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    Three Dogs

    by , 03-19-2015 at 08:12 AM (282 Views)
    I was with a group of friends (unfamiliar IRL) inside a darkened room. Night. While I was sitting down on the floor/couch, I saw Nimz and another guy. They stood on the bed, I think, and were trying to fix the chandelier. Nimz didn't notice me, and I just looked at him amused. After a while, he saw me and he was surprised.

    I was lying down beside a guy. A lover? He was to my right. We were about to sleep? We were (or at least he was) covered in bed sheet. I was talking to him. I told him I have to leave with Nimz coz he's my best friend.

    Somehow, I went ahead and forgot Nimz. I was in my unit. Night. I was right in front of his house. I opened the lock and the gate, but I stopped at the entrance. I think he wasn't there. I went out and closed the gate. I saw a dog running towards me from... west side. At first, I thought it was hostile, but as it came closer, it just played around me. There was another dog from the west. I thought it was hostile to the dog with me and therefore with me as well, but it paused a bit upon seeing me. The first dog jumped around all of us. There was a third dog. It seems they're friendly. They jumped around me, bumping to me. I went out to the street via the east-side entrance/exit. There was a gate there, unexpectedly.

    I went out to the street, and I just went out of the house in my hometown. It's still night. I looked down up east, then felt something and looked down west. I felt/saw Nimz walking up. I went to meet him. When he saw me, he was almost bouncing while walking. I had a flashlight-view of him. He was wearing very short shorts (black?) and a shirt that's mainly white with other colors (circles?). We talked a bit.

    He talked about getting a touch stone (sparkly crystal looking object) as a prize for a game. I thought I played that game before and won but didn't know there was a prize. There's also mention of the Mortal Kombat game. We walked on.



    - Slept at around 3 a.m.
    - Woke up around 10 a.m.
    - Slept to Sam Harris' audio.
    - I had another dream before this, but I woke up and didn't write it.

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