)
    I had precognition ability. I was in a forest. There's a rhino-alligator. There ARE rhino-alligators. One tried to chase me. I jumped on a tree stump. It didn't chase me there. I think I tried to fly.

    I was in school. I was flying around but only on roof level. Sis and Nimz were there.

    Night. I was traveling with friends. I was in Bacolod. The jeepney dropped us along Lacson St near Ramos. We had to go down and take a trisikad (bike with sidecar). We ate somewhere. Outdoors. We walked. We were going home. We walked out (?) of the hotel to the street. There were cars. I think we were going to take a cab.

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