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    The Dream Magic Experiment

    Runaway Experiment

    by , 11-07-2015 at 05:23 PM (278 Views)
    A mix of zombie and scientific experiment.

    I was in a hotel? Condominium?

    I was escaping.

    I was with a guy I tried to court before. For some reason, I treated him to an ice cream (?) but then had to leave. It was inside a mall. I was looking for the way out, or to go to the other side of the mall without going out, but I didn't know how so I went outside.

    I was escaping from something or someone. I was an experiment. For some reason, I returned. I got another friend/experiment who looks like a monster. The other one with me died but I only recall him from memory, not experience.

    Parkour. I was in/near a hotel.

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