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    Train Travel

    by , 12-02-2015 at 11:04 AM (178 Views)
    I was waiting for a train. I had to cross the tracks to get to the right side and buy tickets. The tracks are just on the ground. There's no fence whatsoever. I rode the train.

    We passed by a "Katipunan" area. It's a gated community. We're supposed to go through it but the wooden gates (made of tree trunks) did not open. We had to go around. It's a challenge because we had to put the tracks while we're moving forward. We also had to put them on large(?) wine glasses. Someone (the driver) pointed out that I was brave to be the first/volunteer. I was like, "Eh?" Then I went to the front anyway.



    - I let my mind wander while I try to be "centered" when I went to sleep.
    - It took a while before I fell asleep.

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    Tags: gate, train, travel